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Idaho Republican Party Moves “Winter Meeting” to Virtual Only

By • November 28, 2020

The Republican Party of Idaho has made an announcement regarding their “Winter Meeting” which is scheduled to take place on January 9th.

Typically, the party meets “in-person” for the event but the meeting has now been changed to a “virtual meeting.”

The Idaho GOP released a statement where they discussed the inability to hold the meeting safely. The primary concern listed in the statement was because of the “COVID-19 situation.”

Here is the full statement released by the Idaho Republican Party about the Winter Meeting:

November 24th, 2020

After collaborating with IDGOP Executive Committee members and closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Idaho, the IDGOP team has determined that a traditional, in-person Winter Meeting is not feasible or safe to conduct. Therefore, the Idaho Republican Party will be hosting a virtual 2021 Winter meeting on Saturday, January 9th from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (MST). This virtual meeting will allow us to fulfill all our State Party bylaw requirements while providing updates and guidance after the 2020 election.

Due to the complexities of virtual discussions and balloting, a limited agenda will be used for the virtual 2021 Winter Meeting. All of the submitted rules and resolutions will be held and addressed at the Summer Meeting of 2021, in addition to in-person presentations of the Hall of Fame Awards.

We understand this is disappointing news, however, we recognize the importance of minimizing risk and taking safe precautions. We fully expect that we will meet in person for our Summer Meeting, and we look forward to hosting that session and gathering with all of you then.

Please see below for the 2021 Winter Meeting Agenda. This information will also be included on future communications along with login credentials for the meeting.

The 2021 Winter Meeting Agenda:

  • “State of the Party” address by Chairman Tom Luna
  • IDGOP Executive Committee Reports
  • Standing Committee Announcements
  • 2021 Hall of Fame Award Announcements

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as the IDGOP staff work hard to plan successful and safe events for our Idaho Republican Party members.

Please stay tuned for additional updates regarding this meeting as we move into December, and contact us with any questions or concerns by emailing

Do you agree or disagree with the Idaho Republican Party’s decision on their “Winter Meeting?” Let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Idaho Republican Party Moves “Winter Meeting” to Virtual Only

  1. I wish that Idaho GOP would lead a push for voter ID. I worked the polls a few times. Do you know that you can give a name and address and say that you either have no ID or choose to not show your ID… you are given an affidavit to sign and you get that person’s ballot. No notation in the poll book is required, but I always penciled one in, in case someone with that name showed up later and would be told they had already voted. Yes, there is a penalty for falsely claiming a name on the affidavit, but after the person walks out, who is to know who they were. It’s just too loose. I wrote to my state legislators this past year and there is no interest in fixing this loophole. Voter ID matters!

  2. It would be great if you could ask the state (FOIA) how many affidavits were utilized in the 2020 election.

  3. I’m quite shocked/disappointed by this decision. Here we stand as supposedly Conservative citizens who I thought the majority has been standing up against the fake fear of what is Covid19 demanding our rights to be free of the unnecessary burdens of these media meetings and behind closed doors agendas! This is the GOP bending over!
    Let me ask: What if there is a problem with the servers at the time of the meeting?
    What if not everyone who wants to be at the meeting and voice their rights cannot connect.
    Where is the vetting of who is attending/voting?
    How is it the GOP of Idaho if not all can be represented?
    We are all very aware of the pretend/fake representation. How are we going to know who is speaking for us Conservatives without meeting In Person?
    And at this point in time, how can you even make the statement “we can meet in the Spring” with a straight face?! If by any horrific chance the Biden ticket takes the presidency, I really think you have to admit that our high leader which is a person leaning to see Idaho go to the LIBERALS ideology! So you really think the GOP will have any voice in the Spring?
    And this is just my one vote or comment, but if You leaders of the Idaho GOP don’t take the reigns of this runaway wagon today! Then it’s going over the cliff!

  4. I don’t think the Republicans are part of the solution.
    Notice, right after the election, they cave to the hysteria.
    I was disappointed when our local Republican party didn’t make a pepe over the loss of their candidates in my county. Just like the voter fraud being discovered elsewhere, the Republicans were far ahead at midnight. Then 3 or 4am, they had lost! Excuse given: mail-in ballots
    But, funny, the Constitutional Amendment didn’t change…
    It’s not right vs left, or Republican vs Democrat
    It’s Control vs Freedom
    And people need to wake up, join the fight for our country

  5. It is NOT OK to have ANY Republicans wanting to run in the Primaries to fill out and require endorsement for wanting to run for Governor. Little, this is not right! You all know it! We the People decide! This has NEVER been required anywhere and is NOT RIGHT! STOP!!

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