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Op-Ed: Carbon Dioxide: A Valuable Gas

By • November 22, 2022

I recently read an interesting article in the Range Magazine for Winter 2022, Bits and Spurs pp 26-27. The author, Robb Kendrick, says that he worked for National Geographic for 32 years.

I am sure it is evident that if someone has worked for National Geographic for 32 years they are probably not predisposed to accept the truth about climate change, especially the part played by man (anthropogenic climate change).

I think it is tragic what we are attempting to do about climate change. Although I am sure man has some effect on the climate and the ambient temperatures, Nature Itself mainly controls the climate and the temperature.

Although there is much about climate change that can be debated, one thing is sure. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant in any way, shape or form. Right now the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about 420 parts per million. That is a very tiny percentage. Yet from that small part comes the growth for all trees and plants on the earth. More carbon dioxide means plants simply grow better. Satellite photos show that more desert is turning green due to an increase in carbon dioxide.

The second thing about climate that is sure is that the climate has always changed. Right where we live in North Idaho, about 10,000 years ago, there was a mile of ice. Now it is clear; there is no ice. The earth has warmed and cooled for thousands of years without our help and it will continue to do so.

Wind and solar are really no solution. Presently they produce about two (2) percent of our electricity. Yet these unsightly devices are scattered all over the landscape. Can you imagine how much farm land will be lost, and how devastated our landscape will look when (if ever) we reach 100%?

The present national administration and even some state governments seem to have no understanding of basic science. Or, is it that they really don’t want to know? Most of what they suggest for “green energy” is simply not practical, or is counterproductive.

Right now when the wind does not blow or the sun shine the difference is made up with coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear and hydro generation equipment. What will they do when these devices are outlawed, especially fossil fuels? Nobody is saying anything about it.

To produce wind and solar devices, as well as batteries to store energy, requires a lot of rare earths, most of which are mined by other countries. Some of those countries are not very friendly to the United States, and in some of those countries children are often used to mine those rare minerals.

I think if we keep on as we are wind and solar will simply be out of date. Already in California EV car owners are being instructed not to charge them during certain hours of the day as the electric grid cannot provide enough electricity. What is going to happen after 2035 when electric vehicles will be the only legal new vehicles permitted in the state? When that day comes we will be sitting in cold dark homes and our transportation will be with sailing vessels and oxcarts.

Most of our food and hardware is hauled in large truck trailers. What will we do when these are no longer legal? Will we be running around with wheel barrows to haul groceries? But even wheel barrows have rubber tires. Does this make any sense?

And what about aircraft? Solar will never be practical for the operation of aircraft. So, with no fossil fuels there will be no aircraft.

And today most ships operate with diesel motors. Will we have to go back to sailing vessels which were never very practical for world travel?

And what about trains that operate with diesel engines? More oxcarts?

None of what is happening makes any sense mathematically to anyone with at least a third grade math skill. We will never be able to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and wind and solar will never be able to carry the load no matter how much they are subsidized.

Elimination of fossil fuels is the height of folly. It was the discovery of fossil fuels that saved the whales, as we stopped using whale oil for light and began to use kerosene. Not only that but it is the use of fossil fuels that made America the greatest industrial nation in the world. Abundant and affordable energy is what makes civilization what it is.

Natural gas is used to make the fertilizer that feeds our plants. Eliminate fertilizer and much of the world will simply starve.

By the way, eliminating natural gas for all new homes is even worse folly. Electric water heaters do not last because they fill up with lime and burn out the bottom elements. Plus, natural gas is much better in heating a home and in cooking. It is much better than electric.

Fossil fuels are used for making many things besides the fuel we use. Here is a list of a few things we will have to learn to do without if we eliminate all fossil fuels.




JP-5 (for jets)

Paint & Paint Thinner

vinyl siding (most new homes)

vinyl fences

plastic on cars

Plastic bags & Plastic Containers for Food


pavement (tar)

tar based roofing

tooth brushes

steel production

most mining

grease and lubricating oils

conveyor belting

electric battery cases

computer monitors





This is just a short list. Someone has estimated that there are over 6,000 things made from fossil fuels. Those who run the country are not really concerned about controlling the climate, simply because it cannot be done. They are mainly concerned with controlling us; controlling you and me. This is called tyranny. Is that what we really want? I doubt it. Time to wake up folk.

Jim Hollingsworth is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College with a master’s degree in biblical studies. He has written two books two of which are still in print: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth, and Abortion Compassion, available wherever books are sold.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Jim Hollingsworth. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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9 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Carbon Dioxide: A Valuable Gas

  1. Thank you for this Op-Ed.
    For those that would like to read or watch a short video describing why our climate changes please go to “”

    1. I hope your video addresses aerosol dispersion the US government has been spraying in the atmosphere for years to control the weather. Just recently they announced they are planning to dim the sunlight to cool the earth. Global warming isn’t enough, now there is a move afoot to cool the earth, hello little ice age. Ponder the information provided in the link below:

    1. You can’t trust “the science” anymore. There is an agenda to be followed and those that disagree with “the science” are silenced by what ever means necessary. Just like covid “science”.

  2. LETS MAKE THIS SIMPLE… “THEY”, (BILL GATES, NWO, WEF, WHO, CDC, BIG CORP, PHARMA, BIG HOSPITALS with They’re New and Deadly Protocols, VACCINES…Environmental, Social, Governance or ESG, BIG BANKS, FED, STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENTS etc. etc.) A L L WANT THE VAST MAJORITY OF US ……..D E A D, YUP DEAD!!! AND THEY’RE DOING IT!!! Next time you step outside, LOOK UP, You’ll SEE we’re Being SPRAYED ( and They’re NOT Seeding the Clouds either when there are NO Clouds. Tic Tac Toe designs??? Long Thin “Clouds” with Right Angles? Really? A N Y B O D Y, ANYBODY WHO ISN’T REPORTING or INFORMING US ABOUT ALL THIS … IS “IN” ON IT. Oh, and the Last FAKE PANDEMIC We ALL Suffered Through Recently? WELL… ITS Going to make Its TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO Spread FEAR and ANXIOUSNESS Throughout the land…DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE OF THESE SO CALLED VAXX’S!!! GET RIGHT WITH GOD, PRAY, BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER AND MOST IMPORTANT ( in these Evil times) LOVE ONE ANOTHER……

  3. The whole Climate Emergency concept is pure propaganda politics to usher in social control tools to enslave the masses. It fits in with the Marxist and Socialist ruling theories to sustain a dependence on government programs and eliminate individual choices and freedoms. It IS Evil.

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