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Op-Ed: Are we the land of the free? What are you doing to help?

By • November 11, 2020

It is my God-given right to gather with my family.  It is my God-given right to worship as I see fit.  It is my God-given right to walk down the street, to engage in commerce, and to operate my business as I see fit.  The pursuit of happiness is my right.  I determine the course of my life, as long as I do not violate your rights.

The bureaucrats, elected officials, and my neighbors that all have the same power granted to them as I do have NO RIGHT TO INFRINGE UPON MY RIGHTS.

If I wanted to live in a country that TOLD me how to walk, where to walk, what direction to walk, and how many people I may have in my home or on my property, I would move to China, or another socialist or communist country.

Is this not the last land of freedom?

THIS IS AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE.  Or is it?  Have we given our rights up?

Do we comply with edicts from governors, bureaucrats, and others that we would not follow if our neighbor walked across the street and demanded these things of us?

Is this proper?

If our neighbors did such a thing, what would you do?  Who would you call?  What action would you take?  Government is no different from your neighbor as you have not granted to them POWER to act in your stead.

Now, what will you do?

First, I believe that we must give the Trump team time to battle the allegations of fraud in our election system in the courts.  This is a challenge that will go beyond the election. This is a reflection of the honesty and integrity of our nation.

Where will we be?

If the Trump team is successful, or if they are not, we still have the responsibility to ensure that our state sovereignty is protected.  We must watch our legislature and actively and peacefully support them in making necessary changes to our law to protect against executive branch overreach as we have so egregiously seen.

Will you be there?

We have the responsibility to make sure that our sheriffs are constitutional.  They are the only elected law enforcement official in the land.  They are directly accountable to the citizens.

Does your sheriff stand for your rights or does he support violating them in the name of “safety?” Does your sheriff uphold his oath to defend the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions which protect your God-given rights?

You have a responsibility to know this and to take peaceful legal action if they do not, or if they choose to not accept their proper role.

Do your county commissioners know this?  Do they respect and support this?

Do the mayors and chief of police in your cities know and respect this?

If they do not you have a responsibility to peacefully ensure they do.  If they choose not to, they must be replaced.

Governments are instituted among men to provide stability, unity, and protection of our rights.  The role of government is to be very limited.  The constitution of the State of Idaho, Article IV Section 20, limits the number of departments in the executive branch to not more than 20.  Temporary departments may be formed for not more than two years.

Do you know how many departments there are in the executive branch?  Do you know what they do?  Do you know how many pages of rules exist that rule your life like the law?

If you don’t you should.

I believe in government.  I am not anti-government.  I am anti- tyranny.  I believe in those rights outlined in our founding documents.  I believe in the right to breathe, as God created me, not as a bureaucrat would demand.  I believe in the right to worship as I see fit, not as a bureaucrat would demand.  I believe in the right to have as many people in my home as I see fit, not as a Bureaucrat would demand.

I believe in personal responsibility and accountability.  I believe that elected officials who are the government of the people have personal responsibility and accountability to each of the people they represent to safeguard the Law of God.  Always.

I believe that through all peaceful means possible, each and every citizen in this great country has the responsibility to safeguard the Law of God.

The law that this country was founded upon.

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