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Interview: Keith Graves, 1 of 6 Candidates for Ada County Sheriff

By • June 12, 2021

With the sudden retirement of Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett, the Ada County Republican Party has been tasked with his replacement.

The Ada County Republican Party’s Precinct Committeemen will choose three of the six candidates and send those names to the Ada County Commissioners. The commissioners, two Republicans, and one Democrat have to choose one of the three names and appoint that person to fill the vacancy.

According to Ada County Republican Chairman Victor Miller, approximately four dozen Precinct Committeemen attended today’s event.

The candidate who is ultimately appointed will serve until 2023 but will face an election in 2022. The candidate chose from the top three would then have the opportunity to run on the ballot in 2024 for a full four-year term.

Keith Graves is one of the six candidates and you can see the entirety of his interview in the video below:

2 thoughts on “Interview: Keith Graves, 1 of 6 Candidates for Ada County Sheriff

  1. This is a great interview Keith Graves, thank you.
    We need a strong, upstanding Sheriff who protects their Officers and protects the Citizens.
    Implementation of community assigned Officers, best practices training for the safety of all, to a thorough understanding of the Sheriff and Sheriff’s department duties.
    Protection of the People’s and Officer’s rights through upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights is paramount to the Sheriff duties.
    Best of all, you seem calm, respectful and caring of all concerned.
    You are definitely high on the priority list for this position Sir.

  2. Good to hear a candidate who knows and incorporates the Constitution. Also good to know Mr. Graves has experience with, and awareness of, the encroachments on our freedoms. I wish the interviewer had followed up on what Mr. Graves meant by “bad influences” coming into Idaho, but in general, a good insight into this candidate. Thanks ID for doing these….

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