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Kellogg Passes Mask Mandate

By • August 3, 2020

Another Idaho city has passed a mask mandate.

This, as public health officials continue to push Governor Little for a statewide mask order.

For now, Kellogg is the latest in a line of municipalities that are requiring its citizens to wear masks.

Like other mandates, the order comes with exceptions. Those who have underlying health conditions, those under the age of 5, first responders, and people eating in a restaurant are just a few of the exceptions listed in the order.

Violations of the order are an infraction carrying a fine of $100.

The order went into effect on July 30th and remains in effect until August 30th unless the city council extends it.

The order passed after Mayor Mac Pooler broke a tie with his support for the mask mandate.

The three city councilmembers voting in favor of the mandate were Anna Moody, Terry Douglas, and Dennis Norris. The three city councilmembers voting against the mandate were Ron Delcamp, Ron Mercado, and Sid Armstrong.

Moody, who favored the mandate, said during the meeting,

It’s about the greater good for the greatest number of people.

Delcamp, who opposed the mandate, said during the meeting,

This is just too much power for a mayor and a city council.

Local law enforcement officials have voiced concerns about how a mask mandate is supposed to be enforced.

Sheriff Mike Gunderson of Shoshone County told the Shoshone News Press,

There’s really no way we can enforce something like that. We’re so busy with calls for service, how do you add calls for someone not wearing a mask on top of that?

Concerns about how law enforcement will hold people accountable for not wearing a mask have been part of the debate statewide on the mask-mandate issue. A number of city councils have voted against ordinances based on that concern alone.

Is your city under a mask-mandate? How has cooperation been under the mandate?

Let us know in the comments below.

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