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Interview: Jake Nichols, 1 of 6 Candidates for Ada County Sheriff

By • June 13, 2021

With the sudden retirement of Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett, the Ada County Republican Party has been tasked with his replacement.

The Ada County Republican Party’s Precinct Committeemen will choose three of the six candidates and send those names to the Ada County Commissioners. The commissioners, two Republicans, and one Democrat have to choose one of the three names and appoint that person to fill the vacancy.

According to Ada County Republican Chairman Victor Miller, approximately four dozen Precinct Committeemen attended today’s event.

The candidate who is ultimately appointed will serve until 2023 but will face an election in 2022. The candidate chose from the top three would then have the opportunity to run on the ballot in 2024 for a full four-year term.

Jake Nichols is one of the six candidates and you can see the entirety of his interview in the video below:

2 thoughts on “Interview: Jake Nichols, 1 of 6 Candidates for Ada County Sheriff

  1. I’ll pass. Didn’t hear words from a Constitutional sheriff but rather lots of cliches (“Take the sheriff’s office to a new level” (what the heck does that mean anyway???) or “Violence. Nobody wins.”). I don’t get any sense there is a backbone here, just a go-along-to-get-along individual.

    I personally want to hear some understand AND say that as sheriff, he is the chief law enforcement officer in the county, and if anyone from Washington or the FBI or the ATF, etc, comes to Idaho to exercise UNCONSTITUTIONAL control over Idahoans or seeks to impose fines/mandates/arrests over us, he will literally stand on my front step if necessary and tell an overreaching federal government they have overstepped their limited CONSTITUTIONAL authority in Idaho. And then tell them point blank: ” Leave or I will arrest you.”

    For those who argue that the supremacy clause gives the federal government more power than the states, you are wrong. When the federal government acts outside its defined LIMITED powers delegated to it BY THE STATES, those acts are null and void. We need a sheriff who will put the federal government on notice when it overreaches and one who will stand in the gap and tell Washington, “No, you can go no further. Try, and you will deal with me.”

    Mr. Nichols appears to be a very nice man and would probably make a great neighbor. But the fire and grit needed to be sheriff when Joe Biden’s FBI and other associated ghouls come calling just doesn’t seem to be there, IMO. Haven’t listened to the other candidates yet, but this is my standard when for county sheriff.

    1. Can’t agree more with you! Lots of catch phrases but really no meat to his speech. Seems like a nice guy, but I don’t want nice, I too want a sheriff that will stand behind the constitution, both the country’s and our state’s, not just someone who will lay over when the feds start pushing their weight around.

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