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Idaho Supreme Court to Hear Reclaim Lawsuit Over New Ballot Initiative Law

By • June 9, 2021

During the Idaho legislative session, the legislature passed Senate Bill 1110.

The bill changed ballot initiative requirements so that signatures for initiatives must be gathered from all 35 legislative districts. Reclaim Idaho filed a lawsuit to stop the new legislation, which went into effect immediately after Governor Brad Little signed the bill into law.

Last week, the Idaho Supreme Court scheduled a hearing to hear the case. Citizens will be able to watch the “Oral Arguments” on June 29 at 10:00 a.m. MST.

Reclaim Idaho has said the new law is unconstitutional and had promised a challenge to the law after its passage.

In a Twitter post last week, Reclaim praised the Supreme Court for quickly taking up the case. Here is what the group said on Twitter:

The initiative process has been the guaranteed right of Idaho citizens for over 100 years. For the thousands of Idahoans who are paying close attention, it is a great relief to know that the Idaho Supreme Court understands the urgency of this issue.

The Idaho Attorney General’s office will be defending the law. In addition to their office, the Idaho legislature has hired its own private attorneys to help defend the law as well.

Senator Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens) was the law’s primary sponsor during the legislative session and said during hearings that the law was needed to make sure rural voters had a voice in the ballot initiative process.

Opponents have argued that the law is unconstitutional and would make ballot initiatives nearly impossible.

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15 thoughts on “Idaho Supreme Court to Hear Reclaim Lawsuit Over New Ballot Initiative Law

  1. This is good law in the sense that signatures from all districts are needed. In this way the most populated areas of the state (Boise) do not dictate to the rest of the state i.e. as Portland does to the state of Oregon.

  2. I believe that the law is just. We need to be able to have a say in all that is going on. With this law no one large county can overrule the smaller (population wise). Go Idaho! Keep us balanced.

    1. Or as Minneapolis/St. Paul does to rural Minnesota, or as northern Virginia does to the rural Commonwealth” or as Seattle does to rural Washington State…..yes, a good law. One reason I chose Idaho as my home 5 years ago: no one city or region of the state should dictate to the rest, via greater numbers at the ballot box, what is or is not law for everyone.

      Majority should rule tho, right? No, that’s mob rule, that’s might makes right and the little guy doesn’t have a chance.

      I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said democracy was two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for supper. A republic is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. This recently approved ballot initiative is a much needed rearmament supply for a beleaguered lamb.

      Thanks to those who brought it thru enemy lines…..

      1. Yes Black Irish rose, so smart. I wish I could of said that all and spoke so clear. Keep your comments coming for all of us even in North Idaho.

    2. I agree with MartyAnn Juenke
      No large county should overrule the whole of the population. Like Boise and Nampa or Pocatello

  3. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am political, social and economic refugee from the once great state of CA and cherish the freedom and liberty I enjoy as a citizen of the Great State of Idaho. One of the many factors that caused the downfall of CA is it’s corrupted and abused initiative ballot process. As it is structured, the signatures required to put an initiative on the ballot can come from strategically selected areas where the greatest number of supporters live.

    The initiative process was meant for give ALL the citizens access to the ballot to promote progress and redress grievances. However, the modern day version has become a tool that special interest groups can use to often place unpopular ideas on the ballot. Rules that favor selective signature gathering offer little defense against bad actors who want to rig the system and do not have the best interests of the people in mind.

    Reclaim Idaho speaks of noble causes and grass-roots organizing fighting for ALL Idahoans. However, a close inspection of the organization website exposes show them to be just another left-wing, WOKE, social justice organization fighting against the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy boogeyman.

    They describe the citizens of Idaho as victims of a government ruling class that “routinely pass tax cuts and other favors for the wealthy donors and special-interest groups who help get them elected.” According to RI​ our Republican controlled legislature does not believe in “access to affordable healthcare, protected public lands, and strong public schools”. RI focuses on “the need to build the popular base of support for the change we seek.” They state that “Reclaim Idaho’s primary organizing tactic is the ballot initiative.” That the “initiative is our primary tactic because it has the greatest potential for growing a statewide movement.” Their strategy “is to win the change we seek through bottom-up, grassroots organizing in every Idaho community.” However, they don’t believe every Idahoan in every Idaho community should get a peek behind the curtain and see what they are really up to.

    This is typical left wing hypocrisy and double speak. Rather than honestly presenting their arguments to all the people in the state they use the initiative process to cherry pick their supporters and exclude large numbers of citizens living outside the urban population centers who might oppose them.

    B1110, sponsored by Steve Vick, R-Dalton Gardens, solves this problem. By requiring signature gathering in all 35 legislative districts it brings fairness to initiative process and gives all Idahoans a voice in important matters. RI is whining because it levels the playing field and strips them of an unfair advantage.

    Starting back in the 1970″s, the “Reclaim California” movement successfully turned the once great state of California into a social, political and economic wasteland. I know, I was there. Thanks to Steve Vick Idaho is fighting back before the grass roots planted by the left can grow into the overgrown, choking weeds of socialism.

    1. From one hopeful conservative political refugee from CA to another who’s already made the move… I agree completely. When I read this, I was curious what the best argument was against the bill. When I saw it originated in the panhandle, I was even more confused, as it seems that they are simply attempting to ensure that large metro areas like Boise can’t overrun rural counties. You are 100% correct that this was literally the BLUEPRINT for the destruction of CA. I live a few hours east of San Francisco in a strong red county that went heavily for Trump, and every day we fight the force fed liberal cancer coming out of SF and LA infesting our county. Sacramento is 100% driven by SF and LA, and rural counties are left to suffer the consequences with no voice.

      Even the group name… Reclaim Idaho… didn’t make sense to me. Reclaim it from what? The sound conservative principles and values that have shaped it for over a century? It’s not “reclaim” Idaho… it’s Fundamentally Transform Idaho… sound familiar? If we are ever lucky enough to make the move, I’ll be bringing 6 solid conservative voices who want nothing more than to shore up what’s made Idaho great for generations. Look carefully folks at groups like this, because once the cancer takes hold, it’s nearly impossible to excise. Keep Idaho… Idaho.

    2. Thanks for your information and yes we need more Patriots Like you.
      But why are you in Boise. And not in North Idaho to hold back the left moving into 2nd homes from Seatle and Portland. Wanting to control the lobbyist for the left. It’s always been about Money and not freedom…If you have the money you can buy security instead of helping our Police, You can pay social Media to print your propaganda. I hate big brother and it stomping on my family’s native state of Idaho from the early civil war days.

  4. Not worried. This will stick. It’s the Marxist Idaho 97% clowns that are causing this hearing.

    Let’s remember something I haven’t seen for awhile.

    Recall Boise Mayor!
    Vote OUT Boise Sanchez this Summer
    Stop Idaho 97% clowns !!

  5. If the previous requirement of 18 districts was constitutional, why would having all 35 districts be unconstitutional? This way the entire state is in the process.

    Ada and Canyon counties comprise 12 of the 18 needed districts. With a couple of more populated left leaning areas, reclaim can push through the pot initiative with ease. This is the whole truth behind reclaims lawsuit, pushing pot into Idaho.

  6. We escaped from Southern OR and I grew up in CA. I know all about which you speak Steve.
    I’m tried of all this nonsense. I worked in the Western State community hospital in WA state for the criminally insane and I see the same type of behavior coming from groups like reclaim Idaho and other leftist groups.
    This is very frightening to me. We literally have insane people trying to take our country over, to become what? I think we all know the answer to that. The insane always take over countries, kill/starve/brainwash millions.
    I’m calling/writing and telling everyone that will hear me about what is happening to our country. I know what’s it’s like to talk to the brainwashed; denial and anger. I would like someone to come up with a way to get into these peoples heads so they can see what is happening. Yet with all the news and social media censoring everyone who speaks out, it seems impossible to get any head way. I’m still trying anyway.
    I watched OR turn into a pot farm over night it seems. Everyone near you with space was putting them up. The smell and transients that they were bringing in was horrible. Our mailboxes were not safe and a back yard with a door open was an opportunity to rip one off and enjoy your pool and home while you were away. People quickly stopped leaving anything unlocked including vehicles. It was pretty nice up until then, of corse except for the insane Governor Brown.

  7. “Reclaim Idaho group” needs to be exposed every time they appear. I agree that researching the opposed group should always be the first step before making any decisions.
    I also agree that Boise mayor should be recalled along with Sanchez.
    B1110, sponsored by Steve Vick, R-Dalton Gardens, by requiring signature gathering in all 35 legislative districts it brings fairness to initiative process and give all Idahoans a voice in important matters.

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