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Op-Ed: Are Democrats Too Incompetent to Cheat Effectively?

By • November 9, 2020

During the Gore vs. Bush 2000 Florida recount, I read an article written by a statistician who put forward the theory that in Miami-Dade county Florida, democrats were in back rooms punching voter ballots 50 at a time for Al Gore.  By taking voter ballots and punching out the Gore chad, anyone who voted for Gore had their ballot unchanged, but those who voted for Bush would have their vote “spoiled” because both presidential candidates’ chads would be punched.

The author of this article did the math to estimate exactly the number of ballots that would need to be held back as well as the anomaly in spoiled ballots it would create and his numbers lined up perfectly with what was observed in Miami-Dade.  The press used the infamous “butterfly ballot” design to explain away the spoiled ballot anomaly.  The statistician concluded that the democrats lost Florida because they were too stupid to do the math and correctly determine the number of ballots to hold back and then spoil to put Gore over the top.

In the above scenario, the democrats cheated with ballots already cast by registered voters limiting the cheating to a small percentage of the votes cast.  This type of cheating can be effective for close elections where the vote needs to be changed by 1 or 2 percent.  Mail in balloting opens a whole new level of voter fraud by opening up cheating not to just ballots cast, but ballots for all registered voters.  Theoretically mail in ballot cheating could swing the vote far more than 1 or 2 percent.  Not only will it give the democrats more ballots to cheat with, but makes the math much easier, i.e. they can just keep “finding” more mail-in ballots until they are over the top.  This is why the democrats want mail-in voting, and they are using COVID 19 as the reason for hastily implementing it now despite the fact Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have both declared it is safe to conduct in person voting.

A recent Axios story appears to outline the democrats strategy to steal the 2020 presidential election.  In this article, the Bloomberg company Hawkfish predicts a “Red Mirage” where Trump appears to win in a landslide on election night, but then loses to Biden as mail-in votes are counted in the days following the election.  The article can be read at the link below:

The Axios story combined with Hillary Clinton instructing Joe Biden “not to concede the election under any circumstance” paints a pretty clear picture how the democrats’ plan to corrupt our elections with mail-in voting.

The democrat controlled battleground states of Michigan and Nevada rushed through changes in their election laws and are for the first time sending absentee ballots to every registered voter in their states.  This has put millions of ballots into circulation with little or no chain of custody making these states ground zero for flipping the 2020 election through mail-in voter fraud.

The big question is will democrats on the ground be competent enough to steal the 2020 presidential election by exploiting the changes in mail-in balloting laws to effectively cheat?  You can bet the democrats are creating many illicit strategies to harvest ballots and find ways to fill them in and get them counted, but their newly created “motherlode” of illegal votes might be more difficult to extract than they initially thought.  The Devil will be in the details as this all plays out on Nov 3rd and during the days and weeks to follow.

All these absentee ballots must be signed and postmarked correctly or will be thrown out; will the ballots disqualified from first time absentee voters filling them out incorrectly offset the fraudulent ballots?  What happens when someone who votes at the polls also has their “harvested” absentee ballot fraudulently mailed in?  What happens when more votes are counted than registered voters in a particular area?  “Dumb criminals” will be on the ground attempting to execute an effort that will require a huge amount of finesse and coordination.

Personally, I don’t believe the democrats are competent enough to fraudulently flip the 2020 presidential election by cheating with mail-in balloting.  The most they will accomplish is to disrupt the election process enough to cast doubt on the election’s outcome and throw the selection of our president to the courts and perhaps the House of Representatives.

I also believe this is their intent because they know they cannot legitimately win based on their ideas.  This is the “Hail Mary pass” of an ideologically bankrupt democrat party founded to preserve slavery and now intent on making us all slaves to their Marxist socialist ideology, and they will do anything to take control of the United States of America.

Note: This op-ed was submitted several days before the election.
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