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Op-Ed: BLM – Bitterly Lying Marxists

By • September 1, 2020

The Black Lives Matter BIG lie is that it is a civil rights organization. It is not a civil rights
organization, but a Marxist organization that is using racism and violence in an attempt to tear
down the United States as founded and make way for a new socialist nation and world. Don’t
take my word for it; BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors described herself and fellow co-founder
Alicia Garza as “trained Marxists” in a July 2015 Real News Network interview when asked
about BLM’s ideological framework.

Given the BLM founders are self-proclaimed Marxists, it is not surprising the organization’s
tactics have followed the Marxist’s playbook perfectly; divide the populace and create enough
chaos that those same people will vote away their liberty to restore order. They have also
brilliantly chosen a name that cloaks their Marxist activities as the activities of a legitimate civil
rights movement. With just a little research, BLM itself will tell us exactly who they are and
what they want. Here is a list of their demands pulled from various sources including BLM’s
own web site.

1) Dismantling the police (defund the police and ICE)
2) Eliminating all jails and prisons
3) Disruption the “Western-prescribed” nuclear family
4) Corporate and governments reparations
5) Minimum income for all black people
6) Free universal healthcare
7) Destroy our history (tearing down monuments)
8) overturn US imperialism and capitalism

These demands are in direct opposition to our nation’s founding principles and are designed to
transform our country from a liberty preserving Constitutional Republic to a totalitarian Marxist
socialist state. Marxists are bitter people who were responsible for the murder of over 100
million people in the 20 th century. They lust for power and they will lie, cheat, steal, kill and
burn cities to the ground to achieve their objectives.

By now the pattern should be familiar to all of us. The media develops and amplifies a racial
narrative with a video of a law enforcement interaction between a white cop and a black
suspect. BLM protests follow and are initially peaceful, but then turn into riots and looting. A
“systemic racism” narrative is amplified and we as citizens are given a binary choice between
supporting BLM or being labelled racist. God help anyone who speaks out against them.

After this latest round of protests and violence, many in corporate America are virtue signaling
by openly supporting BLM with their endorsements and dollars. BLM has received 10s perhaps
100s of millions of dollars in donations following the George Floyd incident. The exact amount
is impossible to determine because although BLM calls itself a non-profit, is not a registered
501(3)(c) and is using a 501(3)(c) organization call “Thousand Currents” to receive donations.
When you donate to BLM, you donate through a fundraising partner called “ActBlue” who

channels the money to “Thousand Currents” who then somehow grants the money to BLM
while keeping out of trouble with the IRS. Who really gets the money donated to BLM is
unclear, but there is no doubt that anyone who supports BLM is supporting an organization that
is working to transform the United States into a Marxist socialist state.

I recently became aware of the “Monument to the Forefathers” in Plymouth, MA. At 81ft high
it is the largest granite monument in the United States. It was built to remind us of the formula
our founders used to create the nation that has given all of us the greatest freedom and liberty
the world has ever known. The formula is Faith, Morality, Education, Evangelism, Wisdom,
Law/Justice, and Mercy which leads to Liberty and the defeat of tyranny. You can hear our
founding principles explained in an outstanding video about this monument at the YouTube link

BLM’s goals are the opposite of our nation’s founding principles and are a direct threat to our
freedom and liberty. These Marxists openly state that they want to establish a racial version of
global socialism by over-throwing capitalism, and the United States is the largest obstacle to
that goal. To remove that obstacle, they want to transform the United States with a strategy of
throwing our nation into chaos by creating racial division and eliminating law and order. Their
hope is that we will become so tired of the chaos we will vote socialists into power simply to
restore order. Don’t be fooled! We do have a binary choice, but it is NOT to support BLM or be
labeled a racist. Our choice it is to believe in our nation’s founding principles and keep our
liberty or support the Bitter Lying Marxists and lose our liberty forever.

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