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Idaho U.S. Senate Candidate Responses: Raymond Writz (Constitution Party of Idaho)

By • October 8, 2020

Why do you believe you are a better fit for this job than your opponent(s)?

I stand for the original interpretation of the Constitution and the practice thereof. I also have no special Interest Groups that I Would have to answer to, just the voters.

Do you support a ban on any semi-automatic firearms, magazines based on capacity, and do you support Extreme Risk Protection Orders, commonly called “Red Flag laws?”

No, I do not support the ban on any semi-automatic firearms and magazines based on capacity and I’m strongly against any red flag laws.

The spending in Congress has continued to increase for many years under both major political parties. What have you done, or what will you do to help get Congressional spending under control?

I would try to block all none Constitutional spending.

What is at least one issue you have been able to find, or would try to find, common ground with on the other side of the political aisle?

The one issue I would find is to protect the power grid from EMP and CME’s from the Sun and any other attacks.

Do you believe more of Idaho’s lands under the control of the federal government need to be transferred over to the state of Idaho for management? Why or why not?

Yes I do, but this will take time to transfer over, based on the ability to handle the cost of proper forest land management spread over a couple of decades.

The cost of healthcare continues to increase and people from all political backgrounds are frustrated with the high price of medical goods and services. What is the best way to get Idahoans cheap but quality healthcare and how would you help do that in Congress?

We need to open up to competition to help reduce the cost of medicine and health insurance. I would encourage the use of natural products and educating people on how to better take care of themselves where ever possible.

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