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Idaho GOP Lawmakers Lay Out ‘Idaho Conservative Agenda for 2022’ with 30 Legislators Signed On

By • January 10, 2022

Approximately 15 Idaho Republican legislators were present at a press briefing today and laid out what they called the “Idaho Conservative Agenda 2022.”

Leading the press briefing today was State Senator Christy Zito (R-Hammett). Zito is one of two State Senators who signed onto the plan along with 28 House members for a total of 30 legislators.

Among the issues discussed at the press briefing were election integrity, property tax relief, repealing the grocery tax, and more.

In the video below, you can watch the press briefing for yourself (the actual briefing starts at around the 3:10 mark of the video) and hear the questions asked by members of the media, including the Idaho Dispatch. (Story continues below).

Other speakers during the event were Rep. Ron Nate’s (R-Rexburg), Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-Stanley), Rep. Karey Hanks (R-Saint Anthony), and Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton).

The group also sent out a press release which you can read below.

Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Idaho’s Conservative Senators and Representatives are proud to present The Idaho Conservative Agenda for 2022.

This year, the conservative legislators will focus on these goals: Restore Freedoms, Lower Taxes, and Less Government.

Conservative legislators know that without election integrity, a representative republic does not function, this issue is at the top of the list of priorities.

The voice of the people needs to be properly heard through Their senators and representatives who understand their oath of office and who work for the people.

Other important freedoms include protection of medical autonomy and privacy, education choice, protecting family rights, keeping businesses open, and defending our Constitutionally protected rights including our right to keep and bear arms and self-defense.

The 2022 legislative session will be crucial for Idaho families and businesses.

We have important work to do to keep Idaho prosperous, restore Idaho’s robust economy, make sure the massive surplus in Idaho’s budget is returned to the taxpayers who rightfully deserve it.

Idaho should not sell its sovereignty for the price of federal grants (and the rules coming with them).  We can and must reduce property taxes, repeal the tax on groceries, and ease other tax burdens on families and businesses.

The Idaho Conservative Agenda for 2022 is the roadmap for achieving these goals.

We encourage everyone who is ready to move Idaho forward with robust economic growth, limited government, and maximum personal freedom to get a copy of the Idaho Conservative Agenda by asking their conservative senator or representative for one.

Thousands of hard copies of the Agenda are available for distribution across the state.

We are ready on Day 1 with this Idaho Conservative Agenda.

It will put the legislature on the path toward productivity and advancing conservative values.

We are excited to get to work on both reducing and improving Idaho’s government, so it truly works to the benefit of Idaho families and businesses.

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7 thoughts on “Idaho GOP Lawmakers Lay Out ‘Idaho Conservative Agenda for 2022’ with 30 Legislators Signed On

  1. Two Conservatives in the Idaho Senate..not good odds. Unless they’re going to build a consensus or they’re going to be more pragmatic in there proposals repealing the grocery sales tax will end up where it did last year and fail to make it to the Governor’s desk. Let’s hope the Idaho House acts with less emotional Mediocre bills and focuses on legislation that can be passed. They need to go home by mid March. We don’t need another historic lengthy session.

    1. More than 2 conservative Senators Tamarack, let’s be alittle knowable here hu ? Do your part as they asked and Email your state reps to get with the program.

  2. I’m not sure I agree with repealing the grocery tax as that is a definite fair tax as opposed to property tax. Maybe lower both grocery tax and property tax and that will be equal to all??

    I see Kauffman, Lickley, and Patrick are not apart of this grp…. Gonna work to primary em

    1. Not if you still couple it with a state income tax! Something’s got to give. Unfortunately, the Repubs don’t think so. And having a huge surplus makes it even more galling.

  3. I am excited that these Senators and Representatives are boldly stepping up to the plate and focusing on these crucial issues related to our freedoms, especially election integrity. Without it we are doomed. Also one should not pay property taxes if they’re homes are paid off and they are of retirement age now living on fixed incomes.

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