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March for Our Lives Calls for ‘End to Gun Violence’ at Idaho Capitol

By • June 13, 2022

March for Our Lives organized a rally at the capitol building in Idaho on Saturday to call for an “end to gun violence.”

Approximately 200 individuals attended the event in support of March for Our Lives. A crowd of roughly 85 counter-protesters, organized by the Idaho Liberty Dogs, was across the street from the Jefferson Steps.

Speakers at the event called for lawmakers to act to protect kids in schools. Some of the speakers said they are scared when they attend school.

March for Our Lives has called for better mental health and varying forms of gun control.

Some of the gun control the group is advocating for is a national gun registry. Additionally, the group says on their website they are also advocating for,

…a ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other weapons of war; policies to disarm gun owners who pose a harm risk; and a national gun buy-back program to reduce the estimated 265–393 million firearms in circulation by at least 30%.

The rally came at a time when a group of bi-partisan U.S. Senators has been negotiating on potential gun control measures, in addition to potential legislation for addressing mental health.

No reports of arrests were made, and several videos Idaho Dispatch reviewed online showed individuals from both sides debating the issue, but no altercations were observed. Idaho Dispatch did not see any reports from the Boise P.D. on arrests made at the event.

If you have any additional information about the event, please email Idaho Dispatch at

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14 thoughts on “March for Our Lives Calls for ‘End to Gun Violence’ at Idaho Capitol

  1. Hmmm, a national gun registry, what are the chances that anyone on that list is targeted? I see a big problem with the ability for political opponents leaking out names and addresses of anyone of this list. Just imagine what banks, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, school districts, etc etc will get forced into “coming down” on anyone who appears on this list.

    1. Indeed our politicians and government employees are a crime gang which I consider the true enemy of the Nation. look at what they do.

  2. How ridiculous. By the way when we all showed up to protest vaxx mandates… no coverage anywhere. Here we’ve got idiots wanting to remove guaranteed rights and there are articles in every Idaho paper.
    F your gun restrictions.
    Secure the schools.

  3. What people do not realize is that number one, the 2nd Amendment is a GOD GIVEN right, not a privilege as in other nations. Number two, to revoke/rescind the 2nd would take a huge amount of congressional actions, such as a Constitutional Convention…which again, is highly unlikely. Third, the country is SATURATED with weapons (thank God) and they know that they will never be about to just go around and “grab the guns”.

    What will happen is that they will either tax you out of ownership or starve you out. In five years from now there will be food trucks going around neighborhoods with loud speakers announcing food rations for your family if you turn in your guns.

  4. That’s certainly a broad cross section of Idaho residents, maybe as much as .00000000000000000001% of the population that holds those views.

  5. Ban assault weapons: Well, anything can be used for assault. Does that mean everything is banned?
    Ban high-capacity magazines: What is high? Whatever you say it is and thus everything?
    Ban weapons of war: In war, everything is a weapon, does that mean ban everything?
    Pose a harm risk: All humans pose a risk of harm, does that mean no one is allowed guns?
    Gun buy-back: You don’t sell guns, so who are you buying them back from?

    1. Assault weapon is a term the low IQ tv watchers recognize. Tv watchers are the most uninformed people on Earth.

  6. 200 paid protesters gather and make the news. No bias there…
    Violence of ANY form will only be ended when the Lord returns…not by any phoney gun legislation disguised as “for the children”. If they cared about “the children” then abortions would stop!

  7. Another man cannot take away a right bestowed upon every man at birth by God. Men are not greater than God. That being said, any man who asks permission to exercise a God-given right, makes himself a slave.

  8. Mental health once again. They always blame it on the rain when they should be watching the weather pattern caused by folks like
    JOE Biden that create the flash flooding.

    Another reason all teachers in Idaho should be packing , to protect our children from loonies.

  9. When guns were restricted in England, the people prone to bar fights started using broken drinking glasses so, the bars started serving drinks in plastic glasses. In our country certain racial groups attack those not in their group with the “knock down game”. A democrat president gave guns to the cartels during Fast and Furious. With government involved, of any country, gun laws are not meant to keep citizens safer.
    Every single school shooter has had serious home stability issues and they all have the look of being on psychotropic drugs. Availability of guns has zero to do with their ability to kill off people

  10. I ain’t no rocket scientist here folks but what if we stopped teaching children they are victims and the world owes them everything without having to sacrifice anything for it? Stop teaching them they are really gay and or need sex changes. If I were a child these days, I would have a ton of anger to blow off. Hell, I’m angry just hearing about this degenerate idiology, let alone having by to live it personally. .

  11. 200 agitators from District 19 et al that will never understand ANYTHING about the true history of the USA. They live in their Bloomberg Bubble of coddled serenity while being “oppressed” by the existence of inanimate devices that they can’t comprehend.

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