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Idaho GOP Summer Meeting: Party Rules and Resolutions Results

By • June 28, 2023

The Idaho Republican Party State Central Committee gathered for their summer meeting to discuss party rules and resolutions last weekend in Challis. Eleven new rules were adopted by the Rules Committee chaired by Brent Regan and 28 resolutions passed the Resolutions Committee chaired by former State Representative /former State Senator Christy Zito.

The rule changes covered topics such as how the Republican Presidential Primary will be conducted in Idaho for 2024 and going forward, enforcing the Party Platform and holding accountable those who are found to be in violation of it, proxy voting, standardizing the language used across the different levels of the Party, and more.

Rule 2023-7
Amending Article II Section 2: Changes the membership list of who are voting and non-voting members of the State Executive Committee

Rule 2023-8
Idaho Republican Party Platform Enforcement:

“Without enforcement, the expressed principles of the Party are nothing more than ideals and philosophy… The Idaho Republican State Central Committee, Legislative District Committees, and County Central Committees are hereby empowered to call into question the conduct of a Republican elected official… may remove Party support and prohibit the use of Republican Party identifiers on campaign information and advertising from the elected official during their current term and any subsequent campaign for political office for a period of five (5) years.”

Rule 2023-11
Proposed Change to the Rules for the Presidential Nominating Caucus:

“Unless the Idaho legislature acts before October 1, 2023, or the relevant RNC deadline, to restore the March Presidential Primary election and instruct the Idaho Secretary of State, according to Idaho Statutes, to conduct a Presidential Primary election on the second Tuesday of March in a Presidential Election year, the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus shall be held on the first Saturday in March of a Presidential election year.”

Rule 2023-13
Proposed Rule on Proxy Voting: Updates the rules, requirements, and restrictions on the use of Proxy voters in the state, regional, county central, and legislative district committees.

Rule 2023-15
Proposed Rule to Amend Article XII:

“The following amendment to the rules restores a provision that was inadvertently deleted.
Amend State Party Rules Article XII, adding Section 4 as follows:
Section 4: To assist in uniform enforcement of the rules, all decisions and any interpretation of a rule by the Chairman or any Committee shall be posted on the State Party’s website.”

Rule 2023-16
Proposed Rule to Amend Delegate Selection Rules Article II, III, XIX:

“The following amendments to the rules establish that Membership Dues payment is a condition of delegate and alternate selection for the State Party Convention, provide for a waiver process, and establish deadlines.”

Rule 2023-18
Making Language Uniform Regarding Legislative District Central Committees:

“The rules of the Idaho State Republican Party shall be modified to include the word “Central” to each place the phrase “Legislative District Committee” exists such that if approved, the phrase shall read “Legislative District Central Committee.” “

Rule 2023-20
Endorsement Clarifications and Parity:

“County Central Committees may determine the political affiliation of candidates filing or declaring an intent to file as Republican candidates for county political offices and may endorse Republican candidates for any position being voted on in that county in the primary and general election.

The Legislative District Central Committees may determine the political affiliation of candidates filing or declaring an intent to file as Republican Party Candidates for the State Legislature, and the Committee may endorse Republican candidates for legislative positions in the primary and general election.

The State Central Committee may determine the political affiliation of candidates filing or declaring intent to file as Republican Party Candidates for state political offices and U.S. federal offices and may endorse Republican Party candidates for the various positions.

Only persons who have affiliated as Republican prior to the Primary Election, including a presidential primary election, will be allowed to vote on an Idaho Republican Party ballot in that Primary Election.

Rules governing the eligibility to affiliate with Idaho Republican Party:
A) Effective June 1, 2023, any qualified elector, as defined in Idaho Code 34-104, shall be eligible to affiliate
with the Idaho Republican Party and must be affiliated by December 30th of each year in order to vote in the Idaho Republican Primary to occur in the following year. If an elector was affiliated with any party in Idaho other than the Idaho Republican Party when seeking to change their affiliation or at any time in the prior twelve (12) months, they must wait twelve (12) months from December 30th of the year they wish to affiliate in order to affiliate with the Idaho Republican Party.
B) The provisions set forth in this section shall not apply to newly qualified electors.”

Rule 2023-25
Proposed Rule Change to Art. IV, §1; Art. VII, §1: Defines whom the County Central Committees and Legislative District Committees are comprised of.

Rule 2023-31
Proposed Amendment to Article III, Section 3 (h):

“The Region Chairman shall convene Region meetings on a semi-annual schedule (two meetings per calendar year) at various communities within the region, or in conjunction with State Central Committee meetings. , or at a location within the Region or within an adjacent Region. The Chairman can convene special meetings to ensure appropriate action is taken in response to a situation that requires immediate attention without regard to the timing of the normal meeting schedule. The Region Chairman shall visit the counties and legislative districts as deemed necessary and attend special functions in the Region.

What this does: Allows more latitude for Region leadership to convene meetings of the Region Committee, especially in more sparse areas of the state.

Why: Current plans for rearranging and adding Regions of the IDGOP will necessitate comparable rules to that of Legislative District Committees.”

Rule 2023-32
Proposed Amendment to Article I, Section 15 (A)(1):

“Receive written resolutions from any State Central Committee member. To be considered by the Resolutions Committee, resolutions must first be considered and approved by a County, District, or Regional Committee, or State Executive Committee or State Party Chairman. Each Resolution shall name the author/sponsor or appointed representative will present the resolution to the Committee. The Committee will determine disposition. The sponsor will be given up to five (5) minutes before the Committee to propose the resolution. A like time will be given to any member opposed to the resolution. The total time for consideration shall be ten (10) minutes after which a majority vote will prevail. The Committee Chairman may present temporary rules to the committee for the purposes of prioritizing and/or rejecting resolutions at the discretion of the committee. Such rules shall be effective upon a majority vote. The committee may, before the consideration of any resolution, reject any resolution upon a motion, which shall not be debatable, a second, and majority vote.

What this does: Allows more latitude for a Resolutions Committee chairman to put forward temporary rules for the purposes of prioritizing and/or rejecting resolutions as a time-saving measure. Also allows for the quick rejection of any resolution that the committee sees unfit.

Why: It is not an unfamiliar problem that state resolutions committees won’t have enough time to complete their agenda. It is hoped that empowering a chairman to suggest temporary rules for the day will save time, especially if resolutions that are less likely to pass are given less priority. It is also hoped that if the committee sees fit to reject any resolution, that it should be allowed to do so quickly. The idea is that if the committee is already so much against a resolution, that removing debate on it will save time.”

You can view the entire rules results list here: FINAL 2023 Summer Rules Committee Passed (

The 28 resolutions passed by the Resolutions Committee spanned topics ranging from local school curriculum to global food shortages, with myriad topics in between.

  1. Resolution 2023-10 Resolution on War in Yemen – House Joint Resolution 87
  2. Resolution 2023-9 Resolution Regarding Idaho Farming and Global Food Shortages
  3. Resolution 2023-13 Protect Life Resolution
  4. Resolution 2023-33 Resolution of the Minidoka County Republican Central Committee regarding Adoption and Support of Life after Birth
  5. Resolution 2023-15 Resolution Supporting Patient Advocacy Legislation
  6. Resolution 2023-1 Idaho Constitutional Money
  7. Resolution 2023-2 Idaho Water and Sovereignty Joint Resolution
  8. Resolution 2023-27 Resolution calling for an Investigation into the State of Idaho Covid Response
  9. Resolution 2023-11 Resolution in Support of Practices to Improve Voter Confidence
  10. Resolution 2023-12 Resolution Regarding Abortion
  11. Resolution 2023-20 A resolution supporting Idaho’s “Trigger Law” definition of “abortion”
  12. Resolution 2023-38 A Resolution Calling for the Return of the March Idaho Presidential Primary
  13. Resolution 2023-39 Political Parties Inherent Right to Nomination of Candidates for General Elections
  14. Resolution 2023-40 A Resolution to Remove the Progressive Initiative mechanism from Idaho’s Constitution
  15. Resolution 2023-42 A Resolution Regarding Initiative Problems
  16. Resolution 2023-43 A Resolution for Vote of No Confidence for Representatives for voting against HB314 Veto Override
  17. Resolution 2023-44 A Resolution for Anti-Marxist / Collectivist Education
  18. Resolution 2023-45 A Resolution to Ban the Jab
  19. Resolution 2023-46 A Resolution to Return Redistricting Authority to Democratically elected State Legislature
  20. Resolution 2023-47 County Central Committee Elected Officials and Precinct Changes in non-election Years
  21. Resolution 2023-48 US Military Presence in Syria
  22. Resolution 2023-49 Resolution Regarding the Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary, or Semiquincentennial, of the United States of America
  23. Resolution 2023-50 Resolution on the Equality and Relevance of the Legislative Branch
  24. Resolution 2023-51 Resolution Declaring that certain Non-Governmental organizations shall have no Jurisdiction in the State of Idaho
  25. Resolution 2023-52 Resolution Condemning the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  26. Resolution 2023-54 A Resolution to Support Restoring Limits on Special or Extraordinary Sessions of the Idaho Legislature
  27. Resolution 2023-58 Resolution Regarding One Year or Two Semesters of High School Study and Learning of America’s Founding Documents and Supporting History as a Requirement for High School Graduation
  28. Resolution 2023-63 Resolution to Propose Code Change to Idaho Code 32-502 and 503

Full descriptions of all accepted resolutions can be found here: 2023 Summer Resolutions SCC Accepted (

All photos, including feature, courtesy of Daniel Murphy.

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9 thoughts on “Idaho GOP Summer Meeting: Party Rules and Resolutions Results

  1. To me, it bears noting that some further clarity would be helpful regarding the party affiliation change prior to primaries. I seem to remember the flap created during a somewhat recent primary where large numbers of voters were simply changing their party affiliation from (D) to (R), voting for their favorite RINO, then afterwards simply changing back to their (D) and happily watching as their wolf in sheep’s clothing was elected.

    And what about those who, disgustedly, changed from Republican affiliation to independent, Constitutional, etc. party affiliations because of the corruption they witnessed in the process? Will they now be forced to change back to (R) in order to vote in a Republican primary that “perhaps” might be more legitimate?

    And finally, my fervent hope is that maybe, just maybe Idaho voters will make the incredibly important decision to actually research candidates placing more emphasis on voting records and take what they “promise” during their respective campaigns with a grain of salt. It’s not what they “say,” that matters most, fellow Idahoans…it’s what they’ve DONE that tells the tale!

    If we’re serious about continuing to drain the Idaho swamps of leftists, we need to stand for something…or we run the very real risk of falling for anything. As the saying goes…”Actions, speak louder than words.”

    1. The Idaho GOP’s stance does indeed stop true conservatives from voting in the Primaries. It could well lead to simply RINO voters nominating RINO politicians, resulting in more “good ole boy” control.

      Also, what is the Idaho GOP’s stance on replacing the 5 Justices of Idaho’s Supreme Court who no longer follow The Constitution on all issues?

  2. I like a lot of the resolutions that are supporting our constitutional rights. But I also see a lot of initiatives that are nothing more than dictator ship. I know it’s under the guys of not allowing fake Republicans to run, but it also allows them to weed out those that they don’t like such as true constitutionalist. From now on myself, and at least 100,000 other Idahoans are voting for those who truly stand for our constitutional rights whether they’d be Republicans or independence myself in a large group of others are working to double and triple these numbers were sick of establishment Rino Republicans being our only choice on the ticket!

    1. *guise, *dictatorship! There were NO “initiatives presented at the GOP Summer Meeting. Also, when you say . . . . “But I also see a lot of initiatives that are nothing more than dictator ship. . .” Why don’t you “list” the so-called “initiatives” as you write, THAT YOU DON’T LIKE? Just a suggesstion.

  3. It wouldn’t be a normal day in Idaho, or the United States, unless the wanna-be fascist dictators known as the Democrat Party were trying to undermine our constitutional rights and remove them because they somehow believe they know what is right and good and true for everyone. Of course, there ideology and rhetoric is infectious because the IDGOP somehow thought it was a good idea to decide for the people who it is okay, and not okay, to vote for because we are too stupid to do it ourselves.

  4. This is a tremendous step in the right direction in an effort to control and it limit Party pretenders as well as straight up “RINO’s” (this is a legitimate recognized term) not just name calling.
    This is great news. Only as long ago as 2020,, the majority of the Idaho Republican Congress was not in favor of this and straight up refused such ideals as signing a pledge to promise to adhere to the Republican Party platform.
    Great work every one involved.
    Thank you very, very much.
    Good riddens to Lodge and Chaney.
    A dozen more like them and we will have a solidly “RED” state governing body.
    I like blue but not on my ballot.

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