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21 thoughts on “Idaho to be Epicenter of Global Cobalt Demand

  1. Too bad batteries don’t generate energy. They aren’t a real solution to an energy shortage. They only store energy. Some other fuel, usually fossil fuel, has to generate it, because wind and solar panel farms can’t compete with coal or oil, and they require a ton of energy just to build the parts for them. The huge amounts of metal required to build 1 wind turbine makes you wonder if it will generate enough energy to even compensate for it’s own creation, from mining the metal ores, to smelting, then the machinery needed to make the raw metal ore into something useful. If you really think about all the transportation of the ore and it’s products around to different factories to make the various parts, then haul them and set up the wind turbines, using alot of heavy machinery, you have to wonder at what point that wind mill would generate enough energy just to make up for what was used to make it. Be sure to figure in the gas of every worker who drove to work at whatever place had a part in it’s manufacture. It all counts if you’re going to be realistic about energy conservation.

    1. Driving along the Columbia River and south from Biggs Junction at one time was a scenic trip. It seems every trip those wind turbines move further south. NOT SCENIC anymore.

    2. You are so correct. All of this is to appease the global warming/climate change lie that is based on zero truth. We have more than enough oil and natural gas to last us until something comes along that can really produce energy more efficiently and they need to account for all the costs of production of that replacement, not just shift the costs and environmental damage to some other place. Wind has been proven to not pay. Solar has too many problems and limitations and again, needs batteries. None of this junk recycles. But, our Earth keeps creating more oil and gas ( it is not from dinosaurs), which makes me wonder what will happen if we stop using it? Nobody has addressed that….

      1. Well, if we stopped using so-called ‘fossil fuels’ (a misnomer as you pointed out…) just because the global fascists say so, Western Civilization will crumble and revert back to the pre-petroleum days except worse.

        No readily available, affordable energy.
        They will NOT allow horses as transportation.
        They will NOT allow burning wood for fuel.
        They will NOT allow using animals for anything.
        They WILL force everyone into ‘smart’ cities where your consumption (food, energy, etc…) will be monitored and regulated.

        Not science fiction.
        They have been saying these things publically for some time.

        Unfortunately for them, it is NOT going to happen.

  2. Remember kids, when governments pick winners and losers, we the people always lose.

    We subsidize a money losing operation because globalist #9 doesn’t want globalist #3 to lose his money. Let the peasants pay for it.

  3. Its no wonder farmers were cut off from their water. 500k acres worth just so a foreign company with over 200 congress and senate members have financial interest in the mine which requires huge amounts of water to operate 24 hours.

  4. There is a video going around that states $15 mill was appropriated to Jervois Global from the Ukraine Supplemental Appropriation Act: I don’t know how to confirm that, but it would be no surprise to me. Are there any honest politicians?

  5. Huge red flag when it states the company embraces ESG- I fear that the politicians will see this as a cash cow and the good people of Salmon and Lemhi County interests will be put secondary to mining operations that potentially can impact water and out door activities that are the mainstay of the area.

    1. LOL, DIE is coming to Salmon! I’m sure all those unqualified Black Woman that couldn’t cut it at Boeing will fit right in up there. We’ve got Kill Gates buying our farm land, and the Aussie Crown controlling our minerals, and God knows what China’s doing around here, Globalism is thriving here. There will never be a political solution to this mess, the money will see to that, the question is will the people of this State ever go hands on before it’s too late?

      1. We need to STOP the mine from reopening. It isn’t worth it. The jobs will be temporary, and the cost of cleanup? That cost will fall on us the tax payers. Seems like everyone in the world is coming to destroy OUR country, then run home. The people that are SUPPOSED to work for US are taking money to destroy us, not protect us. It’s sad.

  6. I understand that mining is unavoidable for everyday life. But I don’t understand why only Canadian and Australian mining companies exploit and profit from US minerals. Could it be that after the mines close, they can escape back to their countries and leave the environmental cleanup for us?

    1. Yes Tom, you are right. The clean up will be up to the locals. And the locals are tired of being lied to. I have lived in Salmon all my life and I do not trust ANY company coming in saying we have so many jobs coming. The local economy gets all geared up for these workers spending money and then guess what. 300 people get laid off. Salmon has a population of 3100.140 miles from any interstate highway. Locals suffer. Our economy suffers. And remember we are still a right to work state. Minimum wage is still at $7.25 an hour. And some businesses around here still start at that. Now imagine a young man needing that mining job. Gets here. Can’t find housing, there is no housing. Families here are living in travel trailers. And rent is $1200 a month for that trailer. So this young man buys a house. $300,000. Nice. He’s set. Then 3 years from now the mine closes. No income, no house and he ends up leaving. Win, win all around isn’t it. Again, yes the locals are the ones to suffer.

  7. AND…. some are finally realizing the long term plans that started way back when.
    Like with every other state, these companies are allowed in, to “build the economy” so to speak to only have the real agenda come out way later down the line… by then, the land is poisoned, the nature and its balance is destroyed, our waters are being polluted and all our resources for the people OF Idaho are being stolen and since its already there, there isnt much we can do about it… and many are slapping their foreheads once its out because not enough people stood up to block it. I’m sorry, but IMO, NO foreign companies or outside countries should be allowed a piece of the USA to strip it like they did in their own countries.

  8. Let’s face it — We have no Representation and haven’t for a very long time. The only ones who have it are those who are willing to buy it.
    End Representation and either get a Lottery system or a system where everyone votes for everything since we can all do that from our computers.
    Fascists systems suck – that’s why no one in Russia wanted to fight in WWII so Stalin had to kill a million of them so they would volunteer.
    Just as now, no one wants to fight for the MIC – KEYs and get slaughtered on the killing fields of WWIII just so the NWO can get their genocide numbers up to where their Masters are pleased.

  9. Genocide is here. “They” are working on the “genetically engineered bird flu” to kill the rest of us off.
    We are also getting a new “DATA” center. Remember Snowden told us about the one in Utah.
    Things are really screwed up. If we don’t get our people to vote here we will be in deep trouble. I hear we had another low turnout. This is very depressing, we need our people to be engaged but the ABC channels hide all the real facts and most people have no clue to what is happening.
    We are on the edge of loosing our country and it’s really close. My big concern is that Obiden will throw a new “plannedemic” on us and we won’t have an election. He’ll declare Marshall Law. I’m praying this won’t happen but nothing surprises me anymore.

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