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November 2023 Ada County Election Results

By • November 8, 2023

The results are in after close to 44% of registered voters in Ada County cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election.

This election included mayoral races and select city council seats in the cities of Boise, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Garden City, and Meridian, as well as Eagle, Kuna, and Star fire commissioners, some Kuna and West Ada school board trustee seats, and the Ada County jail expansion bond.

Four candidates were on the ballot for Boise Mayor. Incumbent Mayor Lauren McLean defeated her closest competitor, former Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson, 55.4% to 43.4%, with the remaining two candidates combining votes to total just over 1%.

In the race for the Boise City Council District 2 seat, McLean appointee and incumbent Colin Nash won in a four-way race that included Hillary Smith, Grant Burgoyne, and Jesse Gonzales to hold onto his seat.

The Boise City Council District 3 seat was won in a very narrow margin by Kathy Corless. As of now, the vote count shows she received just 15 more votes than her closest challenger, Josh Johnston. That is a .2% spread.

Jordan Morales took the Boise City Council District 4 seat easily, beating Janet Burke 68.2% to 32.8%.

Another Lauren McLean appointee, Meredith Stead, retained her seat representing Boise City Council District 5 with a 67.7% to 32.3% win over Jeremy Gugino.

The city of Eagle does not yet have a winner in their Mayoral race. Incumbent Jason Pierce received the most votes, 35.5% of those cast, but did not receive the necessary 50%+1 to win the race. He and the next closest vote-getter, Brad Pike, will face each other again in a runoff election to be held December 5 to determine the winner.

Eagle and Garden City are not divided into voting districts, the winners are determined by whomever receives the most votes overall. In both cities, voters selected two candidates on their ballot. The winners for Eagle City Council are Mary May and Craig Kvamme. Garden City voters elected James Page and Kent Rasmussen to the two seats there.

Kuna’s two-term incumbent Mayor Joe Stear was challenged by Bobby Rossadillo and Cristin Sandu, but received 57.4% of the vote to win his race there.

Meridian incumbent Mayor Robert Simison won his reelection bid beating Mike Hon by a wide margin, receiving just under 70% of the votes cast in that race.

In the Meridian City Council District 2 race, Liz Strader beat Brad Hoaglun in a close 52.1% to 47.9% win.

Meridian City Council District 3 seat saw Doug Taylor easily beat Bill Chandler, 70% to 30%.

Anne Little Roberts defeated Todd Ebeling 62.4% to 37.6% in the last Meridian City Council seat available, which was in District 5.

In the Star Mayor race, incumbent Trevor Chadwick won with the biggest margin of the night. He beat challenger Michele Miles by a wide 85% to 15% of the votes cast there.

For Eagle Fire Commissioner in District 2, voters elected Brian Simpson.

Kuna Fire Commissioner for District 1 results show a win by Becky Luther.

Star Fire Commissioner winner for District 1 is Jared Moyle, and for District 2 is Tim Murray.

Kuna School District trustee winners are Hillary Lowe, JD Grant, and Michael Thornton.

West Ada School District trustee winners are Lucas Baclayon, Dave Binetti, and Rene Ozuna.

This postcard was sent to voters in Ada County in reference to the Ada County jail expansion bond. Concerns have been raised about whether this literature violates Idaho campaign finance law by not disclosing who paid for and sent out the mailer. The postcard shows the logo for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office and encourages voters to visit a website that also displays the Ada County Sheriff’s Office logo, but the mailer does not specify the source of the funding or the party responsible.

It will be up to an Idaho judge to determine whether this mailer is problematic. Idaho Code 74-602 states,

“The legislature finds that it is against the public policy of the state of Idaho for public funds, resources or property to be used to advocate for or against a candidate or ballot measure.”

This bond to expand the Ada County jail required a 66.7% in favor in order to pass. The tally shows 68,799 voters, or 65.8% said yes, while 35,698 or 34.2% said no. The bond falls short of the needed amount by less than 1%.

The official results for all the races can be found here on the Ada County website.

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16 thoughts on “November 2023 Ada County Election Results

  1. Pathetic job you republicans did in Boise ! Worthless. You had a crap voter turnout and rewarded Mayor with a 2nd term. You lazy mom showing up turds are the reason the weird trans lovers are winning sits and ruining your community.

  2. Boise is just another democrat run shithole.

    The stupidity of voters is astounding – totally asleep at the wheel and casting votes to virtue signal.

    1. Ya, I really don’t get it.
      This is possibly the most partisan political era in history.
      There are NO “Blue Dog” democrats. They were driven out years ago. EVERY Democrat people vote for champions the exact same anti-American, toxic, evil, and anti-human agenda.
      We KNOW what Mclean wants based on the leak of her secret agenda. Do people think that she is somehow a ‘good’ Democrat and wouldn’t do everything that they do in CA, NY, etc., if given the chance?
      I also strongly feel that her housing agenda is the “15-minute city” agenda pushed by the UN and WEF.

      People simply do not yet grasp the situation this country is in and that one thing we can do to save this country is to NOT give Democrat/Deep State/Globalists power at ANY level.

      And the elections in Ada County need to be thoroughly investigated and cleaned up. If there are machines, there is cheating.

    1. I hope you are fighting to rectify that. All hands on deck is needed! We can support by going to meetings, meeting our reps (who are mis-representing us), calling our reps, calling the Ada Co elections office, calling the commissioners & demanding they get rid of the machines.

  3. So, the elections are nearly over and, yet again, a minority of voters have determined the future direction of many of our day- to-day activities, determined how our taxes are spent, much of what is taught in our schools, how our towns are designed, etc. You who voted made a difference, win lose, or draw. You who didn’t merely sink deeper into the realm of irrelevance. I will say from experience that it is far easier to govern when you represent an engaged group of citizens. It’s an exercise in the pathetic to try to govern those whose engagement consists merely of keyboard war, whining, threats and more. I appreciate that likely the vast majority in this platform vote, conduct civil discourse with elected officials (I do realize that hope is, perhaps, a stretch), attend public meetings, complete surveys that come out from your cities, highway districts, among others, and, in many available ways, participate in government.

    1. Sadly most Americans just don’t care nor realize what’s at stake. Tactical Civics is an organization that is trying to remedy that. Google it.

  4. Jefferson, you are absolutely correct in your comments. Voters get what they asked for. When the crap hits them in the face because of their stupidity watch them cry.

    1. Problem is I voted and still get the crap. I can’t believe after the recall attemp tge mayor was re elected in Boise.

      Sadly , may need to look for new home.

  5. Kent Goldthorpe is so correct. When WE THE PEOPLE don’t show up the respect shown to citizens by those in government becomes less and less. Accountability is a two-way street. Thanks to everyone that ran for an office—win or loose.


  6. I think we the people did show up. As much as is usual for elections. Can anyone prove that everyone voted in the historical past? I think it’s always been a percentage of the people who vote and we did have a decent turn out. BUT, it doesn’t matter who shows when there is election tampering. Until the computers are gone and the system is made tamper proof, you will always have a shift toward the progressive even when most of the voting base is conservative. Cheaters will always cheat.

  7. There are several factors to consider here:
    1) Out of approx. 300,000 registered voters in Ada County, only 109,000 bothered to vote! That is a disgrace!! I firmly believe that victory resides within the 200K voters that did not show up.
    2) Too many so-called Republican voters actually vote for Dems. I was in a debate with one of them yesterday and he was so wishy-washy that he claimed that Mayor McLean “wasn’t doing a great job…but wasn’t so terrible either”…..WTF!!! THAT is a huge problem in Boise.
    3) I assessed the breakdowns of Boise elections by ABSENTEE, EARLY and SAME DAY voters and easily found that there is a particularly lopsided amount of ABSENTEE (mail in) counts for McLean and the entire City Council incumbents and favs (Team McLean). I suspect ballot stuffing for sure!
    4) We need to dump the silly idea that we have “non-partisan” local races. They are VERY partisan! The old barb that “there is no Democrat or Republican way to pick up the trash…” is idiotic. I ask all of you…..IS there a liberal or conservative way to pick up the injection needles off the street all over the city? They are given out freely by Idaho Harm Reduction Project. Is there a liberal or conservative way to clean up human feces in Boise? How about graffiti? How about vandalism? The answer is that YES….there is a difference and we had better start voting like there is!
    5) Planned Parenthood- The pretty pink flyer that was sent out to Boise voters listed McLean and the entire Team McLean candidate list for their robot voters to activate. This isn’t about picking up the trash as far as I can tell….but purely political.
    6) Masterson was a weak candidate. The debate was his chance to expose how she handled COVID and many other topics left alone by Masterson. We need a fire in the belly opponent to take on this Cabal of Marxist whakos.
    We have ALOT of work to do!!!

  8. It would be nice if canyon county was listed, too. Also, if information were available for the entire state of Idaho on those running according to their district or zone or zip code. Nampa was so confusing, I study the wrong people because of lines being moved and changes due to the government. UGH

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