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Interview with Don Blankenship – Constitution Party Presidential Candidate

By • October 28, 2020

This election cycle Idaho Dispatch has had the opportunity to interview several candidates for the presidency.

Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and Independent presidential candidate Brock Pierce both sat down with Idaho Dispatch for an interview. You can find those interviews on our YouTube channel.

Today Idaho Dispatch had the opportunity to do a Zoom interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Don Blankenship.

Blankenship is on the Idaho ballot and is one of seven candidates running for president in Idaho.

Idaho Dispatch asked Blankenship a range of questions from the 2nd Amendment, to abortion, to health care, and global warming. We also discussed his book title, “Obama’s Deadliest Coverup: They All Have Blood On Their Hands.”

You can watch our interview with Blankenship below:

Note: Idaho Dispatch does not endorse candidates but we do our best to ensure that citizens are as informed as possible about who is running for office and wants to represent them. We do not work for any political party and do not play favorites to any political party.

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