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Interview with Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-6) About the 2021 Legislative Session

By • January 11, 2021

Idaho Dispatch is attempting to interview as many legislators as we can regarding the 2021 Idaho legislative session.

The session began on January 11th and typically runs until late March or early April. However, because of the Coronavirus, the session may be shorter than normal.

With these interviews, we hope to give Idaho citizens some insight into what their government representatives hope to accomplish while they are in Boise.

Rep. Mike Kingsley (Republican – District 6, Seat B) sat down with Idaho Dispatch for a few minutes to give his thoughts and goals for this year.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-6) About the 2021 Legislative Session

  1. We need to establish Idaho as a sanctuary state and push back HARD against all of the coming unconstitutional edicts from DC. If it’s not in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights it needs to be a solid NO.

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