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Op-Ed: Crisis and Accountability

By • June 2, 2024

Last week, a viral video showed buses dropping off large crowds of people in the Treasure Valley. They clearly were not tourists, and witnesses said they were given food cards upon arrival. My phone has been ringing nonstop as concerned Idahoans demand answers. Were these illegal immigrants? Refugees? Guest workers?

We do not know, and that is the problem.

It is easy to close our eyes and pretend that the border crisis does not affect us here. After all, even at its closest point the southern border is more than 600 miles away. Yet there are buses, there are airplanes, and there is a federal government that is not just allowing an invasion, they are facilitating it.

We know that the federal government is working with non-governmental agencies and charity organizations to ferry illegal migrants from the border to destinations throughout our country. The McClure Center reported just a few months ago that there were at least 35,000 illegal aliens working in Idaho.

How many are here that are not working? How many are technically “refugees,” a term that has been abused by the Biden Administration to avoid having to enforce our existing border laws?

We just do not know, and it is time we got some answers.

At the end of the legislative session, the House passed a bill allowing our state’s law enforcement to enforce immigration laws for illegals who commit other crimes. Unfortunately, the Senate committee did not hear the bill. This should be a top priority in the next session. How many Laken Riley’s must lose their lives to criminal aliens before we say enough is enough?

The same Senate committee also declined to hear a bill that would allow Idaho to create an interstate compact with other states like Texas. This would have enabled us to pool resources and tackle this problem together rather than dismissing it as someone else’s responsibility. It is time to stop passing the buck. Sure, the federal government is supposed to enforce our borders, yet it is not. So, now what?

The buck ultimately stops with our state’s chief executive, Governor Brad Little. I am grateful that our governor stood with Governor Greg Abbott of Texas when he faced down the federal government and I am grateful that we sent law enforcement personnel to the border. More is still required. The people of Idaho are looking for someone to lead on this issue.

I urge the governor to take a strong stand on the migrants being bused into our state. Idahoans deserve to know how many illegals and refugees are entering our communities. The secretive nature of this project only breeds misinformation and mistrust. Let us learn the truth and do what is necessary to protect our great state.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Dorothy Moon. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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11 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Crisis and Accountability

  1. Document the obvious illegals with photo’s and diary entries. We will need that data for the deportations. I have noticed that they shop in groups.

  2. Our politicians , government employed and the military are the only enemy on this planet that has stolen our income, damaged and bankrupted this republic yet the dumbed down TV watchers keep re electing their incumbents with out discernment.

    1. Anti military much. What did the military do? As a retired disabled vet, I sure would like to know as I know I did not enrich myself on the tax payer only protected our nation

  3. Guthrie welcomes them with open arms. He wants cheap labor for his business. As I recall, the RINO’s were trying to give out drivers license to them too. Our state is in trouble and the idiots down in the southern part of the state are not helping keep us safe and free

  4. Why isn’t this Governor stepping up to remove these illegal’s from our state?
    Why isn’t the attorney general calling on reinforcement to returned these illegals back where they come from?
    Why doesn’t the sheriff round them up and place them in detention until ice picks them up?
    Why are we paying this government to go against this state’s laws and constitution plus the US Constitution?

    1. SueRae, the answers to your questions are: All those you mention are working for a ‘for profit’ corporation! I doubt any of them have taken an oath of office, [well, maybe Labrador has]. Not all Sheriffs are Constitutional Sheriffs…many of them work for the Corporation which means that they are Pinkertons. Corporations don’t have ‘oaths’ of office. Learn more at:

    2. These are some really good questions, let’s call all these people and ask them. I’m writing and calling today.
      OK everyone, get on the phones. Let’s make some noise like the Dems do.

  5. All “illegal immigrants” (criminal invaders) should be rounded up and deported asap. That includes people that came here illegally 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago, etc. Just because they snuck in here and broke our laws a long time ago still means they are a criminals and need to be deported asap. Amnesty for NONE. Follow the laws you criminals. That’s the reason you’re fleeing your country of origin because it’s filled with lazy criminals and corrupt leader. We don’t want you to bring that here. Stay in your own countries and fix them, instead of coming here and destroying our countries. Whatever some of you people touch turns to crap. Sorry that is the facts. Crime, violence, lack of respect for others are some of the traits that they bring with them, yet our traitor leaders roll out the red carpet for the worst and stupidest instead of the best and brightest.

    Our leaders are a bunch of traitors who have allowed this to happen for their nwo masters, who want to mix all the peoples together so they can control things easier. Smart informed people are their worst nightmare. Dumb, ill informed criminals is what they want because they are evil people. The more ignorant democrat voters the more control for the nmo minions, who seek to fry us all with 5g and force us into “smart cities’. How wonderful. Let’s bus more of them in, while out governor does nothing to stop them. What a fraud he is, and a traitor.

  6. They are being dumped at Flying J in Caldwe DAILY. I have seen the photos. Who are they and what is being done secretly?

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