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Op-Ed: Diego Rodriguez Issues Challenge to St. Luke’s and Attorney Erik Stidham

By • February 10, 2023

As many of you know, my good friend Ammon Bundy and I are being sued by St. Luke’s Hospital right now. They are attacking us with the fraudulent charges of defamation, invasion of privacy, etc.

All of this is happening because we fought back against them and exposed their evil after they participated in the kidnapping of my grandson, Baby Cyrus.

I know it all sounds ridiculous, but this is how these big corporations who have power and control work. They attack anyone who exposes them using the court system as a weapon to shut down their public opponents like Ammon and I.

In this case, as in most cases just like this, neither Ammon or I have done anything wrong, broke any laws, or stated anything that wasn’t factually accurate. But none of that matters in a corrupt court system. The only thing that matters is how much money you can afford to throw at a case so you can drown your opponents in legal fees, wasted time, and endless bureaucratic hoop jumping. A case like this one, if we were to hire lawyers to fight it, would cost several hundred thousand dollars. And that’s money you don’t get back if you win. You just lose it forever—simply just to prove your innocence. That’s why people just quit and give up. It’s too expensive and too time consuming.

In this case, St. Luke’s has hired the Holland and Hart law firm, the same firm that represents Governor NonBinary Brad Little and the State of Idaho, in general. It also works for the biggest and most powerful lobbyist organizations in Idaho—in other words, this is the law firm of/by/and for, the Idaho Swamp. And since St. Luke’s gets millions of dollars from the government, they can write a blank check to Holland and Hart to smother Ammon and I since you, the taxpayer, are ultimately paying for it. So they don’t care.

Now, the most recent development in our court case is that Holland and Hart, through its lead attorney on this case, Erik He/Him/His Stidham, has managed to convince Judge Lynn Norton to issue a “Protective Order” against me and Ammon, which essentially states that we are not allowed to “intimidate, threaten, or harass” any person who is associated with this case.

Well duh, Erik He/Him/His Stidham. Threatening people is against my faith and my moral code. It’s also illegal in Idaho according to Idaho Statute 18-901. So it’s pretty silly to get an order against us to simply tell us that we can’t break the existing law. Duh! That’s like putting a protective order against us saying, “You can’t drive 100 mph on the freeway or you will be in contempt of court.” Well, driving 100mph on the freeway is already illegal, so obviously your intent is different. In this case, Erik He/Him/His Stidham has told on himself and let us all know what he’s really trying to do.

You see, he just sent me a cease-and-desist letter which refers to this “protective order” in an attempt to force me to remove content on my website that exposes them. That’s the whole goal. They want to violate my 1st Amendment right to have freedom of speech, and the overall freedom of the press, and prevent me from publishing FACTS that exposes them and their wickedness. And they’re threatening me with contempt of court if I don’t comply.

You see this is not about justice, this is all just a game to them. And Erik Stidham and his cowardly gamesmanship are on full display for the world to see. He is trying to use this protective order to redefine “harassment” so that anything I have posted or published on my website about parties in this lawsuit could be considered “harassment.” It is a thinly veiled attempt at weaponizing the court to destroy the first amendment and to stifle a political/legal opponent.

But I’m going to make it even more obvious for everyone to see with a simple offer I am going to make to you, Erik He/Him/His Stidham. And most specifically to St. Luke’s Hospital.

Because this lawsuit evidently has only one of two purposes:

1. Either it is legitimately about defamation and you are trying to get justice for St. Luke’s hospital who you claim was maliciously lied about by me and Ammon Bundy. Or,

2. St. Luke’s and all parties involved are terrified of being exposed and of the public knowing about their involvement in child trafficking, and in any of another number of wicked and heinous offenses against society and people of faith, specifically. And therefore, this lawsuit is an attempt to use Ammon and I as examples, to shut us up and to financially ruin us so that nobody else ever thinks to do anything similar again. And most importantly for them, to make sure that the public doesn’t find out about who they really are and what they really do.

That’s it. There’s only one of these 2 options. We both know which one it is. But I’ll give you a chance to prove it—without even going to court. So here is my offer to you:

If you can demonstrate where I have ever published anything on my blog about anybody named in this lawsuit, that is FACTUALLY INACCURATE, then I will do the following:

1. I will immediately take down any information that is not true.
2. I will make an apology video directly to each and every person individually who I published false information about.
3. I will create overall retraction and apology videos for use on Social Media and TV commercials so you can spread the word far and wide.
4. I will create letters and postcards which can be distributed to the public at your leisure and pleasure which proclaim and demonstrate my errors.
5. I will post all of this information on the website so everyone in the world can see where and how I published false information about these people.

And if you can demonstrate how all the information I’ve published about St. Luke’s hospital is factually inaccurate, then I will do the same 5 things for St. Luke’s, but I will additionally write them a check NOW for $50,000, which is the amount of money they are asking for in the lawsuit anyway. Or I will donate that $50,000 to the charity of their choice. So you can get everything you want RIGHT NOW, without even waiting for the court case to end.

All you have to do is demonstrate, by simply posting or publishing the factual evidence, that my publications about the people and organizations listed in this lawsuit are factually inaccurate. Cause that’s what you’re claiming this is about, right? That you want justice for those that you claim I have defamed?

You see Erik He/Him/His Stidham, if you weren’t so busy with your cowardly gamesmanship, you would know like the rest of the world knows, that publishing FACTS is not “defamation.” So unless you can demonstrate that I’ve published anything that is factually inaccurate, then you have no case. There is no defamation and this case is all a fraud.

But I’m giving you the chance to win in the court of public opinion, without ever setting foot in a court room. You can win my public apology. You can win my retractions. You can get the pages on my website that you want taken down, REMOVED without a judgment or legal order. You can even get $50,000 for St. Luke’s right now. All you have to do is show the world where I have published any FACTUALLY inaccurate information, as I’ve already stated.

For example, I have claimed that St. Luke’s hospital participated in the kidnapping of my grandson, as they held him in their custody immediately after he was kidnapped. And they profited off of his stay in their hospital. And I have published that they knew Baby Cyrus was not in “imminent danger” but kept him anyway. All you have to do is publish an article proving those claims false and I’ll take it all down, apologize, and do everything else I said.

Furthermore, I have defined “child trafficking” as kidnapping for profit. The Meridian Police Department, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, St. Luke’s hospital, and multiple bureaucratic agencies all participated in this process, either on the kidnapping side or the profiting side. Just publish the evidence showing that the Meridian Police Department didn’t break any law or use illegal and immoral force in order to kidnap Baby Cyrus, and that St. Luke’s hospital never received a penny for taking baby Cyrus. And show us that the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare didn’t receive any money from the federal government for kidnapping Baby Cyrus or for any other children who have been forcefully and illegally removed from their parents custody. Just publish it and prove me wrong.

Or how both St. Luke’s Hospital and Holland and Hart Law Firm are two of Idaho’s primary sponsors and supporters of the transgender and gay agenda, sponsoring not only the Boise gay pride parade, but by doing so, you and they were knowingly sponsoring a kids drag show. But this should not surprise anybody seeing as though St. Luke’s makes big money off of the transgender agenda since, out of over 6,000 hospitals in the United States, St. Luke’s hospital in Boise is 1 of only 13 hospitals that we know about, that performs transgender surgery on children. Yeah, children under 18. They do it through what they call the Essence Clinic and even advertise about it on their website.

So this is your big chance, Erik He/Him/His Stidham. Take me up on my offer right now and win the court of public opinion. If I have published inaccurate information about your clients then it should be easy to disprove. So do it. Disprove me. As soon as you do, I’ll do everything I said and you and your clients will win.

Of course, if you choose not to take me up on my offer, then the WORLD will KNOW and SEE FOR THEMSELVES, that this entire case is a fraud. And that St. Luke’s and the Holland and Hart have no interest in justice and are only fighting this court case against Ammon and I for power, money, and control, and to silence the dissenting opposition who are exposing you, St. Luke’s Hospital, and all of the parties involved in the government subsidized child trafficking operation that kidnapped my grandson, Baby Cyrus, in March of 2022. The ball’s in your court. The world is watching. Let’s see what you do…
-Diego Rodriguez

This Op-Ed was originally published by Diego Rodriguez on Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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16 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Diego Rodriguez Issues Challenge to St. Luke’s and Attorney Erik Stidham

  1. This has gone beyond any common sense and is very lacking in transparency.

    We do hope that for Ammon, Diego and Idaho’s Citizens that this case is ruled in favor of Ammon and Diego.

    St. Lukes must lose it’s 501 (c) (3) status permanently.

    Holland and Hart must be investigated thoroughly to see if any games are being played.

  2. I love this…. Put the burden of truth onto them… and I really wish St Luke’s would drop the “St” facade already, it’s not fooling anyone.

    1. They lost the “St” facade when they decided to abandon their non-profit status and start paying their CEO’s tens of millions of dollars. You can track nearly everything back to that moment.

    2. So true, the hospital using the name of St.Lukes is a dishonor to the name. They should rename the hospital Lucifers ignominy. Far better suited for their crimes against nature and humanity.

  3. The only way St. Lukes is going to learn anything is to shut them down economically. If your a patient, take your business elsewhere.

    1. Oh, where? There’s a monopoly here with basically 2 healthcare providers.
      St Als absolutely cannot handle the business of their much larger competitor.

      1. I go to Pocatello to Portneuf Hospital where I’m treated with respect and compassion.
        I have three doctors whom I trust with my life, they are not knife happy or pill pushers nor do they charge an arm and a leg for procedures that are actually necessary!!!

  4. It’s all across this nation. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront. I pray people will listen. Our prayers are truly with you.

  5. I’ve agree 100% with Ammon, Diego and Idaho Citizens. This is all about power, money and corruption. St. Lukes and all Hospitals shouldn’t have a 501 (c) (3) Status. St. Lukes has grown to fast to be a non profit organization. They’re evil! I feel for those who have to work for them.

  6. Idaho is as corrupt of a state as any other in the Union and its population is as dumbed down by their Tvs as the rest of the nation

  7. Diego’s Op-Ed outlines one of the bravest most clever approaches I’ve seen to a lawsuit by an over-reaching “legal system.”

    St. Luke’s obviously does not like Diego’s strong words, but if St. Luke’s cannot prove those words factually inaccurate, they right and truly should lose this case and should apologize to Diego and Ammon for putting them through financial and emotional hell. They also should pay restitution for all the court expenses incurred and damages to their reputations.

    Of course, if Diego and Ammon ***were*** untruthful (which seems unlikely), then Diego’s offer seems completely reasonable and should satisfy the hospital system.

    Some are worried about St. Luke’s going out of business. Not me, given what I’ve seen over the past 18 months. The loss of St. Luke’s would enable other more-ethical less-captured providers to fill the gap.

    The last three years have shown just how badly American medical care has been compromised by big money and influence — and big government. The result is that most ordinary people I talk with would literally rather die quickly than be killed slowly and for profit by today’s corrupted medical system.

    St. Luke’s: Please do the right thing. If Diego’s facts are wrong, set him straight and let him provide restitution. If they are correct, drop the suit, apologize, clean house, and return to your roots of healing the community.

  8. Check mate. This is a good move. Mr Stidham and Roth are assuming they won’t be challenged. They have dug themselves so deep that they are now self-inflicting more damage than if they had left it alone. Their recent layoffs might lead to whistleblowers exposing even more.

  9. St. Luke’s is as corrupt as they come!!!! They should be served with a FOIA document. Make them PROVE ANY AUTHORITY they have to arrest you and Ammon. If this is done, they will run with their tail between their legs. THEY HAVE NO STANDING WHATSOEVER!! The Bar Association has been dissolved. It was an institution based in England. British Accredited Registry!! Stidham has NO AUTHORITY!!!! We stand with you, Diego and Ammon!! Good Luck for your peaceful future!!

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