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Lt. Governor McGeachin Says Humphreys’ Debate Challenge a ‘Political Stunt’

By • December 8, 2021

Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin has responded to the debate challenge by fellow Republican challenger Ed Humphreys.

Humphreys did a “Christmas Challenge” where he said one donor would donate $10,000 to charity if McGeachin would debate him in a debate moderated by 580 KIDO radio host Kevin Miller. When Humphreys sent Idaho Dispatch the Press Release regarding the debate, he said that donors had upped the amount to $25,000.

Earlier today, McGeachin responded to Humphreys with a social media post with the title, “A gubernatorial debate without Brad Little is a political stunt.”

The post goes on to say (emphasis added by the McGeachin campaign),

“Janice is laser focused on beating RINO Brad Little. Our campaign has internal polling to suggest Janice is the clear front-runner amongst conservatives and is the only one with a path to victory.

In fact, our polling shows Ammon (3%) and Ed (1%) combined only garner 4% support.

These poll results were even before the Huge Trump Endorsement for Janice.

We encourage these gentlemen to help unify the conservative voice and rally behind our campaign to restore freedom and liberty in Idaho.

What do you think of the debate challenge from Humphreys?

Should McGeachin accept the debate, or was she right to turn it down if it does not include Governor Brad Little? It should be noted that Little has not officially announced a re-election bid.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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55 thoughts on “Lt. Governor McGeachin Says Humphreys’ Debate Challenge a ‘Political Stunt’

  1. Damn she is ducking the competition!! Could it be because when it comes down to speaking on her beliefs about the proper roll of government she is a blubbering fool? The only reason she seems appealing to anybody is because Brad has set the bar so low. Listen to her, has she really thought this through? Is she anchored in liberty? Ammon would destroy her in any type of debate forum.

      1. I read it and it still sounds like she’s avoiding a debate. Is she hoping the Trump endorsement will be enough to get her over?

        I would like to see them all there for a debate but will watch any and all debates so I can hopefully choose the best person to replace the failure we have now.

    1. Dearest Mario,
      She never ducks! Kevin Miller said earlier that he supported Ed. So he is pushing the idea. Every single idea that Janice McGeachin proposed poor, pitiful Ed has picked up. Ed has his bots everywhere so if we find your name on the donor or volunteer list what should we assume???

  2. When is the final day for Little, or anyone else to announce they are running? After that is when any and all debates should occur. I have no dog in this fight, as I now reside in Arizona, and will be involved in removing the Rinos and scum from this State. Whom will be the next Governor of Idaho, Little shouldn’t be a consideration in my view. Just my view as a former voting Resident of Idaho for 50 years. Oh, and if this Donor has that kind of money, donate it
    to a charity without “strings” attached. Smells of “buying” influence, in my personal view.

  3. I do think that the Three of them need to gang up on Little to expose his true weakness and corruption, it will benefit all Idahoans to make sure he is never re-elected to represent Idaho. Then, let the chips fall where they may with the three challengers. They all three have merit and great platforms, we will see what is most important for Idaho, by who wins, obviously.

  4. It makes sense that Little hasn’t been invited since he hasn’t announced a candidacy. I would love to see this debate and as many others as can be had, because that is where you really get a feel for what a candidate stands for. It is very difficult to know their positions based on news articles, etc.
    One comment- I do not think it is a bad move to do this for charity. I feel it is a creative way to encourage the Lt. Gov. to participate in a debate, which is a normal move for any candidate to office, and benefit some charities at the same time. Please do it and then do another one with Bundy, and others with other candidates.

    1. Monique, who is deciding on the the charity??
      Ammon Bundy should be there also. Is Ed able to hold his own? He has folded before when confronted and then gets really nasty. See an early show with Nate Shelman asking him about his drug use. Do you hear Ed on the topic of saving our children from overdoses or the Dem Green Bus man who wants to legalize marijuana, etc.?
      Who is the ventriloquist behind Ed???? Send in the name of your donor, please!

      1. Typical left ideology: attack to skirt around real issues. Nate Shelman was completely out of line. We wanted to hear Ed’s vision, and he literally sent Ed packing. It did not reflect on Ed; it reflected on the shallowness of Nate Shelman.
        Ed is well-versed, and conservative on all issues, and not afraid to attack each issue in a very conservative, pragmatic way.

        Bundy appears to be a one-issue candidate, and McGeachin does not want to debate because she is incapable of prevailing in a dabate. Plus, she is getting very chummy with Bedke, who also needs to be booted out. I am going with the knowledgeable outsider who wants to clean up this horrible mess in the state of Idaho.
        Janice: please debate and convince me why I should vote for you.


        1. Well versed Ed is right, too well versed in my opinion. Too smooth. Came out of the blue. An outsider. Janice is my pick although I would love to see any debate!

        2. How ignorant can you possibly be? You say “Bundy appears to be a one-issue candidate,” so which of the 23 issues he lists in his Keep Idaho Idaho Plan is the “one issue” you speak of? Ed likewise has at least 4 major issues in his plan. JANICE HAS NO PLAN AT ALL. And who cards if Idaho is red or not. It already is red (meaning its Republican). But Idaho Republicans have showed us they are liberal RINOs. So how about “MAKE IDAHO CONSERVATIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME” instead of the ridiculous “Make Idaho Red Again.”

  5. Janice made the right decision. Ed Humphrey is not a conservative any more than Tommy Alguist was. Humphreys’ sole purpose is to siphon conservative votes away from Janice to make her more difficult for her to beat Rino Little as Alquist did for Little. Although I admired Ammons’ stand for his Dad in Arizona, his occupation of the bird refuge in Oregon was just a show to get personal glory and TV time. All did there was get a good man killed by the FBI

  6. I like Janice, but I would like to remind her that her executive orders were also called political stunts.

    1. Called, but were NOT stunts. She acted within the office she held at the time. It is only those that felt threatened that referred to them as “stunts.”

      1. Writing executive orders which she KNEW would be repealed within days did nothing but give her publicity and needlessly exercise Capitol staff. There was zero chance of her making any lasting change and she knew that. They were most certainly stunts and a waste of time and effort.

        1. Ah, but it showed her values, showed Little’s values, and got her the publicity she needs in order to let the people of Idaho know who she is. Smart like a fox.

          1. She had the authority and acted legally and responsible siblings within the will of Idahoans the second she could. The stunt was Little retracting them

  7. I agree with Janice’s decision. Humphreys seems desperate with this offers. He has gained little traction with Idahoans and this move appears very manipulative. I am so glad she stood her ground.

  8. Who is providing the funding? Is it an Idaho resident, an IACI member?

    Ed Humphreys is friends with Victor Miller, Victor Miller is friends with Tom Luna, Tom Luna is friends with snakes!

  9. That’s rich coming from the queen of political stunts! The difference is, her response just makes her sound as detached & entitled as Emporer Little. Even her most ardent supporter has to admit she’s not a strong speaker – passionless & uninspired – whether on Tucker Carlson or her own campaign launch. The faxt is she knows she’d be exposed on a stage with Ammon & Ed & her entitled thinking will just guarantee another Little term. If she’s not willing to take on these 2, what makes us think she’s actually going to act against the Rino establishment in our state?

    1. Oh, that is really funny. Only those threatened by her call them stunts. She also stated clearly why she would not. You do not know any fact [sic].

      1. But her reason is B.S. Steven. She’s a coward, plain and simple. She has not agenda, no plan, no ability to articulate, and no hope of inspiring a single soul to support her. The truth be told is she’s only smart in this sense…she has nothing to gain and everything to lose in a debate. She would be absolutely demolished in a debate by anybody including Brad Little. And thats saying something.

  10. Curious to know what Janice’s #’s were in that same poll:
    1.) Ammon 3%
    2.) Ed 1%
    3.) Janice_____???

    Seems odd this was not included.

    1. The poll I saw and partook in, Bundy was by far the highest at over 60% and Janice was about 32% and all the rest were even under that, so not sure who did the polling they are talking about.

      1. Thank you, hopefully The Idaho Dispatch will relay current polling, maybe once per week? This would really help, especially if no one is going to debate.

  11. Humphreys sure has a lot of money to throw around for a former drug addict who came out of no where! Could his support be from the Idaho 97 Project?

  12. Pull up Ed Humphreys Interview on July 8 with Nate Shelman
    Listen to the end where Humphreys will not answer a question referring to his past drug use and walked off the show. He cannot and will not answer tough questions.This guy has zero experience to run a state. Look at his background and do the research. Janice is right on by not debating Humphreys. She has nothing to gain. Also she was Endorsed by President Trump.

  13. McGeachin is a snake waiting to devour innocent Idaho people for power. She’s hungry for power and will stop at nothing to get that power.
    Some say it’s because she has the backbone to challenge the Democrats, snakes have no backbone.
    Idaho needs a person who cares about Idahoans way of life and that doesn’t believe in blindsiding or playing dirty to get what they want. McGeachin Will never get my vote.

  14. McGeachin already feeling quite entitled I see. Id vote Bundy or Humphreys before her.

    My prediction with Janice,.is pretty much more of the same. Big party politician.

    Give us the outsiders!

  15. I would like to see them all in one debate, but “Brandon Do Little Too Little” won’t agree to that. Sans that, since we already know what kind of snake politician we have in Little, I do think we should see a debate that has all 3 challengers participating so we can evaluate them in real time, side-by-side.

    I have met Ed Humphreys. He is young, has little experience in government, but he sure is fired up and has some very good insights and ideas. He is absolutely not afraid to challenge the status quo, and he is a disruptor. I also think he is a quick learner who would get a grasp of things at the Capitol quickly. Whatever his past may hold, I think he has grown up and moved on from that. I don’t think there is a single person out there who does not have some kind of negative past behavior that others cannot criticize in some way, so I will not hold his past against him. I think Ed will be a force to be reckoned with in Idaho politics in the future regardless of what happens with the race for governor.

    I have met Ammon Bundy. A very pleasant surprise indeed. He is older, has more life and business experience, and definitely knows how to fight a corrupt government because of what was done to him and his family on their ranch. What the government did to the Bundys, and the family in Oregon, was pure evil. Talking with him, and listening to what he had to say, was a positive experience. But, does he have the ability to take on the Idaho Swamp? He is a fighter for sure, he has some good ideas, good insights, and seems to be a very measured and mature person. If I had to choose between him and Ed right this second, my vote would be for Ammon Bundy.

    I have yet to meet / hear Janice McGeachin. From what I can see, though, she is already in the Idaho Swamp, she knows how it works, and she certainly has made few friends at our Capitol. But, even though she has had enough “cajones” to speak out against Little on key issues like the shutdown and the mandates, I actually don’t put much stock in the endorsement from Pres. Trump. It won’t affect my evaluation of her as a future governor. Incidentally, I am infuriated that Pres. Trump also endorsed Crapo (now there’s a RINO that should be term-limited if there ever was one). Janice McGeachin needs to be evaluated on her own merits.

    So.. I say get them all on stage… let them debate, let’s see how they do. That may give us, the constituents, the opportunity to make up our minds and get behind a single candidate to oust RINO Brandon Little.

  16. Speaking of debates, I like this one right here, for starters!

    Strongly disagreeing with a few of the comments, some strong favorites are those of Steven, C. Scott, John Barratt, Jen, David Pettinger, Hal Reinholtz, and Johnny!

    Can we ALL get serious? Whether or not Janice is a “strong, inspired and impassioned speaker is NOT what’s mainly on trial here. What IS on trial is personal honor and integrity, and strict CONSTITUTIONAL LOYALTY AND ADHERENCE.

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Ed Humphreys would not be the first well-groomed pretty face to appear suddenly on the political stage, saying and doing exactly “all the right things.”

    Bottom line: Both Humphreys and Bundy are untried newbies in the political field. ONLY Janice has the established record of state-wide service…..and if these other two had the necessary HUMILITY and spirit of dedication, they’d each be calling forth their respective followers to unite FOR THE WIN behind Janice McGeachin!

    1. So in other words, someone has to be apart of the swamp in order to be eligible? It doesn’t take very long in office for people to start getting compromised.

    2. Just because Janice has ” the established record of state-wide service” (whatever that means), she does NOT have the support of the majority of the Legislature and they have actually worked against her. Janice supporters keep touting her “record,” but I have have looked and fail to see how Idahoans have benefitted from her “record.” She had to know all this time who the RINOs were, but heard nary a peep about any of them in 2019 or 2020, until Little started showing his true colors. Her former legislative record fails to convince me that she was a true spark for ensuring liberties for Idahoans. And if any of her fans had watched her interviews after her stunts when Little left town, they would see that she favors the rights of businesses to make their own rules, even at the expense of employee liberties. Time for the outsiders to run the show.

    3. Carol, you couldn’t demonstrate a greater level of ignorance if you tried.

      Ed and Ammon are both “newbies” to politics, that’s true. But political experience just teaches you how to be political. That means that Janice is the most RINO of the 3. She is the one who knows how to bow and to compromise. And her history proves it. Brad Little has plenty of political experience, so does Scott Bedke. That’s what you’re promoting when you promote “experience.” Ronald Reagan was a “newbie” before he became Governor. And so was Donald Trump.

      As for “strict CONSTITUTIONAL LOYALTY AND ADHERENCE”? You couldn’t possibly be talking about Janice, could you? The same woman who voted against Campus Carry? And then voted in favor of keeping the State of Idaho in charge of liquor sales? And then voted to give illegals driver’s licenses? The same woman who welcomed government largesse in excess of $300k? The same woman who couldn’t even lead in her own business by staying open during covid and showed us all how to comply with government mandates? The same woman who refused to obey the law and keep meetings open to the public, and then after she got sued, she tried to force the taxpayers to pay for her error? That Janice?

      The same Janice who did nothing while our constitutional rights were stripped away from us? And please don’t give me this crap about her writing an executive order. That was the greatest political stunt of all. It did nothing, was nothing, and accomplished nothing. And that is Janice’s highest achievement, she does nothing! She accomplishes nothing. But she is always there to take a picture for the cameras to fool her ignorant followers into thinking she did something. Look at her actual record as Lt Gov during the covid nonsense. She accomplished nothing!

      Vote for her, she will lose. She is the spoiler who will give you Brad Little for 4 more years. It will be 100% her fault. And you will deserve the California-ized Idaho that comes as a result of 4 more years of RINO leadership because you were too blind and too arrogant to vote for candidates who could actually change Idaho. Straight down the line, Ed and Ammon are better candidates than Janice on every front. Ammon is better than them all. He is nearly a perfect candidate and that is why he won’t win. Because Idahoans are too stupid to vote for the candidate that can save them. They will keep voting for losers who get nothing done.

  17. Debates are NORMAL. Us voters have the right to verify whom we want to cast vote for. as of now my vote is going to Janice, but I do not like how she’s side stepping this debate. I want to hear ALL debates …ya scared ? Let’s see these polling’s. I’ve Asked Greg numerous times to get a polling going as well.

    Amon, sorry sir. But you will not win. And your doing nothing but taking needed bread from the table. If you want the best for Idaho Step out so we can beat Too Little Too Late !

    1. Gus, I agree with you that Ammon won’t win. But probably for different reasons. Why do you think that? I say Ammon won’t win because his stances are pure and constitutional and Idahoans are weak RINOs who love people like Butch Otter. But Ammon has published polls that show him beating Janice. He even won the Gem State Patriot poll by a lot.

  18. Making excuses to not debate and taking Federal c-relief money for her personal business both bother me about Janice. I was for her 100% until I heard Ammon speak. She keeps pushing me away even though I desperately want to support her. I need a debate to know which little challenger I’m going to vote for. Without any debates among them, I’m going for Bundy. Only a debate may change my mind.

  19. I’d like to see a debate (moderated by Kevin Miller) that includes all the declared candidates for Governor…including the Brad Little.

  20. Janice is clearly an entitled politician who believes she can win votes by name and endorsement alone. How is this better than Little? She cannot honor her constituents by participating in a debate and humbly asking for our votes. Shameful.

    Ed is also not being completely honest and transparent with Idahoans. He would not finish a media interview he agreed to because he didn’t like the questions. Again, this is not a strong approach to winning votes of Idahoans. This debate stunt left out a declared candidate – one that would have brought even more funds to area nonprofits. This speaks volumes. Ed sees Ammon as competition.

  21. A debate without all the Republican candidates including little Brad is nothing more than a political stunt. It does nothing for the voters. Stop with the games and grow up. We have enough problems with the RINO’s in the Legislature, Let alone games being played by the candidates for Governor. The people of Idaho deserve better.

  22. 1. I find it interesting that there is no interest in debating liberal Brad Little, but rather the one person in government who has been fighting Little’s unconstitutional mandates and emergency orders.

    2. Who is behind the charity monies?

    3. Is Ed really a part of the Little campaign trying to take down McGeachin, while Little waits safely in the wings?

    4. McGeachin cozy with Speaker Scott Bedke? Laughable.

    5. Here is another consideration… Ed Has never held an elected office and wants to be governor. McGeachin has 10 years experience in the Legislature and three yrs as Lt. Gov. McGeachin know where the “system” is broken and has the experience to fix it if given the chance.

    Final- McGeachin should debate Ed when graduate schools start admitting children who have not graduated from elementary school.

  23. I look forward to any and all debates, but any debate by these candidates at this early stage in the game is silly.

    With a hat tip to the late Rush Limbaugh: many events that will be most concerning to the electorate that will impact the May 2022 primaries–to say nothing of the events impacting the general election in November–have not yet happened. Several issues will still resonate heading into the primary, but anyone who thinks there aren’t equal or greater concerns/events headed our way between now and the primary and between now and the general election–well, might I respectfully suggest that you have not been paying attention?

  24. Her excuse may be valid except she pulled stunts when Little was out of state that he reversed as soon as he returned, not once but twice (would have thought that she might have learned a lesson after the first time). So she is accusing Mr. Humphries of doing exactly what she did do earlier this year. Now while not a Little fan, am very concerned that with 5 folks (4 of them are conservative), it will split the vote even further apart than 4 years ago when there was 3 running, and Little will end up the winner.

    1. It’s one thing for Little to have failed to make the executive orders himself. It’s another entirely to remove one in place. She made him show his hand which got several idahoans more involved to push him and his ilk out. Call it a stunt if you will but it was a stunt with results. The debate at this point is just showboating. I’m all for a debate 2-4 weeks before primary. Right before but with room for facts and considerations to air out before the vote.

  25. Absolutely a political stunt on Humprheys part. All candidates should be included in a debate. Humprheys needs to answer his own questions instead of saying I’m not answering that because that’s a stupid question. In a debate he will probably say the same. Not answering is not being transparent and We need someone who will be transparent in office. He isn’t trustworthy since he’s dodging answering questions. Listen to the link of his interview. If he really were for the people he would answer the questions in order to help others who are in the same boat he proclaims he was in so they could see hope and find help. Listen to the interview:

  26. Absolutely a political stunt on Humprheys part. All candidates should be included in a debate. Humprheys needs to answer his own questions instead of saying I’m not answering that because that’s a stupid question. In a debate he will probably say the same. He isn’t trustworthy since he’s dodging answering questions. Listen to the link of his interview. If he really were for the people he would answer the questions in order to help others who are in the same boat he proclaims he was in so they could see hope and find help. Listen to the interview:

  27. why isn’t anybody asking Janice about her infidelity? GO AHEAD ASK HER ABOUT IT PUBLICLY AND LET HER RESPOND. it is well known she cheated on her husband years ago and that is why she dropped out of politics. Brad little knows this and so do know most insiders. if Janice cant even be trusted be her own husband how can she be trusted by idahoans?

    Ed Humphreys paid for the abortion of his own child and Ammon Bundy got arrested many times and is not even allowed at the capitol. all 3 candidates are losers and are all going to lose.

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