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Live Report: CDH Meeting Canceled at the Request of Mayor McLean and the Boise Police Department

By • December 8, 2020

UPDATE #3: The Boise Police Department has released the following statement about tonight’s CDH protest and the events at elected official’s homes:

Boise Police had a large number of officers at tonight’s Central District Health board meeting. Due to the large crowd size, concurrent reports of protestors causing disturbances at or near the homes of board members, a disturbance inside of the meeting, and other significant calls for service, BPD requested the CDH meeting adjourn in the interest of public safety.

Due to the totality of the events, there was concern that officers would not be able to maintain public order. Officers priority was to deescalate the situation and not create an environment where officers had to use increased force. We also had to ensure we had resources available to adequately respond to needs across the city.

What happened: Boise Police were on scene at Central District Health and had information that some members of the crowd intended to disrupt the meeting by forcing their way in the building.  At the same time, officers received reports of protestors at some board members’ homes and immediately responded. They found evidence that indicates protesters were at a minimum of three different board members’ homes. Investigators have identified some of the people involved and are securing warrants for their arrest on charges of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood.

Also tonight CDH trespassed one person from inside their building after that person refused to follow CDH rules. Officers attempted to gain voluntary compliance from that person, but the subject refused to leave and was placed under arrest by a representative of CDH for misdemeanor trespassing. BPD took custody of the citizen’s arrest and took the subject to the Ada County Jail.

Arrested: Yvonne St Cyr, 53, Boise

Charge: Trespassing (M)

UPDATE #2: Governor Little has issued the following statement regarding the protests outside the homes of elected officials on his Twitter account:

UPDATE: One of Commissioner Lachiondo’s staffers responded to our request for comment.

Mr. Pruett, this is Diana’s campaign staffer. We will be offering [a] longer statement, but certainly not to you. Take care.

The Central District Health Board met once again tonight to discuss and vote on a potential “health order.”

CDH covers Ada, Valley, Boise, and Elmore counties.

Tonight’s vote was an amended version of a previous health order proposal discussed last Friday. One major adjustment was the removal of a prohibition on youth and adult sports.

However, the meeting was canceled at the request of the Boise Police Department and Mayor Lauren McLean who said for safety reasons they wanted the meeting adjourned.

Idaho Dispatch was on the ground at the CDH facility to cover what was happening at the protest there. The protest at the CDH facility was put on by the group Health Freedom Idaho.

You can catch our live stream of the protest here.

Toward the end of the protest, Idaho Dispatch saw several comments on the screen which indicated that the meeting had adjourned with no vote. Several minutes later a number of people texted Idaho Dispatch and confirmed that the meeting had been canceled.

It was unknown to us at the time why it was canceled but soon after we heard that for “safety” reasons the meeting had been canceled.

Idaho Dispatch did not witness any acts of violence during our time at the event where approximately 500 protesters had gathered to oppose CDH’s proposed order.

The Boise Police Department did release a statement on Twitter that one individual was inside the CDH building and was trespassed out of the building when they refused to leave.

Here is the BPD statement from their Twitter account:

In regard to the protest at the CDH facility, Diego Rodrigues of the Freedom Man PAC, prayed for the officers prior to the event starting and asked that everyone in the crowd remain peaceful.

Idaho Dispatch did not witness anyone shoving, pushing, hitting, or throwing anything at the officers, CDH officials, or at the approximately 12 to 15 counter-protesters who were also on the premises. We did not personally witness anyone arguing with the counter-protesters either.

As to the individual who was trespassed out of the building, Idaho Dispatch did not witness the event described by Boise PD. That person, described as trespassing by BPD, was reportedly taken to the Ada County jail.

Again, Idaho Dispatch did not witness anyone threatening police officers or shouting things at them but we do want to also say that we were not right next to the officers throughout the entire event and can only report what we saw personally.

One or more individuals did bring a metal pail to the CDH facility protest and burned masks in the parking lot inside of the pail.

Prior to the protest officially beginning, the organizers played audio of what they said was medical professionals who are opposed to lockdowns, mask-wearing, and other proposals from government officials on COVID-19. One of the individuals on the audio said that COVID-19 is not real.

After Rodriguez prayed and said a few words to the crowd, Miste Karlfeldt from Health Freedom Idaho came up and spoke to the crowd.

While Karlfeldt was speaking, a Boise Police officer asked Rodriguez to turn down the volume on the audio because it was disrupting the meeting taking place inside. Idaho Dispatch does not know if the volume was ever turned down.

Soon after Karlfeldt was done speaking, the group played the U.S. National Anthem which seemed to be louder than the speakers themselves.

Idaho Dispatch asked Karlfeldt if she had a statement she would like to put out about the event and this is what she sent us:

I can only speak to what I saw at the CDH today. I saw a parking lot full of freedom-loving people taking a stand for their right to make their own health decisions. The people gathered in a peaceful protest against the unconstitutional mandates the board was considering. The board has kept the people out at every turn. First only allowing comment 24 hours BEFORE the meeting, then not allowing any public comment at the meetings, they further pushed out the people by requiring masks to enter a building funded by the very taxpayers they are attempting to keep out. The people are frustrated which is why they are now showing up in mass to have their voices heard by their very presence. I applaud the people who showed up at CDH today. We have a republic if we can keep it and indeed we defended it today.

When it was announced by Rodriguez that the meeting had been canceled, the crowd cheered.

Several other speakers then came up to the podium and asked to speak. It was not long after this that Idaho Dispatch left the protest.

Idaho Dispatch was unable to interview individuals from either side of the event tonight but we did get video and pictures of both sides.

Here are some of the images of signs individuals had that supported the CDH order to be voted on:

Here are some of the images of the crowd who were opposed to CDH’s order:

While Idaho Dispatch was leaving the CDH area, we heard the reports that Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo had protesters at her home who were banging outside the door of her home.

Idaho Dispatch did review one video of individuals who were making noise outside of Lachiondo’s home. At no point in this video did anyone go on Lachiondo’s property.

The individuals protesting were making a lot of noise outside her home even though she was not inside.

Idaho Dispatch did speak to one of the protesters, Robert Jones, and asked him why they were protesting at her home.

Jones told Idaho Dispatch that he believed Lachiondo was at her home doing the meeting virtually and that he did not realize Lachiondo was not there.

Jones also told Idaho Dispatch that no one went onto the property and he informed us that he has body cam footage to prove that no one did. However, Idaho Dispatch does not yet have that video and we will release it if we are able to obtain it.

Idaho Dispatch has reached out to Lachiondo to see if she had a statement she would like to put out. Please note that Lachiondo has not had much time to respond and we will update the article if she responds.

Lachiondo did post this to Twitter later after the meeting was over:

Please note once again that much of this article is our firsthand account of what we saw personally and cannot account for other stories that may arise that we did not witness.

What do you think of the events this evening? Is it okay to protest outside the home of elected officials or should homes be off-limits?

Do you believe CDH should have passed the order or not passed the order?

Let us know in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “Live Report: CDH Meeting Canceled at the Request of Mayor McLean and the Boise Police Department

  1. The Council is clearly trying to create a narrative that frames protestors as threatening and violent, which they will use to justify more tyranny. So far, they have ignored all of the evidence that proves masks don’t work, and they have refused to ease up on restrictions that are killing small businesses. I have no doubt that they will try to sneak in a vote for this enhanced order at the first available opportunity.

  2. I was there along with many patriotic freedom loving, Idahoans, including many families with children. The speakers were great and presented excellent information on why we should be responsible for our own health decisions, why we need not fear the communist Chinese virus, that the PRC test gives mostly false positive so most reported “cases ” are false. The crowd was peaceful and occasionally loud. I witnessed nothing of a threatening nature. No buildings were burned and no Nikes and flat screen TV were looted from nearby stores.

    1. I was there as well. I requested CDH vote No and was there to voice my request in person and be a presence. I also sent in my written comments as directed. Everyone was peaceful on both sides and respectful. My husband and friend, along with others helped clear a path for a woman to leave in her van. She was was in support of CDH. Wearing a mask. Had signs on her vehicle and holding signs. The crowd was respectful. No one blocked her path. No one said any harmful, hateful words. She was able to leave in peace. This was a peaceful protest.

      1. Please thank your husband and those who very kindly and respectfully helped clear a path for me and my van. That was a genuinely special moment as I felt we shared mutual respect for each other, but even more so, genuine caring.
        The reason that moment stood out so much is because I had a lot of nasty things said to me last night, by many people, particularly in regards to the Christian nature of my signs. I proudly, and lovingly proclaimed my saving, life-changing faith in Jesus to each of those ppl, even shared part of my personal testimony with two. One (just one) of those Christ followers came back and apologized for what she’d yelled at me. I do believe some ppl moved on when they realized we really did have our faith in common.

        I will not spread stories about violence at CDH last night, because I did not personally witness any physical violence. I did experience verbal intimidation, mocking, some kind people who helped me leave safely, and one woman who “hocked up a loogie” and leaned fw to cough in my face and laugh after saying something insulting to me as I carried my “Love Thy Neighbor” sign to my van to leave. That’s just kind of gross in any situation.

        What concerns me the most, as an evangelical, born again Christian, is how the world is perceiving those of us who follow Christ. Never mind our differences of opinion on covid for a minute. I’m talking about ppl who are watching followers of Christ exhibit angry, bullying, intimidating, and sometimes gross behavior. We are pushing non-believers further from an eternal, personal relationship with Christ. We will have to answer for that. I pray those of us who are Christians would all, myself included, be convicted to remember that every person at an event like last night’s has a soul that God deeply desires and grieves over.
        Thank you again to your husband and the others who relieved the level of intimidation and helped me get my van out safely.

        1. I appreciate the way you worded your post. I agree that behavior was horrible and always uncalled for! Every situation has people who portray Christianity poorly. The mask issue is not a religious issue, it is a civil liberties issue. I am out there fighting, peacefully with my presence, prayers and voice for you as much as for me and family. Just because something is controversial doesn’t mean Christians should hide in the shadows. To those that verbally abused, physically intimidated, or worse spit on someone….PLEASE stay home next time. That behaviour actually hurts our cause.

  3. They do not have legal standing to make and pass laws. They need to knock it off. Enough is enough. Masks do not work…and everyone that is getting sick are the ones wearing the stupid mask.

  4. I was one of the ones at this very peaceful protest tonight. We sang to God Bless America and free hot cocoa was handed out. The people there are simply God-fearing, patriotic, good citizens and the picture that the Mayor and Boise PD are trying to paint is totally inaccurate. Way to further erode public trust with obvious lies. We will not stand for these ineffective and Unconstitutional mandates.

  5. PEOPLE’S RIGHTS in the BUILDING! You want to take away! our freedoms from the comfort of your own home…yeah ok. WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT. Threaten to cancel christmas one more time.. I DARE YOU!!

  6. The rally was peaceful and a well organized event. I was with my children near the secured entrance for most of the protest and I did not observe any threats to police. There were a couple of attempts by individuals to enter the secured area without masks but the individuals never posed a threat, only talked with officers for a few minutes to negotiate the constitutionality of being able to enter a public meeting. Protests at homes should be off limits; we will never will the narrative when we show up at homes. Whether peaceful or not, the media narrative will always be negative. Besides, we need to have boundaries and be respectful of family members and neighbors that are not associated with the actions of our leaders.

    1. Do you think the Board is and going to be Respectful of OUR FAMILY & Our Neighbors when they tell you the government has right to enter homes, separate Families, take people to camps, force inject toxins into people against their will, deny people access to businesses or care facilities for essential needs,locking Healthy people down while the elites party it up? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! GAME ON! They stay out of the Peoples Lives The People will stay out of Theirs. We are giving them the same Respect they deserve. BTW, shame on them for using the PD as private Security to a PUBLIC BUILDING

    2. I do struggle with going to their homes. I feel it makes us exactly like them. I would desire that above all we hold onto our integrity. Yes we must protest all that is happening to take away our freedoms given to us by God. However we cannot stoop as low as the other side. The people especially children, in the homes are not responsible for the targeted person’s decisions.

  7. It seems to me it is Little, McLean and CDH board members stifling our freedom and right to peaceful protest.

  8. No Protesters stepped foot on any Private property of the Board members personal homes. No one knocked or banged on door, windows or otherwise. They banged on drums and buckets in the Public city streets. When the People are blatantly denied ability to voice grievances at Public meetings, then their Constituents have the Right to Vouce those Grievances at the Boards Homes so long as no Violation occurs.

  9. SOO PROUD!!!
    If the CDH is a public facility, how can people be arrested for trespass???
    And we have the right to meet with these corrupt people who are doing unconstitutional things to us, and weaponizing the police to enforce it! They are supposed to protect our rights, not pick who’s health and feelings are more important!
    Hiding, limiting access, refusing to listen to reason or science or professionals… Refusing to disclose/expos the corruption driving this. Driving public hysteria. These people are Bio-Terrorists for Profit !!!
    When they break their Oath of Office, they make themselves criminals and end any respect do a public servant. They make themselves Tyrants! It is our Constitutional duty to throw off such government!

  10. Princess Lauren is doing a terrible job as Boise’s mayor. Too bad she suckered so many people into voting for her. She needs to go.

  11. All “peaceful protests” I say continue the pressure EVERY WHERE.
    Livelihoods are at stake with these erroneous edict’s spewed by public officials, while those same public officials are being paid with taxpayer dollars enjoy no disruption in their pay checks or direct deposit’s. If eventually small business owners or individuals can’t pay taxes, then and only then will public officials perhaps have a change of mind.
    I say if they are intent to physically lock out of “public meeting’s”, that’s taxation without representation.

  12. I watched the youtube video of this peaceful gathering of individuals wishing to express their belief that all Idahoans should have constitutional freedom from unlawful mandates based on misinformation, data manipulation and scientific inaccuracy. This was freedom of speech in action, and nowhere did I see any evidence of violence, personal injury or destruction of public property. It was refreshing to watch Americans gather and voice their support of America, our constitution and our law enforcement members while exercising freedom of speech in a respectful manner. Thank goodness those individuals were willing to take a stand for truth with integrity and decency.

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