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Leonardo DiCaprio Targets New Idaho Wolf Law

By • July 11, 2021

Earlier this year, Idaho passed a bill that took effect at the beginning of this month, allowing the state to kill upward of 90% of the current wolf population.

Republican lawmakers have said that the current wolf population is out of control and that farmers continue to lose livestock. Additionally, some lawmakers have said that the new law was necessary because deer and elk populations have also decreased because of the high number of wolves.

Not everyone agrees with the new law. Some are even calling on President Joe Biden (D) and members of his cabinet to stop it, including actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio made the call for the president and the Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, to help get gray wolves added to the endangered species list. Here is what he posted on Twitter:

Additionally, a group called “Wolf Conservation Center” urged people to take action as well. Here is what they posted on Twitter:

EMERGENCY- While many Americans were busy enjoying the holiday weekend, trophy hunters + even bounty hunters were celebrating the the start of a cruel + terrifying existence for wolves in Idaho.

The group then called on citizens to also contact Haaland and Biden to add gray wolves to the Endangered Species Act, which they had previously been listed.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to several lawmakers who voted for and against the new wolf law to get their thoughts on why they voted for or against it.

Rep. Judy Boyle (R-Midvale) was the first to respond to Idaho Dispatch. Here is what she had to say,

Idaho has been faithfully following our Idaho Wolf Management Plan as agreed upon by US Fish & Wildlife since 2002. That plan requires 100 wolves & 10 packs as a minimum number before any relisting can occur. We also agreed to 150 wolves & 15 packs as a minimum with managing wolves while protecting private property. Idaho is far in excess of both those levels. There is no biological reason to relist wolves unless we fall below the 100/10 numbers.

The environmental groups appear to be using a false narrative as a fundraising tool to stir up the emotions in those not educated in the facts.

Sen. Jim Woodward (R-Sagle) also spoke in favor of the new law stating the populations are too high, and the elk populations have become too low.

Here is what Woodward had to say in an email to Idaho Dispatch,

The changes made this year in SB1211 were an attempt at striking a balance. The bill allows the wolf population to go as low as the level previously recognized as sustainable, but does not require a reduction in the population. The bill does allow for greater wolf harvest as we see an ever increasing population which threatens other wild species and livestock. The increasing wolf population has significantly reduced ungulate numbers throughout Idaho. In the northern counties I live in, the reduced number of elk is easily observable. For those of us living and working in wolf habitat, there must be a balance between maintaining the species and maintaining our existence.

Idaho Dispatch did not hear back from several lawmakers who had opposed the bill. We reached out to Rep. Colin Nash (D-Boise), Sen. David Nelson (D-Moscow), Rep. John Gannon (D-Boise), and Sen. Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum).

What do you think of Idaho’s new “wolf law?” Do you support it or oppose it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio Targets New Idaho Wolf Law

  1. Leonardo di-has-been Caprio needs to shut his piehole and pay attention to all of the disasters in his own piece of shit state of California, we can take care of ourselves here in Idaho without his ignorant rants!
    Typical leftist tree huggers, not knowing what BALANCE is in any particular ecosystem. What may be great for one place in the world may be an ecological disaster in other places. Rather than answering the who/what/when/where/why and hows of any one issue before opening their mouths, they automatically know what’s best for everything they see or read!

  2. Anyone in Hollywood has a bigger microphone than any educated and experienced wildlife manager. it has always been thus

  3. I support Idaho taking this stand. Since these wolves were reintroduced, we have watched their ‘protection’ become an increasing issue. This wolf species is clearly not endangered.

  4. Celebrities need to stay out of affairs they know nothing about. Advocate for the honey bee population. That’s an easy one.

  5. As usual, when we repost some actor’s opinion, we are giving credence to that opinion. He doesn’t know a thing about Idaho and what the wolves have done to our livestock and elk/deer/moose populations. We do. Introducing wolves has been devastating and the numbers need to be severely reduced.

  6. We have gone for and beyond even to the point of nearly irradicating the elk, the deer, and anything else to make this reintroduction program work. It has been nothing bit a take, take, take from the uneducated, bleeding hearts. There was a reason we put County’s on wolves a hundred years ago. Since then the lower on the food chain exploded. Since the 80’s the populations have diminished to the point we rarely see elk or deer on our drives and we spend a lot of time in the mountains unlike Hollywood moron’s like docaprio.
    Best he stay at what he thi is he is good at, playing fake people.

  7. They need to fill up a cattle truck with these monster wolves and release them in an around DiCaprio’s neighborhood.

    I also endorse hiring additional cattle trucks to deliver loads of wolves to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Central Park in new York.

    If these libs want the wolves, let them have them.

  8. I support it. Elk/Deer are the hardest hit. Calfs especially. These people only go on their feelings about the Wolf. If they had to live with them eating up all their wild life they would feel different I’m sure.
    The Dems never use logic when it comes to issues like this.

  9. Hollywood and political elitists continuously tell the “little people” to “follow the (fake) science” a.k.a COVID mask and vaccine policies (which are BS btw)…Idaho’s Wolf Policy is based on real science.

  10. Wolves have a right to be here… however, having said that, they need to be severely limited. we neuter and fix dogs, we could do the same to wolves. I see the problem with too many wolves that are overloading the natural environment. This many wolves is way too many and when you have such a large population, everyone suffers. Regarding the Hollywood elites, MIND YOUR OWN F-ING BUSINESS. You have enough problems in your own damned state, so stay out of other people’s states. If you do not live here, you have ZERO say, nor if you have NOT been impacted by the wolves that are desiccating our other populations. Idaho needs better management of these predators and yes, tags should be offered.

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