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Op-Ed: Blue Tarps for Blue Cities

By • December 29, 2023

Look at San Francisco and Seattle. See the consequences of public policy spun by minds running on a substitute for reality:
Businesses closing, police quitting and retiring early, brazen crime through the roof, criminals emboldened to violently attack demoralized officers. The mayors, prosecutors, and courts have created a crime wave damaging the quality of life for the tax-paying, law-abiding citizen.

A virtual high tide of garbage, open drug use, blue tarps, bedrolls, human feces, filthy vagrants, drug addicts, and severely mentally ill people spill over sidewalks and through alleys. A normal, fully-functioning person walking in the city is like a salmon swimming upstream against a current of debris and tragically broken human beings.

Seattle is second only to San Francisco in crime, which suffers identical problems for identical reasons. When the useful idiots who voted for consecutive Leftist city councils complain, they receive condescending smirks from their (overlords) “representatives.” Nothing gets better. Government doubles down on self-
righteousness. No doubt the leftist legislators and councilmen live far away from the consequences of their destructive policies. Pay attention, Boise.

Beautiful Seattle did not transform and die overnight. It was a slow roll. Seattle voters were brainwashed to process the world through a paradigm constructed for them. Over a lifetime their minds were formed by public school, universities, media, Hollywood, and activist courts; each acting as an overlapping source of validation promoting a false narrative about “oppressive, racist” America. The Marxist “social justice” ideology filled the power vacuum and broke the rudder off the Rule of Law. Now Seattle looks like a clogged toilet.

The architects of Marxist strategies are evil. That is not hyperbole. They know they are pushing a Big Lie designed to collapse society by bringing chaos that will usher in a Police State. Former Communist International’s propaganda chief, Willy Munzenberg, summoned up the Frankfurt School’s long-term program and method of operation thusly:

“We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks!”

Democrat voters are dangerously naive. Some are violent, statue-toppling communists. Others have good hearts and are too proud to admit they were duped. (Certainly, the GOP is filled with the deceived too, but rarely does violent or anti-social behavior come from them. In fact, so rare that the occupation government had to stage Jan 6th and other hoaxes).

Where are you putting hope? Most elected officials – be it in city councils, state legislatures or Congress – are self-serving opportunists. Few of them could ever make it in the private sector.

Most lawmakers are high on self-righteousness; many are narcissists. They compete for who can appear more “caring” than the other by spending your money with one hand and filling their wallets with the other.

It is always the so-called “Right” in Congress that compromises and gives up ground to the Left. You are fed political theater waiting for accountability that is not coming from this circus. With few exceptions the GOP ̶ at the national level ̶ has become the controlled opposition. It is infected with RINOS and warmongering neocons. Certainly, there is the “party within the party” (patriots), but it is too small and weak to steer.

On the left end of the spectrum are the fanatics promoting the false narrative and “fixes” that in fact prove devastating for society. These social justice remedies for false or exaggerated “crises” defy reason, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

In blue cities we are witnessing the collision of reality with fiction. The consequences are inescapable even for the elite. Blue tarps and shopping carts are at the walls of their gated neighborhoods. The suicidal voters for this “utopia” are sobering up as they wade through squalor. Look at the mayor of New York City. He is crying over the consequences of his sanctuary city. He scans the crowd bewildered, looking for a leg he can cling to, but the adults have moved to red zip codes.

Ada County: You better elect adults in 2024.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Doug Traubel. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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9 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Blue Tarps for Blue Cities

  1. Well said, Doug Traubel! You stated what happens when voters and governments go rogue in one concise Op-Ed. The March to Marxist Totalitarianism will be complete (and never ending) unless we all — Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between — wake up NOW.

    Idaho is going the way of CA, WA, OR, NV, CO, and so many other places that once enjoyed beauty, peace, and sanity — with our own Treasure Valley leading the way.

    Idahoans appear especially blind to what’s happening all around them, perhaps because they escaped from elsewhere that was “so much worse” or they grew up in an Idaho that doesn’t exist any more but refuse to notice.

    But as Doug Traubel said: This didn’t happen overnight. We all must resist the false prophets of the left and return to the American values that our Founders envisioned and codified in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Federalist Papers.

    Get educated, people, please. Then get smart and vote smarter while you still have a chance.

  2. You nailed it Doug. We all need to be proactive in whatever small local way we can. I believe there are more of us than them but we can’t just stay home and watch the left roll over us, our families and our Country.

  3. Ditto!! Thanks for taking the time to stand up and say it, Doug.

    ALSO, thanks for running for office — I hope the new folks — the expats from other states, read and understand and vote for those (like YOU) who have the right values. The Constitution and the Rule of Law are what America needs.

  4. All true. The deeper problem here is Americans are getting the leaders they deserve, because of our moral and spiritual decay.

  5. 100% on the mark! Doug should have been elected as our Sheriff for Ada County. A smear campaign and possible election fraud kept him out. Boise City Council is a Marxist fever dream shop of horrors. They are pure sycophants of the WEF via the hand holding of the ARUP Group. Mayor McLean just got back from Dubai where they served meat at the dinners, but discussed how to eliminate meat from our diets back here at home. We had better wake up…and SOON!

  6. Doug, you have spoken the truth and clearly identified the scurvy from which our nation’s problems manifest.

    Evil ideologies, especially Marxist Communism – is a plague amongst many of our citizens. An ideology based upon chaos; lies, deceit, propaganda, censorship, injustice, murder and tyrannical oppression is believed by some to be superior to our Republic, our Constitution, and free enterprise marketplace???

    Our ship’s rudder is indeed broken and puppets masquerading as intelligent people of virtue, sadly fill from the lowest to the highest levels of our government and courts; and disrespect our Constitution. Thus, these same people corrupt any true “Rule of Law.”

    Thank you for your courage to “step over the line” and speak out. I also applaud your conviction to run for office again and help right the rudder of our Republic – you’ve got my vote and I pray, the majority vote too!

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