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Latest Update on Idaho Dispatch Editor Greg Pruett’s Foot/ER Visits

By • June 22, 2022

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the situation with my foot which has become infected post-surgery and has led to a delay in the content on our site.

Just to catch those up that were unaware of what is happening, I had surgery on my foot on June 2 to remove a Morton’s Neuroma. The procedure itself was quick and went well.

After about two weeks, I began noticing some redness around the surgical site.

After a couple of days, my foot began hurting quite a lot. Until then, I hadn’t felt much pain from the surgery.

We finally realized on Sunday that something was wrong and that it was likely infected.

The pain became excruciating and left me unable to stand or walk. My wife was out of town on vacation, and that meant I had to take care of the four kids still here at home in that condition.

I went to Madison Memorial Hospital, where they gave me an oral antibiotic. I thought an IV would have been better, given the danger of my foot infection getting into my bloodstream or bone.

After nearly two days of taking the oral antibiotic, the pain was getting worse, and the infection was spreading. I went to the hospital again at around 12:30 a.m. on the 20th.

This time I went to the Eastern Idaho Medical Center in Idaho Falls.

My foot/ankle was very swollen, and the pain was going up my entire left leg which made us concerned that it was going to get much worse. Thankfully, x-rays and bloodwork showed it was not in the bloodstream or in my bone.

The doctors did two IV antibiotic solutions and ordered two infusions for the next two days, in addition to another oral antibiotic.

Today, as I removed the bandaging, my skin peeled off and got stuck to the gauze, exposing my wound but not ripping the stitches. I’ll spare you more details, but it didn’t look good, and since I had to go to the hospital for a follow-up anyway, I went in right away.

We had another scare today when I sat down after standing for a few minutes and when I removed the bandage, the skin was dark purple. Thankfully I had just put my wrap on too tight because dark purple is not a good color when it comes to infections.

Once again, the doctors said they didn’t want to take the stitches out because they were concerned that with the swelling still there, it might rip the wound open entirely.

Tonight, I feel a little less pain when I walk, which I hope is a good sign. If I stand too long, it begins to hurt again, but I can at least stand for a few minutes without much discomfort.

On Friday, I have an appointment with the surgeon who did the initial surgery, and I am praying that I can get out of the stitches and out of the boot I have been walking in for three weeks now.

I want to thank all of you who have been sending your thoughts and prayers for my family and me.

We hope that we can get the content moving again very soon. Again, I apologize for the delay and for not having some good stuff for you to read/watch.

I wanted to get this on the website so those visiting, who are unaware of my condition, can read and understand the lack of more frequent updates. I am the only writer for actual news articles and being laid up in bed has made it hard to do good writing.

Thank you again, and God bless!

-Greg Pruett, Editor


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24 thoughts on “Latest Update on Idaho Dispatch Editor Greg Pruett’s Foot/ER Visits

  1. Oh my gosh, Greg, I’m so sorry you’re going through this horrific infection! Please take care and you’re in my prayers.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Greg, you are in my prayers today. I’m really sorry you’re having to endure all the pain. They must get the infection under control sooner than later… ASAP.

  3. Good Grief!!!! You need to go to and get started on the CDS treatment. It REALLY WORKS…….and heals quickly.


  4. I am thankful to the doctors that are helping you recover, and to modern medicine! Get well soon, Greg. It’s time to get to work. – Ray

  5. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope (and pray) your health will be restored to the Glory of God in whom ALL THINGS are possible. Thanks for the updates, and for all you do for us!

  6. Happy you’re doing somewhat better. Sounds like going to see a veterinarian would have been better that going in to Madison.

  7. I had no idea that you were suffering from this.

    Please take good care and God bless your recovery!

    We need you Greg.

  8. You have seriously been through quite a bit. It is terrible that something that should have gone well, went so far south. The best medical advice I have gotten for several years now has been from an old retired floor RN, not someone who was in a supervisory position but someone who was actually hands-on. If you can find someone like that, a lot of medical issues can be taken care before they get harder to take care of.
    I am thankful that you are on the mend and by looking at the above comments, that you have a long list of people who wish you well and want you to do well.

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