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Idaho’s Legislative Session Begins Today, Little to Give “State of the State” Address

By • January 11, 2021

With the nation focused on presidential politics, Idahoans will also be watching the state legislative session here in Idaho.

105 legislators from across the state will be convening at the state capitol today to begin discussing, debating, and passing various pieces of legislation.

Several Democrat lawmakers, Rep. Sue Chew (Boise) and Rep. Muffy Davis (Ketchum) have filed a lawsuit against Republican House Speaker Scott Bedke (Oakley). The Democrat lawmakers are suing Bedke over his refusal to impose a mask mandate and social distancing requirements inside the capitol.

To date, Bedke has said that while they will do everything they can to help Idahoans feel safe at the capitol, he will not force anyone to wear a mask.

In addition to the legislators beginning the legislative session, Governor Brad Little will be giving his “State of the State” address from the Lincoln Auditorium.

Typically the State of the State address is given in front of lawmakers but because Governor Little has Idaho in a modified Stage 2, he will give his speech televised with very few people in attendance.

Little’s address will take place at 1:00 p.m. MST and can be watched using the link from the Governor’s website here.

The legislative session officially begins at 12:00 p.m. MST and a lot of hot button topics are expected to be debated this year.

A number of legislators want to introduce legislation so that they can call themselves back into session. Currently, the only way the legislature can come back into session outside of their ordinary timeframe is if the governor decides to call them back into session.

Additionally, a number of other issues such as education spending, property taxes, the 2nd Amendment, and more will be discussed.

Idaho Dispatch has been told that leadership in the House and Senate want the session to be shorter than it normally is. Traditionally, the legislative session will run until approximately late March or early April.

Because of concerns among some lawmakers over the Coronavirus, those concerns may speed up the legislative session to an early end.

It should be noted that the Idaho State Patrol is requesting that individuals coming to the capitol wear a mask and social distance if possible while inside.

What type of legislation would you like to see passed this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Idaho’s Legislative Session Begins Today, Little to Give “State of the State” Address

  1. DO not mandate a mask requirement for this state. We know how to conduct ourselves and are not children that need supervision. Tell the Democrats to wear their own masks and treat the people of Idaho with respect. We know the ramifications and how to protect ourselves. Not all counties are affected like the Boise area. Each county can decide for their constiuents.

  2. If representatives Chew and Davis are afraid to come in and do their job then they should resign. They were not elected to sit at home and cower in fear.

    1. That’s exactly right, but just like many teachers that want to stay home and get paid, they too would like the same freebie check

    2. Exactly. We do not want representatives like hiden Biden else they become like virtual representatives.

  3. How about a session of repeal, rather than more? Oh wait, not even liberty legislators go for that! Or will they this year…? Hard not to be cynical.

  4. I Would like to see election laws amended. Paper only, observers able to observe, ID verification, no mail harvesting, recourse for auditing, protection for whistleblowers.

    1. Agreed. Talking with some people in the state we do have election integrity, however that may not always be the case. Things can change, and not always for the better. Idaho can lead the way by setting a precedent and election integrity needs to be addressed this session.

    1. Yes a simple polite email is a small gesture but when we are united, great power. Speak up or lose your right to free speech…

  5. A law that limits the authority of health departments during a pandemic. They should not be able to hold businesses liable for a customer’s noncompliance with cdc guidelines which I believe is the only reason they require masks in their establishments.
    What can be done about the censorship and suppression on the internet?

  6. 1. Legislature should amend state constitution to be able to call themselves back into session instead of the governor.
    2. Public Health Boards are not elected and should only make reccommendations.

  7. I have contacted all my State Representatives prior to today’s session opener. Please take the time to contact and stay in touch with your support and ideas. We have to get Idaho more conservative. We have a huge bunch of Republicans that need to be gone and start with fresh true Conservatives.

  8. Arrest corrupt bio-terrorist-for-profit Officials!
    Gov little and others suppressed HCQ and treatments that could have ended his “emergency,” before it began. They have used information from groups owned and set to profit from suffering, including the CDC, FDA and WHO. They have imposed, enforced and monetarily incentivized unconstitutional, counterintuitive mandates leading to the suffering and destruction of our communities.
    All of this because of a virus which has never been proven to be other than the EXISTING cold and flu virus’. Infact, the cold and flu numbers have been reclassified as “COVID” and the overall death rate has NOT increased. Across the US, “COVID death numbers” have been found to be inflated by unrelated deaths.
    Enough of this FRAUD!!!
    Our elderly are being isolated and neglected! Psychological harm is being done to our children and society at large. Our local business’ are being harmed and lawsuits over harassment and discrimination are soon to come. Investigate Brad Little for any ties to the CCP!

  9. End the “emergency”

    Pass law so legislature can come back into session on it’s own, as it sees fit, when it sees fit, with no limitations on their time.

    Strengthen the Stand Your Ground Law

    Pass law protecting Idaho from federal agents attempting to enforce non constitutional federal laws within our borders. Give our Sheriffs authority to arrest atf and other unlawful federal agents attempting to do so.

    Require boards of health to show iron clad proof of requirement of any orders they issue.

  10. 1. Legislation to call the representatives back into session without need of the Governor.
    2. Further protection for freedom of choicers with masks, vaccines, and treatments.
    3. Health districts need to be striped of power. They cannot make law; they are not the legislature.
    4. Give Sheriffs their just authority as the only elected law enforcement arm (so the Mayor cannot simply make demands to order followers).
    5. Fix the backwards Zoom courts with a masked Judge. (Currently there is no speedy trial nor any jury trials, just a Zoom meeting with masked individuals.)
    6. Put further detail into Idaho Open Meeting Law so that the official business in public buildings can be attended by the public without excuses or mask requirements (because the current situation at CDH where observers have been arrested for trespassing during the public meeting is unacceptable).

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