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IDGOP State Party Chair Dorothy Moon to Address Multiple Concerns Regarding Ada County GOP

By • February 1, 2023

Idaho Republican Party Chairman Dorothy Moon is planning to address several items including budget concerns with the Precinct Committeemen of Ada County tomorrow evening, February 2, at the Ada County Republican Central Committee meeting in Boise.

A letter from Chair Moon was sent to all the Precinct Committeemen earlier this evening. It addressed issues regarding the record-keeping, expenditures, budgeting, and reporting by Ada County Chairman Victor Miller and the Ada County GOP Executive Committee. Moon said in part,

“…the lack of transparency and the inability for the Ada County Executive Committee to seek the truth is concerning.”

The budget issues identified by Moon are in regard to spending by the County Party in 2021 and 2022, including the 2022 election. One specific example mentioned a radio show on KIDO and Town Square Media. Moon claims that Miller has not paid the amount agreed to, and that Miller stopped speaking to Moon. She reports he and previous IDGOP Chair Tom Luna continued the program under a different name.

“Red Wave Radio, which was entered into agreement by Victor Miller and Tom Luna with Town Square Media in 2021. At my first Executive Committee meeting as chair, held on July 25th, 2022, previous staff members reported that Victor was to pay half of the Town Square media bill and IDGOP the other half. Victor never paid his half and the two to three days a week spent by staff to prepare for the weekly program. That said the cost the IDGOP paid for the entire show was $54,490.00. I cancelled the show in August 2022 after meeting with the previous staff and determining it was not a good investment for the IDGOP. I informed Victor Miller I was cancelling our involvement in Red Wave Radio. Victor has not spoken to me after I cancelled Red Wave Radio. At that moment Victor began working with the previous IDGOP Chair to continue the program under the Keep Idaho Red name. To this date there has been no accounting of how the new show is being paid for. In the attached PDF document, you will see a paragraph from the Ada County Republican Election 2022 After Action Report by Victor Miller, Chairman, December 23, 2022. It states that part of Ada County Republican’s Campaign tactics was “a radio talk show.”

Moon went on to explain several other line item expenditures by the State Party on behalf of Ada County. She made several additional comments of note:

“I was troubled by the fact that no one in our office was called about our actual expenses, but instead Ada County contacted the previous Chair and staff.”

“I understand the Treasurer’s report was passed at the January 5th meeting, not tabled, and will be used as a basis to discontinue paying the Ada County quota. Apparently Chair Miller and many on the Executive Committee have decided to dismiss the quota with a list of like-kind expenses never discussed with the state party or our current staff.”

“In summary, the IDGOP spent $60,916.97 more than the partial quota of $24,000 paid by Ada County.”

The entire email can be seen here. Use the arrows at the bottom of the image to scroll through.

Letter to Ada PCs from Chair Moon

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Ada County Chairman Victor Miller for comment. If a response is received, this article will be updated.

In closing, Moon told the PCs,

“I look forward to visiting with you at the Ada County Central Committee meeting tomorrow night, February 2nd at 6:45 PM at the Ada County Courthouse.”

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15 thoughts on “IDGOP State Party Chair Dorothy Moon to Address Multiple Concerns Regarding Ada County GOP

  1. Stick to your guns Dorothy, Ada County is depending on your strength!
    Why hasn’t Tom Luna been censured out of the Republican Party by now?

    1. Totally agree! Luna was a significant part of the problems Idaho has had (not just with the GOP but the education problems too) for several years. He would make an excellent liberal democrat.

  2. There’s very little conservative about Red Wave Radio. They are establishment hacks. Remember, it was Luna who pushed for the adoption of Common Core in Idaho along with Governor Otter and then-Lt Gov (now Governor) Brad Little.

    Both Luna and Victor Miller should be censured and dismissed from the Republican Party. Neither represents Idaho Republican – ie conservative – values.

    1. agree…I have wondered for quite a while who is presently paying for the Red Wave Radio. Isn’t Mr. Luna unemployed??

  3. You’ve got my vote Dorothy. I’ll be there tonight. Thank you for what you’re doing for the Idaho GOP and for Idaho.

  4. It would seem that if the Idaho GOP accepted the treasury reports and nobody tabled a question or objection then the body is liable for payment. Unless he was fraudulently hiding the expenditures you have no recourse. If he was committing wrong then the IGOP may be able a d should take him to court to recover the expenses.

  5. Victor Miller, Megan Reichle, Travis Clyde, Barrett Tetlow and David Lister must be removed from office immediately. In my opinion, this group is putting the financial sovereignty of the Ada County GOP Central Committee in serious legal jeopardy.

  6. Red Wave Radio has always been a sham. It is a shame that they have continued to push their socialist, left-leaning agenda in the guise of being “so-called conservative Republicans.” Anyone with a pulse could understand that these. two men, Luna and Miller, are anything but conservatives. They do, however seem to represent a large segment of the Establishment Crony Capitalists (RHINOs) that genuflect to the Governor/King Little.

    I am not surprised to learn about the financial shenanigans and I hope that they can be censured somehow for this apparent misappropriation without consent of the actual head of the Party.

    Go with God, Dorothy Moon — We’re behind you every step of the way!

  7. Dorothy Moon is right on. Leadership and GOP unity in the Ada County GOP Central Committee is lacking. I’m fairly new to the game but I can see what is happening. I sense the Ada County GOP is getting a bit too swampy and needs to be cleaned up. Thank you Chairwoman Moon for your leadership.

  8. Thanks for what you do Dorothy.
    There is so much more to do, several liberal leaning Republicans must be replaced.
    Among them and just a start:
    1.) The Governor – Bought and Paid for by liberal organization’s campaign donations.
    2.) The Lt Governor – Kangaroo Court Boy, Wannabe Dictator.
    3.) Secretary of State – Meta Boy
    4.) House and Senate Leadership that packed the Committee Chairmanships with people that will silence the Conservative bills from getting to the floor.

    1. Rinos——progressive republicans, these
      Uniparty rinos are democrat infiltrates.
      They walk with red shoe and blue shoe.
      DUPLICITY is the name of the game…..
      Democrat imposters within…

  9. I’m so glad to see this true conservative movement happening…..thank you Dorothy for spearheading this effort and bringing hope and a voice to the citizens of our great State of Idaho!!! As a Idaho native I have been discouraged in seeing the gradual decline by our so called conservative representatives. We desperately need more conservative candidates running in the next election cycle to give Idaho voters better options. We have more RINOS than those who have true conservative roots….God Bless you all for standing up and fighting this war against the swampmasters.

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