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Lt. Gov. McGeachin Says “Critical Race Theory” Being Taught in Idaho Schools

By • April 14, 2021

Idaho Dispatch had a few moments to sit down with Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin to discuss the closing weeks of the 2021 Idaho legislative session.

Topics included the Lt. Governor’s task force on what is being taught in Idaho’s schools, critical race theory, guns, and more.

You can watch the full interview below:

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8 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. McGeachin Says “Critical Race Theory” Being Taught in Idaho Schools

  1. Madam Lt. Governor: please primary Gov. Little. We need your conservative leadership, which is sorely lacking in Brad.

  2. Amen to that Black Irish Rose ! Gov LittleBerries hasn’t lifted a finger to protect from the scum of critical race teachings..

    Lt. GOV has the spine Little does not. Little will lose next round solely on the basis it’s been how long ??? And he’s letting Boise Mayor ruin our city with a mask mandate STILL??? Wow. Bad job Gov LittleBerries!!

  3. From what I gather, it is an idea that sprang out of the messed up mind of Karl “the beard” Marx. So basically we can throw that in the shizen can.

  4. Read the statutes. Courses and curriculum are to be determined at the local level and approved by your school board not dictated by the state legislature in a funding bill. If you have concerns about what is being taught in your child’s classroom don’t trust this fear-based rhetoric and propaganda. Go to the source yourself and talk to your child’s teacher. If you are not satisfied talk to administration or the school board. If there was actual proof this is happening in Idaho schools there is no doubt that IFF would be be broadcasting hard facts from the rooftops for sure and so would Republican lawmakers – they aren’t. Stop wasting my tax dollars, pass the budgets, and go home.

    1. Really? You sound like the typical liberal that pretends that this is not a problem and that you MIGHT have a problem with it if you believed it was present. Just what kind of access does a taxpayer have with school boards and teachers these days. Do they hide behind Covid restrictions and excuses? What is YOUR personal position on Critical Race Theory? Have YOU asked your school board or teachers about it? Do you secretly support it while trolling this comment section? I am a FORMER leftist water carrier that stupidly followed the progressive ideology and watched it grow from what I thought was a legit cause and morph into outright militant Marxist mayhem. I am disgusted with the entire left spectrum and am warning everyone how dangerous it really is.

  5. I keep seeing images from charter schools being posted as supposed examples of “indoctrination.”

    Charter schools promote “school choice” and while they are public schools they are not exactly the same as traditional public schools. Charters are independent with their own administration and school board. They are not generally affiliated with the public schools in your local school district. They fill a niche and are often started by parents looking for something different so the curriculum would not necessarily be consistent with what is taught in a regular public school.

    If charter schools are the problem provide more oversight. In 1998, Idaho’s legislature passed the Idaho Charter School Law. They receive state funding but often grants, too.

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