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Op-Ed: Data Expert Debunks Trump’s Election Claims

By • June 26, 2024

So, you still think that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and that former President Trump should have been in the White House all along. Perhaps you believe Trump when he continues to insist that he won the election by a wide margin.

Obviously, Trump has not spent time with Ken Block – who the Trump campaign hired to find voter fraud in the wake of the 2020 election. Block isn’t about to get into a shouting match with Trump, but he has written a book (“Disproven”) that knocks down every claim that Trump and his supporters made. And Trump’s campaign attorney, Alex Cannon, has provided testimony to the validity of Block’s findings.

“It simply was not there,” Block told me in a telephone conversation. “There was fraud, but not enough to change any of the results in any of the swing states. That’s different from the campaign rhetoric saying that the election was stolen. None of the rhetoric comes with any kind of defensible data.”

Even Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, couldn’t dispute Block’s findings. “So, there’s nothing there,” he said in a talk with Cannon.

Block had all the motivation for finding election fraud, and the expertise to do the job. He’s a technology entrepreneur from Rhode Island with expertise in analyzing voter data. He sifted through mounds of claims and theories, from the “plausible” to the “outrageous,” during his time with the Trump campaign. Basically, he was looking for fraud with the gusto of a prospector panning for gold.

“Attorneys were not going to court with false claims of fraud. They wanted me to, if I could, determine if the fraud cases were true. Or if they were false, they asked me to prove that they were false,” Block said. “Every one was determined to be false. So, when people hear there was massive voter fraud, they need to think critically about what the claim is, because the only claims that matter from a legal sense are the ones that can be defended in court.”

Block had a short time frame for his work, but he said time was not a factor and he had sufficient resources.

“If there was massive voter fraud, heck yeah, I wanted to be the guy to find it, because our democracy would truly be at risk if there was demonstrable provable voter fraud. I knew we had the ability to find it if it was there.”

Block’s decision to write a book came during publicity surrounding the Jan. 6 Committee. As he explains,

“I didn’t want somebody else telling the story, or providing a framework that was not mine. I’m essentially talking about all of this at the risk of perjuring myself. If you are trying to figure out if I’m full of it, there’s no way I would risk my freedom to make up stuff like this.”

Although Block found no evidence to help with Trump’s case, he found plenty of quirks in the election process. In New Jersey, for instance, there are 25,000 registered voters with a birth date of 1800.

“Before anyone views that as a smoking gun for voter fraud, it’s not,” Block says. “New Jersey has a bad computer system and election officials are negligent in cleaning up something that’s missing, which is an actual date of birth.”

One glaring weakness in elections overall is the lack of systemic uniformity, he said. “It’s hard to track voters who move from state to state, because states are not sharing their data. What we don’t have is a federal data base to ensure that voters have just one registration. So, our elections are by no means perfect. That being said, I haven’t seen in more than a decade of doing this any claims of fraud that survives scrutiny.”

Over time, we’ll see if Block’s work survives scrutiny from the MAGA crowd. The book may not read like a compelling John Grisham page-turner, but it provides interesting fodder for those who want to know once and for all if the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Chuck Malloy is a long-time Idaho journalist and columnist. He may be reached at

This Op-Ed was submitted by Chuck Malloy. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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41 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Data Expert Debunks Trump’s Election Claims

  1. Explain how Biden got 81 million votes when polls showed that he was not the favorite, and when he had minimal attendance at his campaign events. Explain how voters changed from how they voted at the top of the ballot and then voted for Trump Republicans in the congressional contests. Also, most mathematicians have shown low probability calculations that Biden could have received those 81 million votes. 81 million people never vote for their own enslavement in THIS country or even in banana republics.

  2. This story fails to mention the effect of mail-in ballots. Several states mailed out millions of them to people who hadn’t requested them and weren’t expecting them. Some people living in big apartment complexes in large cities reported having received several ballots addressed to their apartment–one for themselves and four or five for previous occupants. How do you account for something like that?
    As far as states coordinating voters who’ve moved, that’s unnecessary if all states are following federal election requirements for keeping their registration rolls up to date. But they’re not. L.A. is currently operating under a consent agreement to update their files after Judicial Watch found that they had more registered voters than citizens of voting age. To settle a suit by Judicial Watch, they signed the consent agreement. Over the past decade, JW has sued and won against numerous states, including Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois and New York.
    BTW, it’s not reassuring to see these guys tossing off the fact that NJ has 25,000 voters born in 1800 on its books as a “bad computer system” and “negligent” election officials. How can you register a voter whose age is not known? And how can they be certain that that bad computer system isn’t messing up their voting machines?

  3. “Experts”, really? Anyone can write a book! Wake up America and Pray Up! Is what you see and experience right now better than it was just 3 years ago!? Our government is a cartel and has been infiltrated by Marxists demons who some call democrats! Its all a lie!

  4. Sorry Chuck….you might want to check your figures again.
    There are massive amounts of fraud and corruption in ALL swing states…Arizona kicked it off calling the win for Biden.
    You are part of the problem ‼️✅
    I’m done with you and anyone like you.

  5. If Biden had won legally, then it would have been a simple matter to put all of this to bed years ago. All that the Democrats had to do was to be 100% transparent with the ballots, the machines, the voter rolls, etc. What could be easier?

    Instead, they have fought tooth and nail to keep literally every aspect of the election hidden, including destroying subpoenad evidence (AZ). They installed illegal and unconstitutional election laws in numerous states. They instituted mail-in voting, which has been a long established and recognized method for cheating. In PA, they ignored a SCOTUS order and mixed thousands of illegal ballots with legal ones. Out of roughly 80 cases brought to court, only 4 (as far as I know) were allowed to go to trial, and Trump won 3 (so the evidence was suppressed). Over 10k affidavits of election cheating were ignored. For the first time in history, a candidate literally did not campaign yet ‘won’ a historic ‘victory’. Trump won every historical indicator of POTUS victory, yet ‘lost’

    There are dozens more reasons for recognizing 2020 as a rigged election, but as I originally said, the Democrats could have put this all to rest by doing nothing more than their minimal obligation of 100% transparency of everything related to the election. Instead, they have chose to cover and obfuscate at every turn. It is THEIR responsibility to ensure legit elections in order to garner the consent of the governed, and instead they have done the exact opposite, ie., “Biden won because we (the same people who lie about everything, all the time, and who fabricated multiple impeachments against the sitting president prior…) say so”…

    2020 was rigged, and doing so was treason.

  6. My question is this, why is this political hack still being allowed to post his lies and deceipt here on the Idaho Dispatch?

    And, while I’m at it, why is this guy still in Idaho? Shouldn’t he be in Oregon or California where his fellow socialists live? Or is he here to plant the liberal seed and break the conservative ranks in Idaho?

  7. Im pretty sure from the general tone of the Idontkno Dispatch that theyre a bit more left leaning than people wish to believe.
    Remember most of ya’ll are still stumbling around from catching on to the fact that FOX neus wasnt dealing straight either.
    You can present the Facts and change the perception just by wording and using catch phrases.
    I see a lot of that on Idontkno Dispatch’s “opeds”

    1. For what it’s worth, Idaho Dispatch tries to be 100% completely neutral.

      When they report, they report strictly facts. When they publish an opinion-editorial, the opinions belong to the author.

      1. I agree!! Love the Dispatch.. Mr Malloy not so much, but we must know the other side of the argument.

    2. You apparently do not understand the concept of opEds being the writers opinion and Not Idaho Dispatch opinion. Don’t like what you read, write your own opEd and submit for publication.

  8. I don’t “think” the 2020 election was stolen.I KNOW it was.Poor Chuck, you , like all Marxist Dems lie, spin, distract from facts, truth. Mail in ballots were the cheat factor. FACT, Chuck. Sad a Marxist like you lives in Idaho.

  9. We know there was election fraud because there were more votes than registered voters. There was enough funny business going on that even leftists were saying things were fishy. Add to that Biden’s admitting to “setting up the largest voter fraud network in the history of the nation” during his campaign and refusal to allow the issue to be looked into. If his “victory” was legitimate then you would think he would welcome an thorough investigation to alleviate all doubts.

  10. There WAS election fraud! you will never convince me, no matter how many lies you tell. If Trump loses this time, there is election fraud, and we will never get to vote again.

  11. Has anyone given a decent explanation for the concerns raised in “2000 Mules”?

    Personally, I do think the election was “stolen” and I have not seen convincing evidence of large scale “fraud”, but I do think it’s obvious that there was widespread ballot harvesting, intentional efforts to gain an advantage through mail-in-voting, and tons of interference from media manipulation.

  12. For those of us old enough to remember Biden’s multiple runs at president, this is insulting. But it seems to be a pattern, that if an article begins with, “according to an expert”, it will be utter hogwash. In my opinion, the elites have invested heavily in the dumbing down of the population, and are counting on people not understanding basic subjects, like math, science or geography. This article isn’t worth the keystrokes used to invent it.

  13. Bullshit! There were over 200,000 bogus registrants in Maricopa county alone, 700,000 in Florida, 200,000 in Pennsylvania, and countless more across the U.S.A. Over 280,000 ballots were diverted from PA to NJ and only recently discovered. Phony leaks and 4AM truckloads of ballots, all for Biden, mysteriously appeared. We have VIDEO of election workers running the same batch of ballots through a tallying machine multiple times. We know how easy it is to hack the Dominion voting machines. To claim that this was not sufficient to change the election results is pure fictional bullshit.

  14. We are being gas-lit again. Who do you believe, the “experts” or your own lying eyes?

    I have no problem with a media entity being biased, as long as you know what the bias is. I have a problem with an entity claiming to be non-biased, and then publishing pieces like this one. Chuck Malloy claims to be some sort of Idaho Republican, but nothing he writes tells me he has Idaho’s best interests at heart.

  15. All the experts here with their heads buried in the sand because of the they wannt to believe. 50 states certified their election results, all 50! That means in 50 states, every county clerk in those states also certified their results, People who take pride in their work, their careers, their integrity, certified the results, Conngress did as well. NO ONE HAS STEPPED FORTH with facts, data that has survived scrutiny. The responses here also highlight why so many still belleive in Trump, they’re delusional, abscent from reality or belief in truth.

    1. Do you believe that those swing counties and states, which is what we are focusing on, weren’t part of the plan? Why wouldn’t they certify the fraudulent results? Also, early lawsuits were thrown out because a court said, “Show enough votes that would mathematically put Trump ahead and not a few hundred thousand votes that appeared to be illegitimate.” They refused to conduct a serious investigation because “smoke doesn’t always mean fire.” Statistical analyses weren’t allowed as support for investigations in law courts. The only thing that mattered was Biden had more ballots but not necessarily more real votes. You favor sweeping crime under a rug instead of upholding democratic integrity.

    2. Dave, you have YOUR head buried in the sand. I work with 3 election integrity committees and we have documented proof that the election was stolen. The problem was that we, the people, “lacked standing” due to weird legal maneuvers that most of us don’t understand. Many, if not MOST results in 2020 could not be LEGALLY certified. To certify an election, the results must be no more than X%. WHen you have MORE THAN X% registrants claiming to live at vacant lots, gas stations, convenience stores, shopping malls, etc, etc, your election is no longer +/- X% but greater– at LEAST as great as the fraudulent registrants percentage. Florida had over 700,000 such fake registrations. PA 280,000 if memory serves me correctly. Maricopa County 200,000. And so on.

      But, don’t worry– that won’t happen this time since we are pre-filing lawsuits so that we have standing, and if Secretaries of States certify uncertifiable elections, not only will the election be void, but we will hold them CRIMINALLY liable!

      If you believe otherwise, you are following corporate media, which has been BOUGHT by Democrats, Soros, and other NGOs to carefully present a predetermined narrative that smears Trump and suppresses Biden’s malfeasance. Many who get their news from CNN or the Networks are unaware that 10 million or more illegals have poured into the country, and that most who apply for Welfare ILLEGALLY get registered to vote.

      The election will be won by Trump, handily, or voided due to Democrat Fraud and illegals voting. THIS time, we have standing.

  16. Yeah, I didn’t actually see the same ballots being run through the tabulator over and over, or the suit cases of ballots under the table, or the people dumping stacks of ballots into the unmonitored drop boxes, or the windows being covered and republican poll watchers being forced out, or the contract Postal driver who’s trailer was stolen, or the counting being stopped and Biden getting 99% of the votes when counting resumed and certainly not the hundred or so election workers who were willing to testify they witnessed cheating. Nope, I’ll believe some shill who’s afraid this corrupt DOJ will come after him if he writes something negative about the rigged election. Eff you Chuck for writing this trash.

    1. You must be a CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or PBS watcher, or newspaper reader, LOL. We witnessed it! Your media suppressed it.

  17. Why is this ridiculous article being peddled within Idaho Dispatch? It’s like a kick in the genitals to the truth. ALL electronic voting machines can be manipulated and it has been PROVEN beyond reasonable doubt – and it can be done w/o a trace. Same goes for ballot counting machines, although that’s harder as the “hack” or manipulated code needs to be manually installed. If you think elections are honest, then certainly you won’t mind going to 100% paper ballots with manual counting. After all, people could care LESS how much time it takes to count ballots, as long as it is done perfectly. I’m sending a bill to those involved with posting this article – I want to be paid for my time wasted.

    1. Because you have misguided fools like Dave Kanngas and Steve Smith who follow corporate media and are completely unaware of the fraud. Hey Dave and Steve– watch the movie, 2000 mules, then come back here and apologize.

      And yes, Mr. C, the university showed how they could access the Dominion machine’s innards and swap out software, change votes, totals, etc, in less than 10 seconds. And, MANY machines that were supposed to be air-gapped during the election were not. As an engineer, I can attest to how easy it is to cheat electronics.

      You are absolutely right– in-person voting, positive ID, paper ballots,, and hand-counting must be employed.

      1. I agree with you 100%, but if you read Steve Smith’s post again, I believe you’ll see he was being facetious and in line with what the majority here have said.

        1. Nailed it, cclem…Steve Smith’s intentional sarcasm was lost on some who lack critical reading/thinking skills, apparently.

  18. Chuck Malloy is so full of BS and out N out lies I’m tempted to cancel my subscription if I see his stuff show up any more. He is a Biden shill if I’ve ever see one! Trump won!!!

    1. Don’t quit Idaho Dispatch but write to the editor and publisher and complain about lying shills like Malloy.

  19. Malloy is a modern day “Tokyo Rose”, essentially a shill propagandist for the far left that has taken up residence in Idaho. What he writes is indistinguishable from anything I’d expect of Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger or Mitt Romney. Malloy is NOT a conservative, or for that matter even a republican. He is a leftist operative who seeks to change Idaho into a political and social mirror of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. He is not unbiased, and it speaks poorly of the Idaho Dispatch that they openly ignore their creed of “facts with no bias..” by continuing to publish his far-left propaganda pieces.

    1. I don’t know the author of the book, nor his sources. But as a member of 3 different election integrity committees– WA, NY, and a National one– we canvass neighborhoods and find vacants lots that vote, residences where more than a dozen voters are registered, but the home owners never heard of them, registrants at bad addresses, registrants at gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, and other non-residential buildings and warehouses, and so on. Although we obviously haven’t covered EVERY registrant’s purported address, we’ve done enough to extrapolate using mathematical analyses and can confirm that there is no way most of the elections were accurate. Not all states specify specific accuracy limits, but those that do certified elections that are legally uncertifiable. When groups tried to sue, they were told that they didn’t have “standing”, which is bullshit if you think about it– a legal maneuver to hide the truth. Well, we all DO have standing for the 2024 elections so if the Dems try to do this– or if illegals vote in a national election, the Secretaries of State who are responsible for their states’ elections will be held criminally liable.

      So, anyone can write a book, as you point out, but it doesn’t mean jack if it conflicts with what we KNOW first-hand to be the truth.

  20. Mr. Malloy, you would do well to read more. Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan all have credible evidence of vote tampering, illegal mail-in ballots, and other abnormalities. If you want to base your opinion from one hackneyed author, that’s on you. Me, it was plain on election night that the votes were being rigged when massive vote dumps at 3 am suddenly flipped the swing states and mail-in ballots determined the outcomes.

    But keep on writing. It’s always entertaining to read your self-delusion!

  21. Ken Block must be one real block-head, because he can’t explain how six states quit counting in unison, and then injected millions of new “votes” in the early morning hours to push Biden just above Trump’s clear lead. That has never been addressed in MSM. I have watched video discussions with real experts in data handling and election system logistics explain that ONLY fraudulent activity can explain what happened in the 2020 events. All of the adjudication numbers far outweigh any previous election history. Dominion lied and then had to admit that their machines were and are vulnerable to hacking. Malloy just went shopping for some bought clown so he could say that “experts” deny there was fraud. RINOs like Malloy know that they are an endangered species and like any desperate animal hiding in the tall grass, wants to avoid the chap with the .500 Nitro Express rifle looking for him.

    1. This marks the second article you’ve posted this same exact foolishness in the space of four minutes.

      So, do you simply surf through articles and post this asinine, childish comment in order to elicit responses? You do realize, don’t you, that in order for your comment to be considered by anyone to be accurate, that you’d have us believe that you’ve actually read…”everything on this site?”

      When your I.Q. reaches the level of a dart…come back with some substance in your comments and you might be engaged by someone for a meaningful reply to your “input.”

  22. Malloy, have you grown so desperate for a factual op-ed that you’re now resorting to throwing mud against a wall and hoping some sticks.

    You were raised better that that, weren’t you? I’m sure you were taught to think for yourself? Maybe not if you attended the local public brainwashing “school”, or paid tuition at a “sj” (intrigue) “school”.

    In any case, I ask that you humbly put down your hate, your bile, your “liberal” “mumbo jumbo” and enjoy the fresh air, take a nice morning walk, turn off the “boob tube” that flames your hate, that gets your “Irish up”. The NY and LA “liberal” “talking heads” (drama queens). Reset your mind from your stubbornness, your unwillingness to reason, your suppression, your “poppycock”.

    Just because your mind may have been poisoned at a “public” or “sj” (intrigue) school doesn’t mean you have to let them win. They are liars and deceivers and deep down you know this is true. The average liberal is such a suppressor that the minute they hear something they don’t like they hold their ears and say, “I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you”. You’re better than that Malloy. Break free from your conditioning. Free your mind.

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