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Op-Ed: Cleveland will Protect Dams and Idaho Water

By • April 10, 2024

I’m Scott Cleveland and I’m the Republican candidate for Idaho’s U.S. House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District on May 21st.

My opponent is career politician, Mike Simpson. While Mike Simpson has supported the dairy industry in the past, his position has changed, and his policies are a direct threat to the economic interest of all Idahoans including Idaho dairymen.

Specifically, Mike Simpson has been leading the charge to remove the four dams on the lower Snake River.

Anyone in the dairy industry or supporting the dairy industry should support my campaign because the facts speak for themselves. Mike Simpson cut a backroom deal with Joe Biden on September 25, 2023, to tear down the four lower Snake River dams. With the help of Trout Unlimited USA, and the Idaho Conservation League, a deal was struck and on September 27, 2023, Biden put out a memo to all federal agencies with clear instructions on breaching the dams beginning with Lower Granite in 2030.

Simpson didn’t include the dairy industry or the water users of Idaho in any of these negotiations. Simpson’s lack of transparency with Idahoans was finally presented to the water users and their water attorneys after the deal was completed. We have the Biden memo, and we have the testimony of the water interests from throughout the state to prove the facts of this September 2023 meeting.

To add insult to injury, Mike Simpson sent his Chief of Staff, Lindsay Slater to be the Vice President for Government Affairs (head lobbyist) for Trout Unlimited USA in April 2023. Slater’s main job will be to lobby the U.S. Senate and House to begin the process of removing the dams beginning in 2030…just six years from now.

Make no mistake! Simpson is working against the dairy industry, the water users and the entire state of Idaho. The rest of the Idaho Congressional delegation and the Governor of Idaho all oppose the secret, clandestine move by Simpson and Biden.

Just imagine: Should Simpson and Biden get re-elected, the destruction of Idaho dams will move forward.

I will never support anyone who wants to destroy any water storage in Idaho. In fact, I will push for expanded storage on every dam that can safely increase storage capacity. I also will push for the construction of a new properly constructed Teton Dam. I will also look for other projects to build such as Twin Pines on the Boise River. There are others that also deserve serious consideration for construction over the next five to ten years.

Idaho needs more electric power, more water storage, and more water in the Snake River system. And the aquifer needs to be replenished through a massive increase in recharge. Teton Dam could significantly contribute to all these needs and more.

Every dairy operator in Idaho should vote for me because I will protect Idaho water, save our dams, and work to expand storage on the Snake River and its tributaries.

The choice is clear. The career politician who wants to destroy dams, or Scott Cleveland, a man who will always protect Idaho water and work with the delegation and the Governor to build more water storage and create more renewable energy with new water projects.

For more information about Scott Cleveland, go to

This Op-Ed was submitted by Scott Cleveland. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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10 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Cleveland will Protect Dams and Idaho Water

    1. You should open your eyes and learn how the legislators rate THEMSELVES with the IFF. Read the matrix and understand what it says. Might be educational unless your mind is shut tight.

  1. The Dairymen Assoc and Cattlemen are now siding with the illegal immigrants, they want the cheap labor!! Even at the risk of our freedoms because that will be the result when we forfeit legal immigration. The illegals will vote Democrat i.e. communistic laws to get freebies and we’ll be done for.
    Granted Mike Simpson is a Rino it seems no matter how you play it your hands get dirty.

  2. Scott Cleveland has my vote 100%. He is a TRUE conservative in every way, and GENUINELY wants only the best for Idaho. A stark and marked contrast to the progressive liberal Dem in a RINO cloak, Simpson. Mike Simpson…you’re fired come November! I absolutely do not want yiu representing me any longer! #Cleveland4Congress2024 all the way!!!

  3. Simpson’s terrible voting record, and his awful priorities like destroying dams, are not good for Idaho, or the country. So now is the time to grant him his lucrative retirement. It feels like Scott Cleveland has stood up at the right time to help Idaho make needed change in our representation. It is a safe bet Cleveland’s voting record could not be as disappointing as Simpson.

  4. Simpson has to go. I was aware of his back room deals to tear down our dams. He sided with the groups who want to destroy our power and water access as well as our industry. Vote for Scott Cleveland.

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