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Op-Ed: Citizens Must Stand and Take Action

By • September 28, 2020

We are seeing events take place in our state and nation that cause us to not recognize our country.  This week a pastor was arrested in Moscow, Idaho, along with several followers for singing hymns in an open public area without a mask.

In Logan, Ohio, we saw a video of a woman being arrested at her son’s football game for not wearing a mask. She was even tased by the school resource officer.  Her rights were violated as other citizens sat by and watched.

In the world I grew up in, this would never have happened.  We have been sold out by our government officials, using bureaucratic agencies to act as police state enforcers of non-legislated orders.

Sadly, there are too many people in the legislative branch of our government who will not protect our rights.

We must now interpose ourselves and protect our precious republic.  We must protect and preserve the way of life we hold dear.

Signing this Declaration today is a step toward a peaceful end to the unlawful and oppressive mandates that have been placed on the citizens of our state and of our country by the heavy hand of uncaring, money-driven RINO and Democrat governors and their bureaucratic armies. Just as our founders, who fought with the sword and with the pen, we must now address this issue with the pen, in the hope that we will never have to raise the sword.

It is my prayer that the war that is being conducted against our rights, the violent protests, the destruction of private property, and public monuments will stop. It is my prayer that the destruction of businesses, lives, and family relationships by the illegal mandates forced upon us will end peacefully.

My heart breaks for each family that is not allowed to hold the hand of a dying loved one.  My heart breaks for those who have lived full lives,  contributed to society, raised a family,  and must now slowly die with broken hearts in care centers without being able to see family members. 

I witnessed firsthand a son speaking with his mother through the window of her room! This is wrong on so many levels.

We need this madness to end and that’s why we need you to sign this Declaration now that our entire state must be re-opened and these attacks on our personal liberties must be stopped.

The psychological well-being of our children is at stake.  Our future generations will never know the freedoms and liberties we have known.  We must not let this happen. 

I ask for your prayers, for our state and our great country.

Representative Christy Zito is an Idaho State House Rep. from Hammett in District 23.

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