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Lisa Bundy in Her Own Words – Exclusive Interview with Idaho Dispatch

By • May 1, 2023

For her first interview in several years, and the first time ever for a sit-down, tell-all conversation, Lisa Bundy has shared with the Idaho Dispatch her perspective on the events that have taken place with her husband Ammon Bundy over the last decade. In this exclusive dialogue, the world will hear rare insight from the other half of the infamous Bundy duo.

Lisa talks about the current situation taking place at their home in Emmett, Idaho, her faith, her marriage to Ammon, their children, and more. You will hear the perspective of a wife and a mother. She says in part,

“You can trust God. I’ve given it to God [and asked], ‘Ok, what’s my role?’ and that [answer] was, ‘Be the rock for your family – your children – the consistency they need…. and support your husband.'”

Hear Lisa Bundy in her own words here;


21 thoughts on “Lisa Bundy in Her Own Words – Exclusive Interview with Idaho Dispatch

  1. . Any ID resident should be very interested in this-
    It’ll take a grass roots approach to eliminate the good ol’ boys RINO for-sale crooks that still hold office here.
    It’s a good time to toss Simpson off a dam…, and the other Jim Jones lying sacks.

    1. You are so correct and we are a bit more fortunate over here in D1, but the RINO’s still rule apart from Labrador. There is hope since Ammon Bundy got about 20% of all gubernatorial votes. We all have to work at it right at the local level. Don’t give them an inch!

  2. Thank you Idaho dispatch for doing the interview and reporting Idahos problems. At this point you are the only truth out there that doesnt have a agenda. !!!!! Keep up the great work !

  3. Outstanding interview!
    The Sheriff should use his elected position to deescalate this situation! Why would a judge turn a civil issue into a criminal case? The lawyers representing St. Luke’s Hospital are the only ones benefiting from this lawsuit. Lisa Bundy and her children are the real victims both mentally and financially. The human aspect needs to be in the forefront instead of the damaged pride at St.Luke’s Hospital.

    1. Those who lost loved ones to the hospital protocol of the 2020 election steal “covid hoax” should get together and sue the likes of St. Lukes and all involved in pushing the lie that prematurely stole life and liberty, to non-existence. The deaths that we suffered should be legally avenged and those who protect the lies should be massively exposed. Same goes for those who pushed the scheme that caused many deaths from the experimental gene therapy treatment. Nuremberg style tribunals should be the top of the news until resolved. Shut off the green electric slime of the deep state controlled paid propaganda fake news media, and entertainment, and replace it with America loving patriots who own and run the media (like Idaho Dispatch – where truth matters). MEDIA, NARRATIVE, AGENDA. This is where the battle is currently raging. The ‘criminals that be’ are working the scheme right now for the 2024 election coup-steal…heads on a swivel boys and girls.
      One Nation Under God.

      1. Spot on. I would like to know how much money St lukes received to push the covid agenda. I am reading about law suits against hospitals, doctors, nurses and the government. Charges of murder. Can we say class action? The flip side is finding a law firm big enough to represent the people. Give it time. All the lies are being exposed.

  4. God has provided this warrior and He will not abandon Ammon and his family. Their faith has grown and ours must too. We must use prayer against this spiritual warfare.

    1. Did God tell you guys to be violent? Or steal? Or make you guys know everything? Lol if God is so superior and almighty why don’t he just stop everything? Oh and for everyone else the election was never stolen open your eyes you folks seem to be the sheep around here..

    1. They need a lot of help.. as well as some of these people on here.. blame a hospital for taking care of people lol .. you realize the nurses and doctors have no agenda correct?

  5. Thank you Lisa for your raw honesty. We support you, and will continue to support you in any way that we are able. Ammon is a God-fearing man he is an honest man. He is motivated to help his fellow man, and everything he has ever done, is supported by the constitution, and he has only spoke out against those who have violated his constitutional rights or the constitutional rights of others. Over 100,000 legitimate registered voters cast their vote for Ammon Bundy for governor. This tells me he has a huge amount of support and it also tells me that we have a huge amount of educating to do so that those who claim to be constitutional conservatives will understand that many of their leaders are not serving them, according to their oath of office, and that we must hold that type of public servant accountable, and recall them or vote them out of office and vote in persons who are true sincere, honest and consistent, and will always have reverence and adherence to the constitution for those they will serve .

  6. Just wanted to laugh at one of Barry’s comments..
    May 1, 2023 at 9:57 AM
    Thank you Idaho dispatch for doing the interview and reporting Idahos problems. At this point you are the only truth out there that doesnt have a agenda. !!!!! Keep up the great work !

    If you think this is the “only truth out there that doesn’t have an agenda” – you clearly are a lost sole… This whole site is build around an “agenda”. lol – you do not seem even remotely “intelligent”.

    1. Progressive…you mentioned “intelligent”. Since you brought it up…I’m curious to know why you don’t know the difference between the “sole” of a shoe, and the “soul” of a human being. Just saying…

      1. Thomas do you know the difference between a sheep and lion? Ammon got you guys in check . You guys have to ask him before you do anything?

  7. All these people complain about the government leave.. they have been around a lot longer than any of you.. the dude is a waste of space put him in jail

  8. St. Luke the physician, apostle of Jesus, evangelist and author of one of the canonical gospels would not be pleased with the reported actions of St. Luke Hospital in this matter. Following final adjudication and assuming it would adverse to the hospital, careful consideration should be given to replacing board members and administrators who failed to intervene early in the sequence of events. In the alternative, the Catholic Archdiocese of Boise should consider removing St. Luke’s name from the once revered facility.

  9. What a weak woman. She basically just goes for the ride and supports her thief of a husband no matter what. Make your OWN decisions. Horrible example as parents. I can’t imagine having a father that is THAT mad, and spends his entire existence believing that “they’re out to get me.” Trying to get a free ride and think that he’s entitled to what is not his. I see another Ruby Ridge in the near future. This lady is beyond tacky and shameful.

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