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Idaho State Board of Medicine Dismisses Claim Against Dr. Ryan Cole

By • September 8, 2021

Update at 2:32 p.m. on Sept. 8: Dr. Ryan Cole send Idaho Dispatch the following message in response to the Idaho State Board of Medicine dismissing the claim against him:

I have always been, and always will be a compassionate, empathetic, patient-focused physician. I am grateful that a politically motivated complaint against me has been dismissed. To me, disease, health and wellness have never been political. To be attacked and maligned by individuals from distant keyboards, who have never met me, and make false assumptions about me, decries the sad state of dialogue in our society. I share the science and extensive medical experience I have, to inform, educate and prompt thought and promote wellness.

The patient should always be fully informed to make their own health and wellness choices, according to the dictates of their own conscience and with good medical advice. There is no one size fits all solution to the current situation with the virus. I share what I observe and know based on data, decades of experience, and a background in immunology and virology. I always maintain an open door to all dialogue, so that we all come to what is best for patients in their own unique scenarios. I invite those who view things differently, to have a measured, metered intellectually open conversation. Bring different points of view. I am open to all complete, transparent data-driven conversations to benefit the patient, and our community—not emotional arguments.

I am aware of many other groups and individuals, who have never met me, filing additional unfounded, specious, harassing complaints. This is a shameful, unprecedented, and unethical tactic. I encourage all boards to continue to let good doctors be good doctors and to admire their ability to see politics for politics, and medicine for medicine.

Original story below.

Dr. Ryan Cole has been officially certified as a Board Member for Central District Health.

Cole has been the subject of both criticism and praise for his medical advice regarding Covid-19 treatment. One group that had criticized Cole was the Idaho 97%, who also filed a complaint against him to the Idaho State Board of Medicine targeting Cole’s medical license.

The Idaho 97% posted a letter on Twitter from the ISBOM that dismissed their claim against Cole.

In the letter, the ISBOM said that it was outside of their authority to discipline licenses for statements medical professionals make at conferences or to the media. Here is what part of the letter stated,

The Board’s jurisdiction is governed by what is in the statutes and rules. Neither the Idaho Medical Practice Act nor the applicable administrative rules provide a basis for the Board to discipline licenses for statements made during a conference, to the media, or in any other public setting.

Cole has been criticized by the Idaho 97 for some of the public statements he has made regarding the Covid-19 shots. The group responded to the ISBOM’s letter with the following statement on Twitter,

The Board of Medicine says it is incapable of policing the conduct of doctors in Idaho outside of the doctor/patient relationship. We assert Idaho has a duty to police this conduct when it affects public health. This doesn’t cut it. #idpol

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Cole to see if he had a response to the Board’s decision. Cole has not responded at the time of this publication.

Do you think the Board should have disciplined Cole for his public statements? Why or why not?

Let us know in the comments below.

An image of the letter posted by the Idaho 97% from the ISBOM can be seen below:

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24 thoughts on “Idaho State Board of Medicine Dismisses Claim Against Dr. Ryan Cole

  1. Those that should be Disciplined, Possibly on Trial, or at Minimum relieved of duty include, yet not limited to, the following:

    1.) Hospital Administrators, Doctors, Nurses and Staff that are violating the hippocratic oath.
    2.) School Administrators who are pushing unconstitutional actions.
    3.) Sheriff’s who do not stand up for the people.
    4.) Absolute political hacks such as the Governor, many Mayors, University Presidents, etc. who govern through ignorance of fact.
    5.) Private Companies that threaten the firing of those employees who refuse to let an unknown Synthetic Pathogen Injection ruin their health.

    We stand by our Constitutional Rights. We make our own decisions.

    Synthetic Pathogen Injections that do irreparable harm, a mask that only does harm, never where, and still will not be tolerated.

    Dr. Ryan Cole and the many, many other people like him, that stand up for Healthcare, that stand up for our individual rights, are respected, welcomed and needed in our community.

    1. Hear Hear, 7. I look forward to the day when WTP can hold responsible, CDH, CDC, CMS, & those Doctors and nurses who: refused to treat patients because they were not vaccinated; who allowed patients to die, instead of offering to treat with HCQ or IVer or Regeneron; who intubated and then abandoned patients without voices; who denied patients advocacy at the bedside; and who encouraged fear and denial of liberties to any citizen who did not participate in forced healthcare. I pray that every Patriot that sees this post by IFF calls and thanks Al Hofer for his courage to stand up for freedom by casting his yes vote for Ryan Cole. We are at war.

  2. Kudos to you Dr. Cole!!!!! So sick of the lies perpetrated by socialist commies. I loved your interview with The Highwire!

    The Idaho 97 Project supports the democratic process in Idaho, counters disinformation and extremism through proactive, fact-based action and media messaging, and protects free expression and good governance for the public and public officials alike.”
    “Michael (Mike) Satz is the founding executive director of the Idaho 97 Project, LLC.”

    So what part of going after DR Coles license is part of the democratic process? Seems like a Democratic lawyer from Texas started a business to go after truth tellers.

    I wonder who is donating to this???

    1. Attorneys aren’t licensed to practice medicine, so they need to stick with practicing law and let the physicians practice medicine. Attorneys (politicians) have screwed up this so-called pandemic so bad by allowing the drug companies to practice medicine without medical licenses and by allowing bogus studies to be published that stopped inexpensive and effective drugs from use by doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. They should be relegated to Guantanamo Bay for life!

  4. I am a nurse who supports Ryan Cole and the sick people are vaxxed.
    I’ve seen more vaxx reactions than “Covid.”
    Everything is “Covid.” It’s all a farce.
    Don’t get the booster!

  5. Someday there will be another Nuremberg trial for what the medical community has done during the COVID pandemic. The CDC, FDA and hospital systems will be convicted of crimes against humanity for denying people life-saving treatments like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine & zinc, monoclonal antibodies and even simple vitamin D. Instead they forced dangerous and ineffective vaccines that their controllers in the pharmaceutical industry are making billions of dollars in profit from.

    People like Dr. Cole will be the Oskar Schindlers who saved people from the murderous hands of the medical Nazis.

    Do you think I speak too harshly or dramatically? I don’t.

  6. I agree 100% with every one of these comments. Anyone with eyes to see can reason that we are in the grip of a national psychosis, and the “good people” that trust their authorities (CDC, FDA, etc, and media like NPR and NYT) have been manipulated to think the worst accusations of the best doctors. How many of the most credentialed (McCullough, Jensen, Urso, Gold, Kory, Lawrie, Hoffe, Montagnier, Malone, and of course good ol’ Joe Mercola, and so may others) will continue to be subjected to arbitrary and vicious smear campaigns (and of course, board inquisitions) until people WAKE UP to the manipulation? At some point, it’s like, “are they really all just hacks and quacks?”

    i would like to offer commendation and solidarity to the good people on this thread. You all obviously have eyes to see. Well done. We’re “in this together”… viva la resistance!

  7. The “97%” are totally uninformed/misinformed and willfully ignorant. They are being preached to by influential agenda carriers that need pressure groups to advance this Plandemic. It’s a political cult wrapped up in astroturf. They only know CDC talking points and follow MSNBC mavens. Very glad they were dismissed.

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