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Lt. Gov. McGeachin Responds to Gov. Little Rescinding Her Ban on Mask Mandates

By • May 28, 2021

Things have heated up between Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin and Governor Brad Little.

Yesterday, McGeachin signed an Executive Order as acting Governor that banned mask mandates by all government entities, including public schools. Today, Little rescinded the Executive Order which now means that mask mandates that were in place before the order have been restored.

McGeachin has now responded on social media to Little rescinding her order with the following post:

Yesterday, I signed an Executive Order banning mask mandates in Idaho, including in our public schools. Today, Gov. Little chose to revoke your personal freedom by rescinding my order and imposing mask mandates on thousands of Idaho children, rejecting the conservative solutions embraced by leaders like Gov. Abbott in Texas and Gov. DeSantis in Florida.

I understand that protecting individual liberty means fighting against tyranny at ALL levels of government — federal, state, and local. It is your God-given right to make your own health decisions, and no state, city, or school district ever has the authority to violate your unalienable rights.

As your Lt. Governor, I remain undeterred and unwavering in my commitment to defend your rights and freedoms against all who would violate them. Now, more than ever, we must stand together against those who prioritize their own power above individual liberty.

You can review Idaho Dispatch’s story on the Executive Order here.

You can review Little’s Press Release about rescinding the Executive Order here.

Do you believe McGeachin should have done the Executive Order banning mask mandates by local government entities? Do you believe Little was right to rescind the Executive Order?

Let Idaho Dispatch know what you think in the comments below!

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29 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. McGeachin Responds to Gov. Little Rescinding Her Ban on Mask Mandates

  1. Banning mask mandates only stops government agencies from requiring masks. It doesn’t stop people from wearing masks if they want. That’s freedom, baby.

  2. I am fine with McGeachin making a executive decision….. I haven’t been terribly impressed with Gov. Little’s approach so his move doesn’t surprise me.

  3. I support McGeachin. The mask mandate is bull. Little is nowhere close to concervative‼️ He’s a bloody RINO‼️

  4. I think we as citizens should have a choice on whether we want to or not and we should have a choice on whether we want our children to or not. I asked my son after school today he’s in middle school if teachers wore masks and he said some of them did today I said did any of the kids and he said some of them dead to me that shows that people have that personal choice and we should be allowed to make that choice

  5. He is drunk with the power and $$ that have flowed into our state due to covid. Can’t fathom that a “rancher” would turn into a tyrant but he surely has done just that.

  6. The Lt. Governor gave the Governor a Gift: Instead of taking this, “Gift of Opportunity”, he threw it away in a petty fit of rage.

  7. This shows that Janice is more connected with the genuine Idaho American people than Little who is distracted by interference and control brought on by the deep state/globalist movement who actually designed the narrative of January 6 to use political activist groups cause mayhem and blame it on Patriots in order work towards removing American freedoms and rights.

  8. I’m sure Janice is not the least bit surprised that Little rescinded ‘the order.’ I think it was actually a campaign stunt by Janice. I’m OK with that. She’s got my vote.

  9. I 100% think Governor Little is on a power trip and his attacks on Janice only prove he’s scared of losing his power. I applaud Janice for her efforts to back the people of Idaho and give us our freedom back! She’s got my vote!

  10. It was the right move bc COVID is on the tail end, the stats support that Gov Little should have ended the emergency but especially the mask mandates. Kids are suffering with those masks while He runs around maskless. Great move Lt Gov McGeachin, now we know Brad was always for mask mandates.

  11. I was very sick last July with the COVID-19 virus and managed to recover. Not knowing before or after if I could put others at risk convinced my that masking was the responsible thing to do. Just like I don’t open carry in public because not everyone is comfortable around firearms. Masking was a nuisance at times but I did what I thought was right. It was my choice. Even though my glasses fogged up all the time in cold weather.

    As a Constitutional Conservative, I bristled at the mask mandate in Boise because I believe every citizen should be able to decide for themselves based on their own risk assessment. I am thankful Governor Little did not issue a state wide mandate. Unfortunately, I believe his decision was purely political and not out of respect for the independent nature of Idahoans.

    Two positives from our battle with COVID-19. Improved personal hygiene amongst the general population and discovering that Governor Little is really a Get-Along moderate Republican and is not willing to fight hard all the time to preserve the traditions and values of a solidly RED Idaho. He is no Ron DeSantis. Bummer! Traditional Idaho is under attack on many fronts and we need thick skinned leadership that will stand in the gap and do the right thing is the face of vicious attacks and criticism and keep Idaho RED.

    My biggest complaint about Governor Little is his willingness to take federal dollars “for the good of Idaho”. Money from the FEDS always comes with strings attached. I believe that a majority of Idahoans would say HELL NO to federal dollars except in the gravest of emergencies. His plan to PAY people $1200 each to get off unemployment and go back to there jobs was an insane idea funded by federal COVID-19 relief money. Deeming businesses as ESSENTIAL or NON ESSENTIAL smacked of BIG Government control. Closing the NON ESSENTIAL businesses and then using federal COVID-19 relief money to subsidize them was was a recipe for disaster. I could go on but I have to leave for the Hawks game pretty soon and need to shower.

    In closing I will say proudly that Lt Governor Janice McGeachin is my Conservative Champion under the dome. As an active citizen I spend a lot of time at the Capital and have a good idea who can be trusted govern in the best interest of Idaho and who cannot. Janice is at the top of my list. Patricia Giddings and Christy Zito are right there. Janice will be a fabulous governor and Patricia will be an equally fabulous Lt governor. You go girls!!! And Go Hawks!!

    1. Well said! That’s exactly the words I would like to say to the Governor. When I wrote to my ‘representative’ he said the jist of ‘we have to stay under the emergency so we can get the $$” when I wrote back to him and said Idaho doesn’t need the $$, I never heard back….

  12. I believe in personal freedom. I back Janice, and the Texas and Florida governors 100% It’s my body and my choice. You get covid-19 you get over it or you die. God is in control and I am not. Do not fear. Trust in God, not governor Little.

  13. “If you want a good judge of character, then give the person power.” Little has failed immensely. Little seems to be from the good ol boy handshake club. McGeachin got my vote already. The move she made there was better than any ad Little Hitler is gonna muster up. I don’t know whose agenda Little is running, but it is gonna be a losing agenda here in Idaho. Anyone liking Little is profiting off of his decisions.

  14. Public schools should never mandate mask wearing for kids. They are dangerous for their health and kids are not at risk from getting or dying from covid. I hate seeing the littles masked up. I have yet to read one scientific study that proves masks work for any population. I am disappointed Gov. little did not uphold Mc Geachen’s EO.

  15. Janice had to have know he would do that so obviously it was a campaign move and a smart one at that because Little once again showed us which side he’s really on. He knows just as much as Biden does that he doesn’t have to do anything to take away our freedoms when the private sectors can do it for them.

  16. I support our LT Gov in her decision to ban a mask mandate. I’m an adult. If I am old enough to work and pay taxes, I am damn sure old enough to make a decision on my health.
    It’s not just the mask mandate, why in the hell are we still in a state of emergency? Why has the Senate allowed Little to become a dictator by default. Our legislature has abandoned their responsibilities. Where is all the federal money going since the legislature chose not to do their duty. Maybe we just need one big clean out of our state government.

  17. Governor Little is still disillusioned about the proper role of Government.
    He hasn’t shown any leadership right from the start of his being elected Governor.
    I support Janice in her willingness to constitutionally serve Idaho.

  18. Good job Janice! Thank you for trying to give us choice with our health, and freedom again.
    Governor Little, shame on you! Another dirty politician who doesn’t have any common sense, and won’t listen to what Idahoans want.
    Run for governor Janice, you have my support and my vote!

  19. Govern Little had his chance to lead on liberty and end the government mask mandates over reach. The Governor said he thought we are all tired of talking about masks but the fact is most freedom loving citizen are tired of mask enforcement. He is correct that a basic conservative principle is the concept of State’s Rights (closest to the people) however, he fail to redeem his responsibility as Governor to ensure citizen fundamental rights for liberty and freedom are not crushed by unconstitutional and un codified mandates by local government official and unelected bureaucrats. Little should thank the Lt. Governor for some leadership on this lingering issue that now seems to have no end in sight.

  20. So disappointed the Governor turned out to be a rino. As an American individual Liberty is everything! Big govt is constantly trying to and are eroding our rights! We are a self governed people and it’s high time we stand up & speak up & take control to bring back law and order. Boot these traitors to the curb. No more Benedict Little!

  21. I support the Lt Governor! Any mask mandates need to stop now! I wish our RINO Governor was more like the “ RED STATE TRAILBLAZERS “! I think he showed us what side he is on.
    The Lt Governor has my vote!

  22. A political stunt…but a good one and at a good time. Janice can use Little’s very predictable response against him when it matters. How does Little call himself a Republican? His arrogance and disdain for “the people” are overwhelming.
    Let’s get on-board and dump this lying clown.

  23. As a male I am ashamed to say that, with a few exceptions, our female conservatives have become the ones with the biggest cahones (ms), in fighting for our freedom. I enthusiastically support Janice. Go girl! We need more female and male Ron Desantises, if we are to remain a free country.

  24. Seems like the only politicians in our state that have “balls” are the one that don’t. 😀

  25. Brad Little is making our choice even EASIER than it was regarding whether to replace him or not!

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