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Idaho GOP Holds Presidential Caucus, Trump Wins Big

By • March 2, 2024

The Idaho Republican Party conducted a statewide caucus today in order to select the candidate Idaho will support in the nomination of a Republican for the general election for president of the United States.

The caucus ballot included six candidate names, but only two still had active campaigns at the time the caucus was held – former president Donald J. Trump and former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley.

According to the Idaho GOP Presidential Caucus website, there were 210 caucus locations throughout the state. Dave Reilly tweeted that Kootenai County results were 94% in favor of Trump, with only 6% to Nikki Haley.

Photo of caucus volunteers working in Kootenai County. Courtesy of Dave Reilly on Twitter.

The West Junior High caucus location in south Boise had a steady line of eager Republicans working their way through the school’s cafeteria.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Clendenon, Idaho Dispatch

Once they were through the line in the cafeteria, voters headed into the West Junior High gymnasium to fill out and cast their ballots.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Clendenon, Idaho Dispatch

The Idaho GOP caucus website showed 99.7% of caucus locations and precincts counted and reporting around 8:15pm MT this evening. The results showed an overwhelming majority voted in favor of Mr. Trump. He received 33,527 votes, or 84.88%. Haley received 5,215 votes, representing 13.20%. The remaining 1.92% was divided among the inactive campaigns included on the ballot.

The Idaho Democratic Party is also planning a caucus to select a nominee on May 23, 2024. Their caucus website currently shows candidates Joe Biden, Dean Phillips, and Jason Palmer.

The Libertarian Party of Idaho will hold their state convention in March 2024.

The Constitution Party of Idaho plans to hold a nominating convention sometime in summer 2024.

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22 thoughts on “Idaho GOP Holds Presidential Caucus, Trump Wins Big

  1. Wow…5,215 people deluded sufficiently to actually vote for Nikki Haley as a viable option for a candidate?

    She needs to change careers to a classified file sorter working from Biden’s garage with payment for services being a full sniffing from Sleepy Joe himself.

  2. This caucus is another failure or our Idaho republican party… they’re trying to shift Idaho too a blue state!

  3. That’s what you come up with? Out of 579,998 registered Republicans in the state, 40,000 people voted in the caucus! Dorothy Moon got just what she wanted. A manipulated outcome for one candidate that she favored. Is that what free and fair elections are supposed to be?

    1. A typical caucus only gets about 10% of the eligible population, and with most of the candidates already bowing out, there is less impetus to vote. This is also the first time for Idaho to hold a Caucus in many years. Given the newness of the process, this isn’t a bad initial turnout and hardly a referendum on Dorothy Moon.

      One thing you might also want to investigate is how the GOVERNOR refused to call the legislature back into session to fix the primary vote after the problem was discovered. I credit Ms. Moon with quick thinking to give Idaho voters a chance to vote for the Presidential candidate of their choice DESPITE the governor!

  4. It word be nice to know the IACI Good Ole Boys Club RINOS that voted for Haley.
    They’d be easier to flush that way.

  5. We showed up to the Caucus to cast our vote two hours after the doors opened and the precinct was already closed. Apparently you only have an hour and a half to cast your vote but in the general election they give you six weeks? Something smells rotten.

    1. Well if it wasn’t important enough for you to show up on time, you got what you deserved. Something is rotten with six weeks to vote.

    2. Steve: Maybe you should have gotten off your fat ass earlier in the day. No excuse for laziness unless you’re a Democrat.

    3. The times were clearly posted and advertised. The intent was to have all the votes counted and wrapped up by noon. It is unfortunate that you didn’t get to vote, but you have no one to blame but yourself.

  6. It was a firehouse caucus (short time window). Most Republicans were aware but chose not to vote, which is normal. The primary was removed by Little, and the caucus was Moon’s way of rectifying the situation caused by the IACI mouthpieces in the legislature and Little. If you are believing the mail in flyers sent by dark money accusing Moon of manipulation, then you are part of the problem. Stop believing lies. People who don’t pay attention to the situation have no grounds to complain after the fact. It was a firehouse caucus so the volunteers wouldn’t be there for 12 plus hours. Most people were aware but chose not to come. Anyone who thought the outcome would be any different is an idjit.

  7. If it were not for the efforts of Dorothy Moon, many, many more of us would have been shut out if the process completely. Ms. Moon worked around the political tricks of all her opponents, including Brad “Do Little Chicken Little” and his RINO IDAHO SWAMP cronies. The caucus location for Eagle at the middle school was EXTREMELY efficient, very well done, and HUNDREDS of people attended the event there from opening to closing. Kevin Miller on KIDO Talk Radio also had Dorothy Moon on his show on Friday morning talking about the event. We even met local state candidates for our district there too and we had the chance to introduce ourselves. I also give 100% kudos to the precinct captains who went door to door the weekend before as well.

  8. Everyone, remember that there is another crucial primary on the 21st of May!
    United States House of Representatives (vote for Scott Cleveland!)
    Idaho House of Representatives, and Idaho Senate.

  9. So sad….i had no clue that this caucus was Saturday. I’m excited that President Trump won

    Could dems changed to republicans for Haley? I truly hope not!!

    Thank you, Mokinidaho for the May vote. It’s on my calendar.

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