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‘Idaho Potato Drop’ Attendees Required to Show Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test

By • December 30, 2021

Those attending tomorrow night’s “Idaho Potato Drop” will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test within the last 72 hours.

Last year, the event was canceled in its usual place at the Idaho capitol grounds, and the organization that runs the event moved it to an undisclosed location so no one could attend in person. This year, the event has been moved back to the capitol grounds.

However, per Mayor Lauren McLean’s health order back in September, large events on city property must require proof of vaccination from its attendees or the negative test.

According to the Idaho Potato Drop website, festivities for the event begin at 6:00 p.m. with live music and more. Fireworks will be displayed when the potato starts its descent.

The website also posts the following paragraph about entry requirements onto Cecil Andrus Park:


For those who are unaware of the City of Boise’s protocol for Covid-19, here is what went into effect on September 17:

Effective Friday, September 17, the following requirements are being implemented for events permitted by the City of Boise and/or being held at city-owned facilities:

For events under 250 people

  • Masks are required both indoors and outdoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained
  • Event organizers must provide masks for attendees and masks must be worn when not eating or drinking
  • COVID-19 protocol ambassadors, staffed by the event, are required on site
  • Event organizers must submit a plan through the city’s special events process for approval

For events larger than 250 people 

  • Proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID-19 test required for all attendees

  • Masks are required both indoors and outdoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained

  • Event organizers must provide masks for attendees and masks must be worn when not eating or drinking

  • COVID-19 protocol ambassadors, staffed by the event, are required on site

  • Event organizers must submit a plan to the city’s Special Events Team for approval

  • Physical distancing measures in place

  • Sanitation stations throughout event footprint

  • Event organizers must submit a traffic flow plan for approval to prevent COVID-19 spread and promote physical distancing

Do you plan on attending the Idaho Potato Drop? What do you think of the protocols to enter?

Let us know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “‘Idaho Potato Drop’ Attendees Required to Show Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test

  1. Boise was my native town. Born at St.Luke’s. Can’t stand the place now. Caldwell is my home now. Love it here. I don’t even like to visit Ada county anymore. They have lost their way. Sad.

  2. We will see just how many people in our Treasure Valley value freedom and personal choice of health measures with regards to their own bodies…and how many have been duped into injecting an experimental gene therapy into themselves. Just look at the procedures for entering this event..never attended in the 40 plus years here in Idaho…and now I realize why. Boise is not representative of Idaho’ s individual , rugged, freedom loving and pioneer spirited citizens. Quite the opposite in fact…but Idaho is still a Great and Special place for Families and individuals to live, work and play, which is why myself and many others will continue to fight for this way of life and resist those forces who desire to control, demean, and manipulate our lives and the lives of our children into a master plan , as they perceive, to ” save” the planet!

  3. I cannot believe the mayor is allowed to do these communistic actions! Or our Gov for that matter. How Idaho has gotten on any list that our gov has done well through this whole covid crap is good mystery. Our gov is no DeSantis for dang sure! Be wise in the primaries, fellow Real Idahoans

  4. I wonder how much revenue has been lost by downtown businesses collectively because of the mayor’s edicts and restrictions? I have not been downtown myself ever since the lockdowns of 2020. It’s not worth the hassle!

    1. They are all getting covid19 money. That’s how they keep this ruse going.

      The end result is the destruction of society and community. And the introduction of a digital world where only those with the right social credit can participate.

      It is all set out very clearly by the World Economic Forum that is driving all of this. McClean is most likely yet another WEF puppet installed to do her part.

  5. Does the Boise Police Chief and/or the Ada County Sheriff condone these infringements on our Constitutional Freedoms?
    The Police Chief has a duty to uphold the Constitution above and beyond a feckless mayor and her bureaucrats.
    A Sheriff’s job is to Constitutionally protect his people.
    Speaking of the Sheriff: Has anyone heard him standing up for The People?
    Do Not vote republican, Vote for people who will stand and serve the Constitution and The People.
    Our job in turn is to support and help the Police and Sheriff’s departments and to Demand they uphold the Constitution.

    1. If I recall correctly, the current Boise Police Chief was selected by the Communist Mayor from that bastion of law and order, the Portland, Oregon, Police force.

      ‘Nuff said…..

    2. “Do not vote Republican?” Are you kidding me?? Why the hell would anyone want to vote anything else but Republican? If you vote Democratic then it will be the fall of our beautiful red state. Keep voting REPUBLICAN!! Get the Dems outs of office, like the mayor and the governor. We need true republicans who will stand up and fight this crazy ness.

      1. I think the point is to not vote purely based on party affiliation, but rather on whether the candidate is in fact a patriotic American who will fight for our God-given rights and to uphold the constitution.

        If we have learned one thing since the Nov.3 coup, it’s that the “R” party is fully stocked with traitors and corruption (not as overwhelmingly as the “D” party, but still deeply corrupted).

        It’s not “don’t vote for Republicans”-just try and make sure they are legit

    3. I think the days of voting are past. They install whoever they want these days. And it will always be someone who is willing to do the new global world order’s business.

      I moved to Idaho to escape this wokie nonsense. But it’s just as bad here as anywhere else, even California. Really disappointing.

  6. I’m sure Governor Little is cranking out another press release about how wonderful he is, how he’s on the fed’s case about mandates, etc. (Gag)

    I won’t attend–so fed up with sheeple that I’m developing an allergy.

  7. Thank God I live in gun-toting, freedom loving Canyon County which is like the rest of the state. Let the libs have Boise and ruin it, like they have every other big city.

  8. I sure as hell will not attend this event. Those big-flu tests are a failure and the vaccines are a cause of illness (immediate and years later) and death. Boise’s failure of a mayor celebrates medical violence/tyranny, and that makes her a enemy of all intelligent and moral people in our state. I no longer visit Boise much anymore. It’s better for me to stay away from that libbie hub. We must pay close attention to our state political candidates, keeping tabs on who will go to bat for our inalienable rights and freedoms, what their actual track records are. Actions speak far louder than words. I recommend Idaho Freedom Foundation’s analysis of political candidates.

  9. And slowly Adafornia seeps in. Keep it down there. We have no want nor need for your fear politics in N. Idaho. How does Do Little have such a lead. He is ripe for a CA buyout.

  10. The leftest would like nothing else then for Republicans and Conservatives to abandon Boise/Ada County, as they only need a few large cities to take over Idaho. Example: OR: Portland,Eugene NV: Reno & Las Vegas… etc.; Please, fight for Boise, attend City Council meetings, pay attention, make your voices heard and (as our LT Governor states..) Make Idaho Free Again.

  11. The liberals are proud to have to stand in line for hours to show their pathetic vaxx passes. They love it because they think they are sticking it to Trumpers. They also imagine that they are keeping the deplorables out of society. They have been brainwashed and manipulated by the TV ‘news’ for 5 years, and they will keep getting jabbed and tested as long as Fauxi tells them to. It makes them feel privileged and better than us stupid rubes who after doing our due diligent research understand that clotshots kill and maim, and being healthy does not require constant testing for a cold with a 99.67% recovery rate. It’s simply tyranny. Resist at all costs.

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