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Legislators Respond to Rebuke from Governor Little

By • January 22, 2021

Earlier today, Governor Brad Little heavily criticized the Idaho legislature for seeking to end the emergency order in Idaho.

Little specifically mentioned the Idaho House in his address. He said that ending the order would jeopardize Idahoan’s lives.

In his closing remark, Little asked Idahoans to contact their legislators and tell them to stop the efforts to end the emergency order.

Now, legislators and other organizations are responding to Little’s speech.

The Idaho House Republican Caucus sent out the following message:

Members of the House Republican Caucus will continue to work to address the concerns of the Idaho families whom they represent. The inflammatory comments from the Governor’s office do nothing but complicate the process.  The life-altering concerns revolving around the COVID-19 emergency continue to be in the front of our minds. Our members are working on various forms of legislation to help the state on its road to the recovery that Idahoans have been demanding for months and we call on the Governor to work with us in this process.

In addition to the House Republican Caucus response, a number of other Republican lawmakers responded to Little’s address.

Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton) send Idaho Dispatch the following response:

The legislature represents the people. The people want the emergency to end and they demand transparency. Our job as elected representatives is to do the will of the people, and we also would appreciate respect, transparency, and honesty from the executive branch.

Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett) has this to say,

Today the governor of this state vicariously came after the citizens of Idaho by attacking their elected representatives. The governor could end the stay healthy order today. Then our lives will return to normal. The disconnect between the hardworking people of the state of Idaho and the governor was clear. Additionally, every citizen of this state respects the National Guard members who serve with distinction. For the governor to use them as a political pawn is reprehensible.

The good people of this state are tired of having loved ones die without the comfort of their family. Our youth are having to participate in life events without many of their family members being there to watch and participate. Weddings, births, funerals, family reunions, and many other events have been marred by the order limiting gatherings. The right to worship as we see fit has been impeded. Small businesses have been ruined.

We are being turned into a welfare state of CARES relief money, rather than stepping aside and letting people work and be self-sufficient. I have followed the numbers closely. The numbers of deaths in this state are no higher than any normal year. The recovery rate from this virus is 98%. Again, the responsibility for ending the ‘stay healthy order is directly the responsibility of the Governor.

Our people are done. It is time for the Governor to step aside and let us live our lives, as God intended.

Rep. Ron Nate told Idaho Dispatch,

I think it’s important to realize that Idaho may be at the point, or beyond the point where the cure is becoming worse than the disease. We need to get Idaho working again. Kids need to be going to school again. We need to be attending sporting events. We have other important priorities like reducing taxes, meeting education needs, and doing what’s best for Idaho’s families and businesses.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation also posted this video from their President, Wayne Hoffman, in response to the governor:

Not everyone was critical of the governor’s address, however.

Rep. Lauren Necochea (D-Boise) tweeted support for Little’s address:

The Idaho Democrat Party posted the following tweets on Twitter supporting the Governor’s criticism of the Idaho legislature.

In particular, the Idaho Democrats took aim at “extremism and misinformation” in the Republican Party:

A group called the “The Idaho 97%” also posted a message on Facebook supporting Little’s speech.

Here is what the post said,

We support Governor Brad Little in his efforts to keep Idahoans safe. The Idaho legislature is not only playing a shameful game, it’s extremist members are outright lying to the public in a power grab that is not in Idahoans best interests. We encourage every Idahoan to contact their legislators and demand that they abandon this ill-advised course of action. The consequences – both intended and unintended – could be disastrous for Idaho, it’s citizens, and our economy.

Idaho Dispatch did reach out to most of the members of House and Senate leadership from both parties for a quote. Other than the House Republican Caucus statement we posted above, we have not yet received additional responses.

What do you think of the responses to Little’s address by these legislators and groups?

Let us know in the comments below.

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49 thoughts on “Legislators Respond to Rebuke from Governor Little

    1. This governor and too many others have enjoyed their ability to be little tyrants, sacrificing our Constitutional rights for the “mess of pottage” from the federal government.
      Big thank you to our Republican lawmakers. May we elect even more in the next election cycle.

    2. Yeah, Brad little is coming down on the side of high-control, centralized government and against constitutional liberties.

      1. Not mention the covid survival rate is 99.96%
        While the flu averages a 96% survival rate….. as well as the yearly mortality rate has not increased with this virus. The over reach is just ridiculous and so obvious

    3. Exactly! The people Idaho have chosen their legislators. It’s time for the Governor to stop pandering to the liberals in the State Legislature. The Governor has done his worst, its time our legislature does it’s best to right the wrongs of 2020.

  1. Can the Idaho Republican Party kick little out? He’s clearly a democrat since mostly democrats support him. It’s pretty disgusting for humans to be thought of as dollar signs. I’m over it.

    1. Yes, Idahoans, please write to your legislators to end the state of emergency by voting yes on the bill championed by Heather Scott!

  2. Thank you for representing the people that elected you. The fear has become worse than the virus. If you are fearful then by all means stay home and isolate. But the people in my world want to get on with our lives. We have the means to help prevent and to treat the virus. Let’s start living again before the fear kills our ability to survive economically.

  3. Follow the money! It’s all about the dollar! But did you notice the Democrats now refer to Republicans/conservatives as “extremists?” Don’t buy into the narrative. The Emergency Order needs to be canceled.

  4. I’m so done with masks! I caught the worst head and chest cold…wearing a mask! I work on a hot kitchen. I get extremely over heated because not only do I swear but I constantly I bake hot air u derneath a mask. I can’t wear a face shield because they for up and drip. I wash my hands every 20minutes…I stand 6 ft ‘ away. I don’t need a mask to do this! 98% recovery is good enough for me!

  5. Please keep accepting the Cares Act monies !
    This money helps buy PPE for the many Volunteer EMTs in rural communities! We rely on this money to help us stay safe so we can help those in an emergency! Thank you Governor Little for standing up for us !

      Gov. Little unveils state budget, calls for more spending on education, transportation and health care
      The governor also wants to give Idahoans some major tax relief in 2021.

      Author: John Masters
      Published: 4:13 PM MST January 11, 2021
      Updated: 5:38 PM MST January 11, 2021
      Facebook Twitter
      BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Gov. Brad unveiled what he called a “no frills” budget for Fiscal Year 2022, one that he says will bolster public and higher education, provide tax relief, invest in critical transportation needs across the state and help finish the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

      During his State of the State and Budget Address Monday, Little outlined a spending plan he dubbed “Building Idaho’s Future.” His budget is among the most conservative in years, calling for just 3.8 percent increase in the state spending.

      The governor says Idaho is in a strong financial position with a record-state surplus of more than $600 million, while most states are facing potential budget cuts of 20 to 40 percent more during the pandemic.

  6. Governor Brad Little is a straight up communist in my eyes. He should step down and allow someone that will honor our constitution step in. A good place for Brad Little is in the communist party known as the Democrats. I was fooled by his false words but never again.

  7. “Because we need Federal money” is one of the worst reasons to keep the emergency order. Where does the Federal government get its money to begin with?

  8. Yes, this ’emergency’ that is NOT an emergency needs to be ended immediately and Brad Little ought to be impeached. This is FRAUD and Brad Little has used this non-emergency to exercise unlawful power over Idaho. Our House of Representatives has been hamstrung. The Senate is in league with Brad Little and complicit in his crimes. The Judicial branch seems to have disappeared altogether, hiding behind their masks and video cameras. Yes, these vaccines are dangerous indeed. The people who say Brad Little is trying to keep us safe are way out of line. His job is to make sure our rights are not trampled upon on. Instead he is the one orchestrating it, hiding on the Second Floor of the Capitol while using Public Health Departments, Boise Police, the Sheriff’s Department and Corporations to intimidate us. Criminal.

  9. The truth is in the numbers Christy Zito refers to. CDC’s own ‘Annual Death By All Causes’. We have been lied to about the lethality of COVID-19 from the beginning. To be fair, in the beginning we saw a lot of unusual deaths but the statistics bear out the idea that those individuals, by and large, were likely to have died from their other ailments.

    In short, we have destroyed our economy for nothing. (Well, nothing that benefits us, but it certainly benefitted big chain stores, NetFlix, Amazon, FaceBook and Communist China!)
    And in doing so, have enriched a few selected large businesses.
    We have ceded power over our to unsupervised and unelected bureaucrats.

    We must return to normal now.
    We must address the shortcomings of our health districts by placing elected officials in charge.
    We must control the governors ability to usurp legislative authority.
    We must set limits on ‘state of emergency’ conditions.

  10. In Idaho there are 3 equal branches of government not a dictatorship and after 30 days you shouldn’t have their powers to spend, use your standing ISP army to shutdown businesses, or play god… The 400 million surplus proves we DON’T need to ROB our next generation, the National Guard is on duty anyway so there shouldn’t be a need for “extra funds”, and only 40% of Idaho’s doctors trust the vaccine so you know over 40% of residents won’t take it so the 1.5 Billion should have been plenty if our democrat governor didn’t waste it on unnecessary unsustainable infrastructure projects.

  11. The ones supporting need to realize that the legislators are doing the work the majority of Idahoans asked them to do as they do listen to their constituents, Boise is not the whole state of Idaho just our capitol. you guys are apparently way out of touch with reality and don’t know real Idahoans at all. so quit playing the blame game learn some respect or GTFO. If you cannot stay within the confines of the Constitution and respect our representatives then you are the problem.

  12. The group “Idaho 97%“ does not represent 97% of Idahoans. Lifting the emergency order does not mean everyone is going to start running around naked in the streets. There will be people who continue to wear masks for a long time to come regardless of what our government says. The government needs to get out of the way of the people who are smart enough to take care of themselves. Getting back to the real normal is the most important thing we can do.

  13. Please vote yes on the bill by Heather Scott to end the emergency order.
    The numbers don’t add up, never have. Hydroxychloroquine should have been available over the counter from the beginning. it is a joke that Lancet magazine magically rescinded their article condemning HCQ as Biden was taking office.
    Idaho needs to be open. Kids need to be in school, without masks. Churches need to fully open. Society needs to remove the muzzles and get on with their life, carefully if need be, but get on with it. End the Emergency Order ASAP. Thank you to all of the Legislators now doing the hard work for the people of Idaho that they have been restricted from. Idaho Sovereignty!

  14. It appears that Rep Tammy Nichols said it best. It also appears that Governor Little has forgotten that he is representing the will of the people, and instead is forcing his own will on the people. When the majority are tired of his behavior he will be voted out.

  15. I am in total agreement of the GOVERNMENT out reach…anyone can go to the CDC web page and it states that a pandemic is a 7% death rate…covid at best is 2%…. We the ppl pay the salary of our government….we the ppl are in control not the other way around….if the government controls us then we control our employer cause our employer pays our salary

  16. End the emergency. Little is not representing the people. We need to get back to work!!! He is not putting the best interest of the people first! He needs to go!!!

  17. It’s way past time to end this political fraud and though I voted for Little I’m regretting it. I think our Lt Governor would be much more suited for the job. I’m very disappointed with Little. In fact I would support impeaching him n removing him.
    I’m also very much sick and tired of all the lies being run on tv and radio promoting the political lies a out the wuhan virus and the very harmful vaccines.
    It’s all political posturing supported by completely false numbers meant to install fear in the public and Control over US aswell!
    Time to end the Propaganda, indoctrination and Lies!!
    Scott Seltzer.

  18. The governor has committed many emolument violations during this state of emergency shutdown. He has taken the taxpayers monies to spend as he wants without 100% transparency, and while the people suffer extensive financial losses, lose their businesses, and forced to violate their Liberty of Conscience. Unlawful warrants, false arrests and imprisonment have been committed by law enforcement. Ask Representative Priscilla Giddings about the fema money for covid. She will tell you the truth.

  19. I have news for Governor Little; many Idahoans are already back to normal and enjoying their God-given freedoms to live as they choose. In our area, nobody I know wears a mask and nobody I know is limiting gatherings. We celebrated the holidays with many people not from our immediate family. We have enjoyed meals out and enjoyed entertainment opportunities. Like someone else already pointed out, it says much that Governor Little’s support comes from the democrat party. Let’s hope we have a conservative challenger when Governor Little comes up for re-election.

  20. We are well past the original requirement to lockdown to stop the spread. Now it’s an issue of Govt control and grabbing those federal monies…enough is enough.
    Open up our state and pray we have some small business that can recover.
    I feel we’ve had far too many years of not paying g enough attention to the actions of our elected officials and now we have far too many sheep.
    Look at the numbers…the death rate isn’t any worse than the flu.
    I’ve voted in every single election since I was 18 and foolishly supported some people that will no longer have my support . I want leaders that care about how the real world lives. Take an example from the real leader who showed us every day who was important. WE’RE WATCHING YOU!

  21. The importance of fixing our rigged election process has never been more apparent. Brad Little was a Democrat from day one. They supported him and many of them voted for him in the primary to prevent Labrador from being elected. This was organized by out of state money. In many ways our state has been overthrown in the same way the country has.

  22. Open Idaho, period, the people want to live while we are alive, let those that do not feel safe take extra precautions, we need heard immunity and people are meant to be together. End the scam. News flash, the flu happens every year!!

  23. This plandemic has to stop, it’s just cover to take our rights and enslave us further, and fema camps out of here stop taking fed money and become independent and soviergn once again.

  24. At the Bonneville County Central Committee meeting 2 weeks ago I asked what sanctions were available to put on a governor who disobeys the protocol that a state emergency is supposed to last only 30 days. The answer was that there was no penalty or sanction. The only thing that can be done is to recall the governor, or replace him/her in the next election. This “emergency” has now been going on for ten times (over 300 days) the time allowed for an emergency situation. We Idahoans are tired of the nonsense. We see through the “science”. The virus is not as vicious as once thought. There is NO emergency! We support our legislators who are bold enough to stand up to our executive’s tyranny and remind him that he does not have the authority to make law. We MUST abide by the dictates of our Idaho Constitution! WE must remind the governor that the people of Idaho will find a suitable replacement, or we’ll work harder to make the Little Recall a BIG RECALL.

  25. Exactly! The people Idaho have chosen their legislators. It’s time for the Governor to stop pandering to the liberals in the State Legislature. The Governor has done his worst, its time our legislature does it’s best to right the wrongs of 2020.

  26. I don’t trust Little. For crying out loud, you would think people are dropping dead in the streets. Enough is enough, Brad.

  27. Little has done nothing but pander to the left. We need to take Idaho back from the hands of the communist ideals that are being pushed. We have chosen legislators that are willing to do the will of the people. It is time to take a stand against the outright communist take over of our country, and we have to start at the local level. Enough is enough!

  28. “Safety” is one of those comforts that politicians use to control the masses. But now they want you to not only be safe from emergencies they create with phony diseases that are never identified properly and sold by pitchmen, but also safe from being able to earn a living or run a business. Life involves risk, and when one places his/her safety in the hands of sociopaths and psychopaths, there is no safety. Time to reign-in these miscreants and weed out the bad apples; today there are a bumper crop. In Idaho we have a “Little” bad fruit.

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