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Op-Ed: Demystifying Ammon Bundy, Part 2

By • October 11, 2022

Ammon Bundy is Not a Convict; He’s a Man of Conviction

Ammon Bundy has been arrested many times in the past two years. Most people think it’s a gimmick to get attention. But Ammon Bundy is as sober-minded as people come. His actions are constitutionally and commonsensically based and are far removed from the antics of a habitual misfit.

It is not wrong to question his actions. His behavior is unusual. Historically it is extremely rare to find someone so principled and devoted to what is by nature and law constitutionally ours, and willing to pay the price of intense deprecation in every form imaginable to obtain it. Ammon Bundy never sought personal publicity. For three years after his trials in Nevada and Oregon, he was living life quietly with his family. Then Covid engulfed our lives. Initially, he had strong objections to elements of the government’s response, but he confined them to his private behavior. It was when Governor Little and state government continued violating the heart of both the nation and state’s constitutions that Ammon spoke out. Or tried to.

Most would agree that state government has a responsibility to determine the proper size and type of response to a dilemma the complexity and size of the pandemic. Executive orders are one tool the state’s governor has been given permission by the people to use in sudden and extreme emergencies. And, thus, Governor Little did so.

After two consecutive thirty-day executive orders, however, they lapsed automatically, and Governor Little was required by statute to convene the legislature to determine the state’s ongoing response to the pandemic. Governor Little ignored the law, despite his sworn duty per Article Four, Section Five of the State Constitution to “see the laws [of the state] are faithfully executed,” and despite being reminded of his duty by members of the state legislature.

Chasing $19.2 billion dollars in federal Covid relief funds for the state is no excuse for his behavior. Especially when the distribution of the funds is solely under his purview, and not the legislature’s. Then he took full credit for a budget surplus and sent out $150 checks to taxpaying voters. If the governor does not have the responsibility to follow the constitution, who does?

History shows that violations of a government’s constitution signal further violations in the future and usually for lesser and lesser causes. President Biden’s recent unconstitutional and unconscionable forgiveness of personal student loans is a perfect case in point. Habitual government overreach is what Bundy has been trying to reveal to the public. His was not the habitual behavior of a social misfit, nor was it anti-government. He wants responsible government for us all. Had the legislature been convened to act, Ammon Bundy would have honored the process. He is a Constitutionalist. Had he disagreed with the legislative outcome, he would have worked to amend the law or even the state Constitution.

In the case of Baby Cyrus, the toddler was taken by the state and placed in St. Luke’s Hospital. Cyrus was suffering from malnourishment. His parents, since his birth, had been doing everything the medical field had suggested to help their tiny boy. Despite this, they were arrested. The couple were personal friends of Ammon Bundy. Bundy went to St. Luke’s to argue for the release of Baby Cyrus, or at least that his breast-feeding mother could stay with him in the hospital. A police officer snuck up from behind and arrested Ammon without resistance. Within days Baby Cyrus was released by the hospital back to his parents. The hospital quietly admitted thateven it could do nothing for the one-year-old. This is another instance where Bundy had been arrested for objecting to executive overreach by bureaucrats “in authority.”

When I asked Ammon why he stood up at the risk of his campaign, he responded with just six words, “I was protecting other people’s rights.”

St. Luke’s series of incidents is the only place I have questioned Ammon’s decisions. I shared my concern with him, and he listened. As a public servant for forty-two years, I do not believe in doxxing individual public servants. Doxxing is a counter-constitutional device that is akin to pronouncing someone “guilty until proven innocent” -with the accompanying intense anxiety and fear that comes from such unadjudicated behavior. In the balance, it is anti-American and counter-productive on many levels. However, I do believe in peacefully protesting public institutions.

St. Luke’s is now suing Ammon Bundy for harassment and defamation. This is a civil, not criminal, issue. I asked Ammon why he wasn’t responding to the suit. He answered, “it would distract from the campaign.” He would rather forfeit the judgment and pay the claimed damages, which are significant, out of his own pocket. Ammon was also brought to court for using his campaign efforts to meet the conditions of forty days of community service for his “civil disobedience” at the state capitol and for which he was sentenced to ten days in jail. It is understandable in today’s ultra-cynical world that the judge scoffed at Bundy’s claim. But it was an honest, creative, earnest, and principled way of combining protest and lawful campaigning consistent with Bundy’s stands in all things.

It may seem bizarre, but is it not reasonable and consistent to suggest that legally and earnestly running for office is a valid model of community service by any citizen of the state, despite the fact it does not suit the judge’s intention to punish him for his appropriate civil disobedience? He certainly did not run for governor to avoid jail time. And his campaign efforts continue to this day, undistracted.

Ammon Bundy will, he has proven in every way possible, follow the letter and the spirit of our state’s and country’s constitutions and honor executive, legislative, and judicial stewardships. He is not wild-eyed; he is steady-eyed. He means what he says and says what he means. A unique–and vitally needed–quality for someone running for or serving in office. We are not used to a person so principled. This, NOT the use of political gimmicks, is what makes Ammon Bundy so unusual, but so needed in, and so valuable to, our state leadership.

Do we not see he is a man for these times? Go to VoteBundy to further acquaint yourself with him. I think you will be impressed by his unaffected candor and humility. Then cast your ballot according to your conscience.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Rick Hydrick. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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23 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Demystifying Ammon Bundy, Part 2

  1. Thank you again for the op-ed, the explanation and the clarity.

    It is beyond disgusting to see many of Idaho’s “Leadership” RINOs band together yesterday in order to back and support the democrat running against Raul Labrador for attorney general.

    We The People must stand together to defeat Idaho’s own Deep State uniparty.

    Our Votes will go to Ammon Bundy, Raul Labrador, Scott Oh Cleveland, and write in’s for Brandon Durst, Doug Traubel.

    It is imperative that Little, Bedke, McGrane and Simpson be DEFEATED in this November’s election. It’s past time that Crapo be put out to pasture.

    As far as Bedke there are two options to eliminate him from Idaho Politics permanently:
    1.) Write-in Priscilla Giddings.
    2.) Or vote Terri Pickens Manweiler who has a chance of defeating the Kangaroo Court boy Dictator and may well be both smarter and more conservative than Bedke.

  2. Idaho Seven,
    Has Idaho elected a “write-in” for Lt Gov or Gov, before?
    This is a great Idea because Priscilla is the actual winner in the Primary after you remove all the dirty play by the local fake news MSM, Bedke and his “ethics committee”, local paid activists, deep state deep pocket interference, and Democrats switching to Republican for the day….
    With a balanced non-bias media she would have easily won.
    Now its a do or die fight for Idaho, in part because of complacency. So if she is to be a write in… Every person in Idaho needs to hear that news, and know that she is a real choice.

      1. Agreed. Sorry but I visit many elderly folks for home heath nursing and they love Little and praise him constantly

  3. The RINO Idaho Establishment has alowed and/or funded aborton, Drag Queens in the park for children, the nations highest increases for welfare, and more, under our so called “Republicans “ Brad Little and many in our Legislative branch are Liberal Democrats. So lying republican party leaders in North Idaho or trying to convince us it’s going to split the vote which simple math tells you that is not true. In fact nobody really even knows who’s running on the Democrat party side other than Brad Little. i’m voting for Ammon Bundy he is a true conservative I’m sick of being told by the Republican establishments that I’m going to split the vote, what a crock. This is a great article we really have to vote with what is right and not get sucked into the lies and fear mongering of the established Republicans! I am registered as a Republican and voting for several Republicans but they have to prove to me that they live up to their party platform or they’re gone!

  4. In Idaho, we can NOW clearly see that there are MANY DEMOCRATS who proudly wear the “R” in politics. Right now there are around 50 who are willing to back a Democrat candidate for AG. Why? They are afraid of a TRUE Conservative, Constitutionist who will support the Rule of Law instead of the Good Old Boy network and the “corporations” who financially support them!! Ammon Bundy and Raul Labrador are exactly who we need in Idaho. They have the LAW on their side and they are men of integrity amongst the sell-outs who “call themselves” Republicans. VOTE BUNDY & LABRADOR IN NOVEMBER.

  5. I wish our Lieutenant Governor had won the primary. Ammon Bundy, a Mormon, stood with baby Cyrus being returned home. Yet, he doesn’t care if children are raised in drug-infested homes. He is for legalizing all drugs in Idaho which would turn us into another Seattle and LA with drug addicts moving here to erect their tents, leaving their needles, feces, etc. He did lie to me in a comment section on YouTube where he appeared to have proper and innocent motives for legalizing drugs. Crazy, of course! Well, I told him I noted in his rally video that the first speaker was all about using pot and had thrown in her hat for Bundy as he would legalize drugs. He would not respond back after I exposed this. Makes one wonder if this is why he does not desire a US border wall, him possibly wanting deadly fentanyl and other drugs crossing with cartels. Soros loves the drugs passing over as he increases his millions by their sales. Dems are all willing assist him.

    I must add, if border walls do not work, then why the fencing around the White House? And taxpayers had to pay for protective fencing ($500,000) surrounding one of Biden’s beach homes. Of course, our nation requires all types of border surveillance as well.

    He also stands with the wicked and murdering Black Lives Matter organization that set aflame our cities and murdered people of all color. He believes in defunding the police as do Black Lives Matter. As of the 214 people shot and killed by police only 30 were blacks as of 2021.

    George Floyd was a dangerous, wicked and vile criminal, yet Bundy feels he was unjustly treated. “Floyd had a rap sheet that was long and he was dangerous. He was an example of a violent criminal his entire life, up until the very last moment.” He died of a heart attack and illegal drugs as medical records reveal and that is the truth.

    “The Daily Mail noted that Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 after being convicted on a charge of aggravated assault.”

    Washington Times published details. During the robbery Floyd held a gun at a pregnant, black woman, pointed at her baby in the womb, terrorizing her while her house was robbed. Where were the protestors marching for her?

    “He had posed as a water company employee. He dressed in a blue shirt to emulate the outfit of a worker.”

    “The Daily Mail also showed a court document that said Floyd had served five stints in jail, beginning in the 1990s.”

    When Floyd was arrested and killed on May 25, 2020, “He was high on fentanyl and Meth, behind the wheel of a vehicle after trying to pass counterfeit bills.” He could have killed a family in a vehicular manslaughter crime being high on drugs and driving.

    Of course, Bunny certainly has other red flags about him including a shady business where he is the only one employed; the business being named after some wild Mormon mythological woman. “The company’s name appears to be a nod to Abish, a figure in the Book of Mormon who encounters the missionary Ammon. Husbondi is an Old Norse word said to mean master of the house.” It is completely wild. His first name is in honor of some Mormon patriarch.

    I believe Bundy is a democrat at heart and speaks out of both sides of his mouth as do most politicians as I listen to his videos.

    He never mentions parents’ rights, only teachers’ rights. And teachers are not teaching children up to standards. Most just want their paychecks and to indoctrinate children into the lifestyles of sexual wickedness. Bundy writes, “I support you. I want to empower you to teach in the way that you know will work best without intrusion from senseless bureaucratic meddling into the classroom.” Parents should decide what is best for their children when it comes to spending money on education and need to meddle in the classrooms. No one who does not support or implement government education for their children should financially support it. Government education is a failure with many graduating without even being equipped with the basic skills to function in society. Just read blogs and note how many Americans cannot even pen a correct sentence, let alone diagram it—identifying the noun, verb, and preposition. Also, note the spelling errors. (John 3:16)

    1. Write in Giddings. I have. And vote for Bundy. Again, I have. Both on my absentee ballot. And against the proposal for cash distribution of the tax surplus. And for the proposal to allow the legislature to convene an extra session at their own calling instead of waiting for the governor to set the requirement for the additional session.

    2. Val, you are completely incorrect in your commentary. If you are going to make criticisms, which is fair game, you must at least be ACCURATE.

      1. You claim that “Ammon is for legalizing all drugs” which is a factually incorrect statement. You can easily be forgiven since you obviously received a government education so it would be hard for you to discern truth. Ammon’s website clearly demonstrates he is in favor of DECRIMINALIZING drugs which is not the same as LEGALIZING drugs. It is against the law to exceed the speed limit, but it is not a “CRIME.” Do you get it? It is so sad that you are so easily manipulated like all the other ignorant sheeple who don’t know how to think for themselves. The “War on Drugs” has only empowered the government, destroyed families, and has inexcusably harmed innocent Americans. Ammon has clearly explained his position here: Maybe you should actually READ before you ignorantly critique.

      2. You are OPENLY LYING when you state that Ammon “stands with” the Black Lives Matter movement. Again, you seem to lack the ability to read, so here’s the direct link to Ammon’s statement on the issue: Let’s see if you are intellectually honest enough to recognize the difference between Ammon supporting THE END OF POLICE ABUSE and supporting Black Lives Matter. Are you that ignorant that you think that the police only abuse black people? So you then assume that anyone in support of ending police abuse therefore supports Black Lives Matter? You do realize that few people in America have been more greatly abused by police than Ammon Bundy, don’t you?

      3. You say that Ammon never mentions Parental Rights, right? Oh, so you mean like how section 19 of his Keep Idaho Idaho plan ( is all about Parental Rights and is actually titled “Parental Rights,” and how Ammon has openly endorsed the Parental Rights amendment? Oh yeah, that’s how he “never mentions parents rights.”

      Val, you are an ignorant troll. Learn to read and learn to be educated or we’ll all just recognize you as a worthless internet Karen.

  6. I totally agree with the discussion about the pandemic.

    I was more than willing to tolerate the governor acting within his legal authority for the first 60 days of urgency, but when he proceeded to break the law by refusing to let the state legislature assume the reins, he was way out of line.

  7. Generally speaking, I appreciate Rick’s article and support his effort to clarify things. However, in the same spirit of clarification, I must add some additional information to the Baby Cyrus story and challenge another opinion of Rick’s:

    1. He said that Baby Cyrus was taken by the state and put in the hospital because he was “suffering from malnourishment.” This is absolutely false and a complete distortion of the truth, and it is sad to see that people who are otherwise informed are still so easily led astray by “legacy corporate media.” The only way Rick could possibly say this or believe this is if he only read or listened to the Idaho Statesman and read statements from St. Luke’s or the Meridian Police.

    In short, Baby Cyrus was suffering from “Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome” and he was therefore vomiting a lot. But he was not “malnourished” which infers parental neglect, and furthermore, he was not taken by the state because of malnourishment. Baby Cyrus was simply kidnapped for profit even though he was perfectly healthy and both the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and St. Luke’s hospital KNEW he was perfectly healthy (the evidence has already been published). The entire story can be seen and read here: Rick, I would ask you to read the actual story before you spread any more distortions (I am not accusing you of doing it intentionally, I am simply pleading with you to make sure you know the facts before you continue to spread any misinformation).

    2. You claim that “doxxing” is inappropriate and that you only support protesting public institutions but not public servants. I understand your position and I empathize with the emotional position you hold in this regard. However, I would simply ask you if your position is historically aligned with our founding fathers? Would George Washington or Thomas Jefferson agree? How about Samuel Adams? You do realize these men not only “doxxed” (if by “doxxed” you mean protested in front of public servants homes), but they literally tarred and feathered tyrants in the streets. I am not saying we should tar and feather people, but if TYRANTS are not fearful of being annoyed by the people, up to and including through peaceful protests in front of their homes, then they can and will get away with murder and more. My question to you is—what is it about peacefully protesting in front of the house of a bonafide tyrant that bothers you so much?

    1. Diego,

      Thank you, poor choice of words. I apologize. I was putting it in the words of St. Luke’s and/or the media. I should have been clearer. But thought I covered the base when I stated he needed to be breast fed.

      With regard to doxing everyday public servants, I am against it for the reasons I stated. It is too fraught with misjudgments about a single individual. I have seen it happen over and over again. Go after the true powers that be, where the laws, policies, regulations are formulated – executive officers of agencies, legislators, corporate and NGO heads. Confound and embarrass them.

      My position is not emotional, yet sensitive to the extreme stress caused to those who working within the confines of job descriptions and lack latitude. My position is based on forty years of in the belly of the beast experience. Effective protest needs to be efficient and not energy sapping or counter-productive, if avoidable, and I think it is. Having said that and having watched the videos over and over again, yes, I was furious. But its the culture that needs to be blamed and corrected.

      I therefore support Ammon’s position on creating laws upon which public servants can act on conscience aligned with the state and nation’s constitutions. And, if this is done, legislation or rules and ordinances will be drafted that align with our constitutions from the get go and appeal to sober and judicious application by public servants.

      Washington, John Adams, and Jefferson, and many others did not agree with Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty’s every method. And that’s okay.

      The very best to you and your family, Diego, as always. A new state government under Ammon, Raul’s, and Priscilla’s (as a member of state cabinet?) leadership can figure it out.

  8. I am in the process of filling out my absentee ballot and I’m confused because there isn’t a write in line for the Lt. Governor position. I had my mind set on Giddings but there’s no place to enter a write-in for that position. Does anyone know if there is any way to write her in and have it count. If there is a place for it on the actual voting day ballot I will make it a point to fly back to vote in person, and return this unused absentee ballot to the voting office.

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