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Meridian ‘Park Mom’ to Have Hearing on July 26 with Motion to Dismiss on the Table

By • June 5, 2022

Sara Brady, known as the “Park Mom” by some, will have a hearing on July 26 with her attorney filing a motion to dismiss the case.

Brady was previously arrested at a park in Meridian during the Covid-19 lockdown in late April 2020. Brady was later charged with trespassing, to which she pleaded “not guilty.”

During her time at the park, Brady argued with a police officer who was trying to clear the playground area and told Brady to leave. The officer began counting down from five and as he was counting down, Brady turned around, put her hands behind her back, and told the officer to arrest her.

The officer did arrest Brady as she was standing in the bark of the playground. Brady never got on the equipment itself.

The city of Meridian had closed all of its park playground equipment at the time it said because of concerns over the spread of Covid-19.

City officials had taped off the playground area but the tape was taken down by citizens who had gone to the park. Brady previously said that she did not take the tape down and that by the time she had arrived at the park the tape was already down.

Idaho Dispatch spoke with Brady recently about the upcoming court date and asked her about her thoughts on the length of time it has taken to get to this point in the legal process. Here is what Brady told us,

What people need to understand is that I’m married to a police officer, and have been his entire career of 20 years. Because of this, I’m more familiar with the system and how it works than the average person. I know homicide and child abuse cases my husband has been involved in that have taken less time to be prosecuted than my case.

So, coming into this situation I thought my right to a speedy trial would cause my case to be done in six months. Now, here I am two years later, and there is no end in sight. Most of us never thought, especially in Idaho, that a bad cold would supersede our constitutional rights, but I’ve personally watched my rights being violated this entire time.

Brady also told Idaho Dispatch she was hopeful that her case would be dismissed.

Here is what Brady said regarding the case itself and her chances of success:

My lawyers have laid out in extreme detail how the City of Meridian violated the constitutional rights of the moms and children who were at the park that day.

They have also laid out In detail how Idaho’s criminal trespass statute was never meant to be used to punish activities on public property, open to the public. One part that stuck out to me is that the attorney general’s office wrote an opinion letter back in 2018 when the new trespassing law was passed that explained how the new law didn’t apply to public property, like parks!

Part of me is hopeful the case will be dismissed, but I also have a part of me that wants to take this to trial to expose this farce for what it is. This case is only still going on because of RINO politicians like Lawrence Wasden, and Meridian city and police leadership. I hope the facts of this case can be shared to as many people as possible so they can see what parts of Idaho’s juridical system are corrupt.

Idaho Dispatch asked Brady if there was anything else she wanted to say about the case. She responded,

I regret not asking Sgt. Fiscus, who is a supervisor, why he was threatening me with arrest when I was is simply standing in an open area of the park, redressing my grievances, and protesting the closure of a playground when many other places were open.

At the time of the arrest, some citizens commented that the police and city were out of line for the arrest. Some citizens argued that the state should have dropped the case.

Other citizens said that Brady deserved to be arrested for being in an area of the park the city had shut down. Additionally, some citizens said that Brady told the officer to arrest her and that “she got what she asked for and deserved.”

Idaho Dispatch asked both attorney general candidates, Raul Labrador (R) and Steve Scanlin (D), if they believe the state should drop the case. Neither has responded to our request for comment at this time.

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18 thoughts on “Meridian ‘Park Mom’ to Have Hearing on July 26 with Motion to Dismiss on the Table

  1. Idaho Law Enforcement must spend their time on criminal activities, we will support this.
    Idaho Law Enforcement must not be tempted to act on political agendas brought forth by politicians and/or entrenched bureaucrats.

    1. Our politicians and government employees are no more that a taxpayer funded crime gang. The police are no more that sub human fecal matter.

  2. Any civil arrests surrounding unconstitutional Covid restrictions should be dropped and, in some cases, I’d like to see victims sue. Not just in Idaho, but nationally. I still recall a mom at son’s game being dragged off bleachers for not wearing a mask. Outrageous.

    1. We must rid the nation of our politician, government employee and military crime gang . they not only bankrupted the U.S.A. but also are destroying out rights.

  3. I applaud this Mom for standing up to this silly charade called covid. A grotesque over-reaction and the trampling of innumerable people’s rights over a flu. This officer should have used discretion and common sense considering the gravity of this incident. It appears to have been lacking in this case.

    After this is over a civil rights violation lawsuit is in order.

  4. The officer had two choices, arrest her or leave her be. His orders would dictate arrest which is the fundamental issue here. The knee jerk reaction by our elected ones over COVID must never happen again. We the people need to see to that end.

  5. First off. What idiot in the government thought you could catch Covid outside in the open air? Changes/percentages of that happening are less than .005%.

    Second: Everyone knew at the time, this was a power/control issue and the police department went along with it. Shades of Communist controlled China/Russia. The Left wanted to see how many citizens were willing to be controlled if they were scared enough. We found out and Americans lost their common sense and their First Amendment Rights.

    Our Rally cry now should be, NEVER AGAIN! Never again will we allow the govt. to shut us in our homes, close our parks and destroy small businesses because of fear.

  6. The tentacles of EVIL are being spread further and much wider. Everyone I know is aware of the world wide situation. Especially in America. The American Citizen is have a new “fence post” established daily, that will affect your personal; Identity, living conditions, health, well being. It is just taking longer in America. As we know some countries already operate with these conditions. The efforts of this started, At least in my recollection approximately 70 years ago.

    1. We should ban together quickly and efficiently in order to cut these “Evil Testicles” off immediately…..Oh, correction “Evil Tentacles”.

  7. What an embarrassing couple years for Meridian PD. Targeting mothers is not a good look for the department. They should answer for their unlawful arrest of Miranda and Marissa. Our governor should answer for the improper use of force and feckless agencies who carry out these acts. Little said he stands behind CPS, police, courts to carry out justice. Then when cases are dismissed he does not hold any of his esteemed agencies accountable. Why? How can Idahoans trust any of these agencies when they clearly are abusing powers? The Anderson family CPS case was dismissed as well as Miranda’s case. No reprimand of any departments has occurred. Now Sara awaits a two-year long politically motivated hearing all at the hands of meridian PD. Women are targeted by these thugs and the men in leadership positions in Idaho are cowardly looking on. Shameful.

  8. I hope she wins this fiasco created by our spineless RINO Governor. And I hope that those who directed and enforced this unconstitutional brown shirt tactic get fired. Unfortunately this unforgettable situation occurred all across our state. They all need to lose their coveted positions on enforcement. The CONSTITUTION actually works, USE it and FOLLOW it. NO POLITICAL FOOTBALL LOCKDOWNS!

  9. We get the system we deserve. After being overseas for 26 years and coming back in 2019 alls I can say is how disgusting this entire nation has become.

    The police are nothing more than a revenue-collecting agency for a corrupt system. They will continue to steal from us until we have nothing.

  10. Having the officer count down from “five” is akin to a parent threatening a five-year-old child, by counting down from five. Ridiculous. Furthermore, having local entities create laws that Gov. Little allowed because he could escape the wrath of citizens — goes beyond the pale. Yet voters reelected Little. This case should have been dismissed the next day. Closing a park due a faux disease with 98% recovery rate does NOT supersede the U.S. Constitution.

  11. The Meridian cops could have just said to “Park Mom,” “Give me your youngest and be on your way!”

  12. This entire fiasco was the result of giving way too much credence to the so-called “health experts” that drove policies during the Covid Sham Plan. We need REAL law enforcement leaders that will refuse to enforce these sham ordinances. We also need statesmen from our community to call out the obvious malarky passing as sound “science” and “protective” protocols and the Media celebrities that push them on us. There used to be a time when local newspapers would print op-eds from sensible people but now the Wokeness prevents a healthy dialogue.

  13. March 2020, Little went down to Gowen Field to speak of his enforcements of his restrictions on the citizens of this state. He stood next to a high ranking military official wearing fatigues. When reporters asked Little, if deadly force would be used to “encourage” the people to comply, he would not answer. All he said was something about peer pressure being the first tool to utilize for compliance.
    The end result of all the rulings are that we have a more sickly (if still alive) population. It has been found that a high percentage of people now have plastic particles in their lungs from wearing disposable masks. Plus, many other negative health effects of their rulings.

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