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Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes Faces Recall Effort

By • June 19, 2020

Last week, a group seeking to recall Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes formally submitted their petition to the city clerk. This began a process of verifying signatures and voter registration status. The latter task was undertaken by the Elmore County Election Clerk.

Following the completion of these verifications, a letter was issued informing those seeking the recall that they had 75 days (June 16, 2020, to August 31, 2020) to collect 1,256 signatures.

That number is 20 percent of the 6,277 qualified electors registered to vote within the city during the 2019 general election.

A Facebook Page promoting the recall has so far garnered 127 “Likes.”

The recall petition accuses the mayor of violating “freedom of speech” and “the right of assembly.” It also accuses him of misappropriating funds to build a private gym under the disguise of a training range for law enforcement” and then using “the facility while all other gyms in the city were ordered closed.”

It goes on to say, “Rich Sykes has proven to be arrogant in power and comfortable removing our constitutional rights.”

The claim in the recall petition regarding violating freedom of speech goes on to reference a controversy involving a “Last Chance Confidence Agreement” (see images below) that was sent to city firefighters in April of this year. The agreement demanded that they either resign or agree to a slate of demands including a promise to “never discuss or comment on any matter of disagreement between Firefighters of the Fire Department with the public, family, or any other person who is not a Firefighter with the Fire Department.”

Concerns have also been expressed about Sykes appointing himself to the Mountain Home Library Board.

A poll regarding the recall was recently posted on Mountain Home News. As of the publication of this article, 60% of those polled said they believed the recall effort would gather enough signatures to get a recall of Mayor Sykes onto the ballot.

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12 thoughts on “Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes Faces Recall Effort

    1. He is an excellent mayor, a very hard worker and forward thinker.

      This is a witch hunt by a select few that were mad he was elected for a second term.

      The newspaper poll is garbage.. the same person can vote each day…. over and over again.

  1. He has no place to be in this role of being mayor.He’s suppose to represent the people of the community.He doesn’t care about the community let alone his wife.He’s got the morals of a wife beater,makes you think what he’d do to the community!!

  2. This recall is absolutely ridiculous! I have lived in Mountain Home for over 25 years and he is the first Mayor to make a difference. He loves this town and wants the best for it. I truly believe that. Sounds to me that you have a bunch on snowflakes who don’t like change. He works harder than any Mayor I have seen…volunteers his time…and is part of numerous committees, always giving back. These trolls seeking recall are just miserable and unhappy people. They spread lies and hate and are a cancer to our community.

  3. What a waste of time this is! Who cares if he appointed himself to the library board? Perhaps people should wonder what’s going on at the library that would make him want to do that..? And why was the board so set on not having oversight? What are they hiding? And really this FD letter? Since when is it ok to disrespect your supervisor or employer? These are paid volunteers. They should have to respect the city. Obviously anyone who is against this letter hasn’t had a real job before. Sounds to me there have been issues within the department that may have forced these issues to come up in the first place. Want my opinion… get on the team or get off!! And the COVID nonsense. Do people not understand what is going on all over the world? Get over it. I feel sorry for this guy…doesn’t sound like he will ever make anyone happy. What a thankless job. For what it’s worth I think he does a great job and really wants to see our town grow! I am familiar with some of the people behind this recall and they all do absolutely nothing for our town or community. I don’t see them volunteer. I don’t see them try to make this a better place to live. All they do is complain and this is a personal vendetta. Grow up!
    Keep up the good work Mayor Sykes!!

  4. This is the biggest waste of time…I’m embarrassed for our community. This Mayor has done nothing but good for this community stepping up right away to help those in need during the height of the covid virus order! Promptly starting an anonymous food box for those in need and even taking his payment for his mayor duties to purchase food and items to be sure no one in our community went without…THIS is only the tip of the iceberg of the things he and his family do…all while the vile haters of this community continue to nit pic and bitch about trivial crap!
    Ungrateful pukes…that is all every single one of you are! YOU should be ashamed…you are the divide we DO NOT need in Mountain Home.
    Keep up the great work Mayor Sykes…OUR FAMILY SUPPORTS YOU and your efforts among the MUCK in this town!!

  5. My name is Samuel William Smith. I have lived in MH for 38 years. I have two BA’s, an MA, and a teaching certificate. I taught at-risk students at the alternative school from 2013-16. I agree with recalling Rich Sykes. If you want evidence of the situation MH finds itself in then look no further than Rich Sykes’s own social media presence and the musings of his supporters. Using blame, profanity, calling people ungrateful pukes and muck are just a few examples of why Rich Sykes is being recalled. His supporters mirror his behavior. In my opinion, Rich Sykes’s attempts at philanthropy do not outweigh his consistent record of political buffoonery.

    1. Can you provide specific links to these incidents, or are we just supposed to take your word for it because you have a few degrees?

      1. Contact Mayor Rich Sykes at the City of Mountain Home. You have my name. He can serve as a primary source. I will not detail my grievances with the man here, but I will relate that we had a great conversation about how long it would take Teddy Roosevelt to punch Donald Trump in the face for telling Billy Bush he likes to grab female genitalia. Rich Sykes can explain the context to you.

    2. So, your answer to my question is…. NO. No you do not have any specific links, photos, recordings, or anything of that sort that would show us him calling people “ungrateful pukes”, “using profanity” and “blaming others”… so basically you are just making shit up, like the rest of them, that have zero proof.. the majority of the naysayers have had their feelings hurt and are throwing tantrums to get their way.. the majority elected him once, reelected him for a second term and will continue to support him. Maybe you should throw your hat into the ring and run for Mayor… all of those degrees will look good on your resume.

      1. Sykes publicly stating his support for illegal aliens is enough for me to want him gone. That video has been out for awhile.

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