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Interview with Billionaire Presidential Candidate Brock Pierce

By • October 19, 2020

There are seven candidates for president in Idaho.

President Donald Trump is running on the Republican Party ticket and Joe Biden is running on the Democrat Party ticket.

The remaining five candidates are from third parties or are running as “Independents.”

Of all the candidates, two have made visits to Idaho. Libertarian candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen came in September. You can see our interview with Jorgensen on our YouTube channel.

Brock Pierce, who is running as an Independent was in Idaho several weeks ago and was in Boise again several days ago.

Idaho Dispatch sat down with Pierce to discuss his views on a number of political stances as well as some personal questions about why he is running and past allegations against him.

Pierce made the ballot in 16 states including Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

Pierce told Idaho Dispatch that he is laying the groundwork for a bigger run at the presidency in four years. His primary reason for running for the nation’s highest office he summed up in one word, “love.”

Idaho Dispatch asked Pierce a number of policy questions about the 2nd Amendment, abortion, Black Lives Matter, healthcare, and more.

Additionally, Idaho Dispatch asked Pierce about past allegations against him regarding sexual crimes for which he was never charged or convicted.

You can see the entirety of Idaho Dispatch’s interview with Brock Pierce below:

Note: Idaho Dispatch does not endorse candidates. Our goal is to interview candidates for public office and give readers as much information as possible about those seeking to represent them so they can make the most informed decision possible.

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