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Op-Ed: Ada County Precinct 19 Committee Chairwoman’s Complaint Against Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin

By • May 25, 2022

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Dan Murphy. Note: Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Ada County GOP District 19 Precinct Committee Chairwoman, Lynn Bradescu recently filed a complaint with the Governor’s, Attorney General’s and Secretary of State’s offices, to complain about Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin’s officer hours. Ms. Bradescu’s angst against the Lt. Governor was picked up by reporter Clark Corbin of the Idaho Capitol Sun, (published May 5) which in turn, gave the politically motivated hit piece to the Idaho Statesman and Idaho Press-Tribune.

The deceitful story, “Idaho taxpayer files complaint over Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s limited office hours,” was an intentional attempt to smear Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin’s gubernatorial campaign, in hopes of furthering her candidate, Ed Humphreys. And Bradescu did it under the guise of an impartial “Idaho Taxpayer.”

Was Lynn Bradescu genuinely concerned, about the Lt. Governor’s office hours and this issue was keeping her up at night, or was it done because her deep rooted disdain against the Lt. Governor and her campaign? I believe it was the latter.

According to the Capitol Sun and Statesman, “Bradescu flagged a section of Idaho law that pertains to office hours for public officers in the state of Idaho.” TITLE 59, CHAPTER 10 was cited, “Unless otherwise provided by law, every officer must keep his office open for transaction of business from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day except upon Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and days upon the office closure is due to mandatory leave without pay,” the section of law reads.”
One of those, is a lunch hour, I’m sure.

But Bradescu and reporter Clark Corbin’s lack of education on the matter is on parade here. Because both of did not to their due diligence, or didn’t want to. Had they looked at TITLE 59, CHAPTER 5, they would have noticed that the Lt. Governor’s office is a part-time position, at 35-percent, of what other offices are. But their attempt to smear Janice McGeachin in the press took a back seat to common sense and decency.

TITLE 59, CHAPTER 5, plainly states: “Lieutenant governor, thirty-five percent (35%) of the governor’s compensation as provided for in this subsection, per annum;”

I visited with Brian Kane, the deputy in the Attorney General’s office on Friday, May 6 and inquired about Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin’s status as a part-time state office holder. Since the Lt. Governor’s salary is 35% percent of the Governor’s salary, Mr. Kane agreed the Lt. Governor’s position is part-time. So, I said, “That means there could be part-time hours also.” Deputy Kane concurred with that assessment, but added, the code was a bit vague.

Since the Lt. Governor’s office is a part-time office, especially during off-session, there are not many visitors. There are a small smattering of emails and phone calls, that get attended to – some I might add are hysterical, angry Ed Humphreys’ supporters complaining and harassing the Lt. Governor for not wanting to debate Ed, (for months) and most recently, calls and emails were in regard to Mr. Humphreys’ recent attack on the Lt. Governor, for his fictional video plagiarism accusation, where radio host Glenn Beck appeared.

The real math about the Lt. Governor’s office hours is quite simple:

• 35% of an eight-hour day is 2.8 hours; which equates to 14 hours a week

• There are 52 weeks, which equates from above, to 728 hours for the year

• During the 12 week legislative session when the Lt. Governor’s office was staffed full time, 480 hours were used up. That left 248 hours for the rest of the remaining 40 weeks when the legislature is not in session.

• 248 hours divided by 40 weeks left in the year – equals to 6.2 hours a week the Lt. Governor is responsible to staff her office, during the rest of the year.

• Bless the Lt. Governor’s heart: Her office is open for business eight hours a week. That’s more than enough required by state law, considering her 35-percent, in the TITLE 59, CHAPTER 5, of the Idaho Code.

Lynn Bradescu’s deliberate, political motivation, hit piece had nothing to do with the Lt. Governor’s hours, in reality. It was a fabricated attack to smear the Lt. Governor, pure and simple. This was her second bogus attempt to bring down Lt. Governor McGeachin’s good name and campaign in as many months.

On March 8, (again in the Capitol Sun) she penned an op-ed lambasting Janice McGeachin for sending a welcome video to American First Political Action Committee, (AFPAC). Her opinion piece was entitled, “As a conservative Republican, I’m deeply dismayed at lack of voices from GOP condemning McGeachin.” Truth be told, Lynn Bradescu is a part-time “author” for the Capitol Sun, according to a link on the website.

Had Ms. Bradescu made an appointment with Lt. Governor McGeachin and discussed her concern as two adults might have, she might have learned that the Lt. Governor made the welcome video as a favor to conservative pundit Michelle Malkin. Bradescu would have also learned that the Lt. Governor did not know of the few bad apples in the group. And naturally, the news reporting press in Idaho and Bradescu, jumped on the bandwagon to excoriate Janice McGeachin’s good name and character. And, they have not left that story alone. That’s because the fake news in Idaho, will take old stories, rehash then in their newer propaganda pieces. I can 100 percent attest Lt. Governor is no racist, or so-call white supremacist, as so many have labeled her.

Lynn Bradescu’s defamatory actions against the Lt. Governor goes against the tenets of ethical behavior of the Ada County GOP Central Committee because her tirade of other candidates during primary season is unacceptable – because she is an elected precinct committeewoman and district chairwoman also.

I have heard Idaho State GOP Party Chairman Tom Luna speak at numerous counties’ Lincoln Day events. His tone was simple: Support your candidate, don’t pick on other Republicans, because eventually, we’ll have to come together after the primary.
Bradescu’s and news organizations’ hit pieces against the Lt. Governor can be construed to some, including myself, as an attack and detrimental to our Idaho election integrity. That is because it is common knowledge that the Idaho news organizations has jumped on the anti-Janice McGeachin bandwagon. Such actions may also affect regular voters’ decisions because of the manipulation, and the negative press that is fomented against Lt. Governor McGeachin; and of course, with bald-face lies.

Added to that, as witnessed in the stories, the Capitol Sun and Statesman, give them cause to rehash old news, as part of the initial story. That’s what the Idaho news reporters do – they rehash old news detrimental to someone, in their latest propaganda pieces.

What’s better than a school of sharks circling their prey? Idaho’s fake news reporters and publications, sinking their teeth into a story where a Republican bashes and excoriates another Republican, for their own self-aggrandizement.

In a speech outside and on the capitol steps May 5th, during the National Day of Prayer, one fella exclaimed, “2,000 years ago, you Jesus Christ, showed us the way, through your living word. You taught us to love one another as you have loved us.”

Lynn Bradescu’s attempts to smear a fine woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and Lt. Governor goes beyond the bounds of love and moral decency.

I recommend Lynn Bradescu NOT be elected District 19 Chairwoman.


Note: Article referenced in Op-Ed –

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18 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Ada County Precinct 19 Committee Chairwoman’s Complaint Against Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin

  1. I knew Lynn Bradescue didn’t like Janice McGeachin and stood firm with her “guy” Humphreys. I wish I would have known about this before our District 19 meeting yesterday where Bradescue was re-electedn as D19 Chair. I would have brought this up before the vote. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Stanley,
      How can you vote & not know what you are getting.
      One part op ed left out is Bradescu claims she is Jewish so she was so offended. She was a shill for Brad’s campaign but now it is time to do a deep dive into who Bradescu really is.
      Ed is as amoral as Bradescu. Pretty face but nasty person.
      Time to look at by laws to remove Bradescu.

    2. Your Bylaws allow for removal of officers “for any cause deemed just by them”. Her actions were not becoming of an officer of the Central Committee, more like a partisan Hack. Just be careful is she is a pet of Luna’s or Tyler Kelly as they will reinstall her above your removal.

  2. Lynn Bradescu is deceitful RINO trash. Ada County and Idaho continue to elect these festering sores.

  3. I think she should at minimum be sanctioned by the Idaho GOP for her obvious flagrant conduct unbecoming of a chair if not removed from her position.

  4. RINOs wormed their way into local and State central committees decades ago. It’s why they must be outed, exposed, and shoved out of the GOP.

  5. I’m disgusted
    Worthless human destroying someone falsely
    We don’t need more DemWits in this state, they’re moving here in droves already.
    Idaho is just about the last Great Republican state.
    God Help Us Fight off Lying, cheating Fake trash !

  6. Character Assassination, pure and simple. Thank you for exposing her lies, Janice is an awesome, God Fearing, freedom loving patriot who wants nothing more than to stand toe to toe for our rights, our freedom, our beloved way of life. Trash talking, character assassins like Lynn deserve to be hung high and dry for their treachery. It’s high time real Republicans start signing up to be State Delegates and other key positions to work toward ousting every last one of these duplicitous, destructive termites from within.

  7. It’s very possible that Lynn Bradescu is not even a supporter of Ed Humphreys. She may be a secret supporter of the RINO/Dem Cabal and was tasked with generating this lame complaint against the Lt. Governor. District 19 is a flaming Leftist hotbed and I doubt the GOP committee is very conservative at all. However, I would echo the replacement of Bradescu in District 19.

    1. My sentiments as well. Wish we could have an easily accessible source(s) to learn more about candidates’ platforms and views on important issues BEFORE election day.

  8. I know Lynn. She is very sincere and active in her efforts to improve our state and Ada County. It was Lynn who worked super hard to get Donald Trump Jr. to come and speak at the Ada County Lincoln Day Dinner. I am shocked by the smears that continue to follow an honest inquiry about whether or not the Lt. Governor was operating within the law when she cut her office hours.
    It’s that simple: Can a state employee legally cut their department’s hours and not serve the public from 9 to 5 p.m. M-F? Lynn simply asked a question based upon a state statute. Janice is a state employee who needs to be accountable to the public like ANY public servant.

    Not only did Janice have reduced office hours, but when the Capitol Sun went to get a statement from her, the office was not even open during the hours that were posted. And the phone number posted on the door was a wrong number. Why was Lynn the only one to inquire about this?

    Every time someone challenges Janice’s behavior they are immediately smeared as a shill for RINO Brad Little or as a mouthpiece for the propaganda media. That is wrong and it speaks volumes about Janice and her followers who have become bullies in our state’s political system.

    In a free society we have a right to ask questions and get answers about the behaviors of our elected officials. We need more people like Lynn.

    1. FoundineMama: Lynn Bradescu’s actions were NOT “an honest inquiry Lt. Gov. McGeachin’s office hours, but an egregious, slanderous smear against the Lt. Gov., with the help of the Capitol Sun (and others that picked up the story) help sway the election. Pure and Simple! If you read the damn op-ed, you’ll see I confirmed the Lt. Gov.’s position as part-time with the AG’s office. Lynn did NOT “simply asked a question based upon a state statute.” Again, read the article. Lynn could have looked up TITLE 59, CHAPTER 5 and saw for herself, that the Lt. Gov.’s position is PART-TIME. And, by the way, the sign posted on the Lt. Gov.’s door was made by ME. It was my mistake to put an erroneous area code on the sign, because I had a senior moment — because I lived for 40 years in that “other” area code. And, I was not in the office when the leftist-liberal, Democrat fake news media came knocking and taking photos because I had an doctor’s appointment. So, the fake news had to take a photo and use it against Janice McGeachin. By the way, one volunteer with the Ada County Lincoln Day Association Dinner told me, he/she had the worst time volunteering for Lynn and he/she would never do it again. A candidate for office, said “Lynn is out of control.” I’ve spoken to about 30 others who have the same gripe about Lynn’s behavior. So you can laud her all you want, which is your right. But, I know the person she really is. We need more people like me who keeps his ear to the railroad tracks to expose rotten apples.

  9. Lynn has been nothing short of a staunch conservative voice. McGeachin, and all of her nasty ridiculous campaign cronies have done nothing but divide the party. At this point it seems irreparable. Janice at one point may have been legit and honestly trying to do the right thing. But once she got swayed by special interests, booze and her infatuation with a flawed and uneducated Trump endorsement, her little soldiers went hard to work in order to save her campaign. Make no mistake, lots of folks voted for her solely because all they knew was Trump endorsed her and they wanted Little out. She ran a weak campaign and she’s a phony who can’t articulate a coherent sentence without notes or a teleprompter. Good to see her hapless soldiers are still at work grasping on the obvious strategy of further weakening the party in order to ensure Idaho flips blue. Brilliant psych ops strategy. Janice needs to find a job, have someone help her pay her bills and balance her checkbook, and she needs to fade away. The rest of y’all nasty folks are just pathetic. I feel sorry for your families. Oh, and your mirrors.

    1. You need to go to the Secretary of State’s “campaign donations portal” and compare Brad Little massive special interests donations to those of Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin. Little received tons of special interests $$. You spout off without knowing facts. And, you had better have solid proof of the Lt.Gov.’s “booze” intake, before spouting off. I suspect you hate Trump, but go gaga over Biden’s high inflation, high gas prices, the Biden open borders, the possibility of Biden getting us into war with Russia, and so much other pain him and Democrats are foisting on Americans! And, finally Janice and her husband run a hugely successful string of businesses across Idaho, that would put your economy to shame. Again, your ignorance is bliss and you spout off too much.

  10. I really want some good Americans (IFF, Idaho Dispatch TeaParty Bob, Dan Bobinski to find put how many of these new PACs with FAKE – Deceptive Conservative Defend Idaho patriot names gave money to these traitorous scoundrels…? !!! Many of these along, with Idaho Realtors PAC, are illegally moving campaign money…BIG Dirty Money !! as some are not even registered with Sec of State…!!
    I bet Humphreys will be soon joining forces with thesw scoundrels…. JUST LIKE Tommy Ahlquist became a SPONSOR FOR LITTLES CADRE OF CROOKED RINOCRATS just 3 years after his “Seemingly Valid” Governor run to seemingly want to unseat Little…..though most of us know it took away from fellow Mormon Labradors popularity to win… If not for Ahlquist Raul Labrador would have easily won Gov.

  11. “Pissed Off In Boise” = No accountability Failed Citizen – NOT GIVING A NAME. TRUE Divider in Marxist prescribed style. The Molan Labe crowd with deep principles of individual rights and Non- Censored Speech is Not the minority…we are just polite, patient, resolved and prepared as were the American Founders.

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