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Mountain Home Mayor Responds to Criticism Over Halloween Costume

By • November 8, 2021

Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes has responded to our request for a comment about his choice of a Halloween costume that some citizens had criticized as being in “poor taste.”

Sykes originally sent the email to Idaho Dispatch on November 2, but the email went to our spam folder. While Idaho Dispatch has updated the original article as well, because of the length of time in between articles and the comment not getting posted fast enough, we felt it was appropriate to put the comment as a separate article as well.

Below is the email response Sykes sent Idaho Dispatch on Nov. 2:

Thank you for reaching out and inquiring about Spooktacular and my costume. This event has become a long-time tradition for our Parks and Recreation Department. After last year’s drive-thru event, we were all ready to get back together and have a somewhat normal Halloween celebration. I could not thank everyone enough for their support of this event, and I think our Parks and Recreation staff knocked it out of the park. It was an extremely successful event with enjoyment all around. I am very proud of all the city staff that had a hand in making the event so successful.
When it came to choosing a costume theme for myself and city hall, it was decided that it was time to have some fun again. After two years of this horrible virus, I thought making light of the situation would bring joy and humor to the citizens, but also keep them aware that this virus is still among us. It was not meant to be malicious or have any ill-intent.
Unfortunately, “cancel culture” is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. This group likes to bully and censor many individuals into silence. The people that reached out are quite possibly the same ones that take offense that I pack my gun on my hip every day. This group finds it offensive that I love my conservative values, and I believe in God and country first. It breaks my heart that our citizens, children, and our children’s children are having to deal with these bullies as well. This group will not bully me into silence over a costume. I do not believe that I should be bullied and canceled over my costume choice. Just as I believe in the second amendment right, and that every American has the right to their choice on what they wear.
We took Spooktacular downtown to have plenty of room for citizens to social distance if they choose to. COVID-19 is still very much a problem in our country and especially in our community. I have fought the Covid-19 battle myself and we have lost some city family members to this horrible virus. I also believe that everyone has the right to choose what is best for their family when it comes to the vaccine. I do not believe in mandates or the government making those decisions for our citizens or for me for that matter.
Again, thank you for reaching to get the other side of the story. COVID-19 is still very much a problem in our country and community and my personal costume choice was not made with ill-intent, but to bring a little humor, joy, and awareness to the citizens of Mountain Home. I thank you once more and have a phenomenal day.
What do you think of Sykes’ response? Let us know in the comments below.
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13 thoughts on “Mountain Home Mayor Responds to Criticism Over Halloween Costume

  1. Cancel Culture has killed Comedy- I’m glad the mayor is standing up and calling it out as it is. If we can’t laugh whats the point. Super Awesome he slid the fact that he is 2nd amendment in there. support this response 100%

  2. There is nothing funny about CANCELED CULTURE! It’s a sick society we live in. Should be fighting for a Healthy, moral, safe and loving culture, for me it makes me sick to see what’s happening

  3. He should know about cancel culture…. he is a huge part of it as he cancels the culture of Mountain Home by changing the structure and history of this small town. His stated goal is to make MoHo into another Caldwell…. where he came from with his wife. He is single handedly changing the structure and feel of our downtown. He is destroying and modifying historical features.


  4. his quote, “Just as I believe in the second amendment right, and that every American has the right to their choice on what they wear.” Mayor Rich Sykes, If you truly believe this then it would be safe to say you believe every American has the right to their choice on what they put in THEIR bodies. SO DO SOMETHING AND STOP THE MANDATES PLEASE…Or is that where you draw the line?

    1. He only makes choices that benefit him. He once said he would have HIS law enforcement officers pull over any vehicles without Elmore plates and make them leave town to keep the virus from coming into Mountain Home. Hows that for freedom?

  5. This guy sounds like a typical narcissist. He deflects his own culpability by touting how he saved the celebration and how he loves the Second Amendment. The fact remains that he is insensitive to the families that have lost loved ones to Covid-19. He has no business holding a public office.

  6. It was a Halloween Costume. If it hurt your little feelers I’m sure California, Washington, Oregon, or New York would love to have you…. Back.

    1. He’s a douchebag. He only brought up the cancel culture and second amendment rights to move the attention off his miserable fail. I am NOT a sissy whiny baby whose feelings get hurt when someone says something insensitive but in this case people have buried loved ones, I buried my mom Sept. 28th 2021, and this was totally inapropriate. FYI I’m a home grown Idahoan.

  7. Who cares he wore a Covid costume… it’s Halloween, ya know, the dramatic BS stuff.

    We’ve wore a Covid diaper on our face for 2 years. But he can’t wear a Covid looking diaper for the dress up holiday of the year? You people are fruit loops. Who gives a shit he wore a Covid costume. If you don’t like it, then do away with Halloween HAHAHA ALWAYS something for the egg brains to cry about, one wrong freed expression and there brain scrambles. Crybabies .

  8. One more thing.

    We had to deal with those wacko Libs give us the weird stink eye like a paranoid psychotic prisoner because we chose to not be afraid of 98% survival rate and not mask up the last 1 1/2 IN public, that’s all there life has been about. EVERYTHING COVID. And now you’re telling me he can’t dress up on the one mockery night of the year as what they pushed for 1 1/2 years ? Give me a break. This makes me want to dress up Like Biden next year, with blood on my hands, a hole in my foot, the green Covid bubble, a sign that says I’m stupid, a let’s go Brandon badge, and best of all, a sticker that says. Vote like
    You’re life depends on it LoLLLLLL these lefty folks are such tools and followers. And another thing. Time to oust Boise Mayor Biden ! There should be a Democrat voter registered tax in Idaho !

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