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Idaho GOP Chairman Tells Ammon Bundy He Is Not Welcome in the Party

By • June 4, 2021

Ammon Bundy has filed the paperwork to run for Governor of Idaho as a Republican.

After filing his paperwork, it was noted that Bundy was not a registered voter and as a result, not a registered Republican. Idaho Dispatch checked the voter roles today and it does not appear that Bundy is still registered to vote in Idaho.

Today, Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna sent out what appears to be a Press Release stating that Ammon Bundy is not welcome in the Republican Party in Idaho.

Here is the full email that Idaho Dispatch obtained containing the statement from Luna:

June 4, 2021

Statement from IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna:

Last month, I reaffirmed the Idaho Republican Party’s stance in the upcoming 2022 primary elections. We will be fair and uniformed for all registered Republicans running for office, and we will keep that commitment. Recently, it has come to our attention that Ammon Bundy intends to declare his candidacy in the Republican primary for the Governor of Idaho, and this warrants a response.

First, Mr. Bundy is currently not registered to vote in Idaho, and he is not even registered as a Republican. Furthermore, we do not support his antics or his chaotic political theater. That is not the Idaho Republican Party, and we will not turn a blind eye to his behaviors.

To be clear, I was elected Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party to unite all Republicans to share and celebrate conservative values and preserve our traditional way of life. Conversely, Ammon Bundy wishes to divide our party, openly supports defunding the police, and has known alliances with the radical factions of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Republicans are the party of law and order, and Ammon Bundy is not suited to call himself an Idaho Republican let alone run for Governor of our great state.


Idaho Dispatch reached out to Bundy for a response to Luna’s statement. We have not yet heard from Bundy but will update this article if he responds.

What do you think of Luna’s email?

Does Bundy belong in the IDGOP or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Idaho GOP Chairman Tells Ammon Bundy He Is Not Welcome in the Party

    1. Was Russ ever convicted of it? Oh, that is right, accusation is all that is needed to convict for liberals.

      1. Uh… convicted? Of “adultery”? It’s not a crime dumbass. He was banging a very prominent woman in the Boise non-profit sector, and his wife divorced him for it. Not a crime. Also, is it liberal to be against a scumbag poilitician?

  1. Maybe the Chairman should consider implementing similar restrictive measures for the current Governor.

  2. Bundy is a freedom fighter.every article I read about him was not illegal. Example: not allowing citizens in to a zoom meeting when this Agenda of covid was falsely stated real numbers… Tax payers pay their way and no one should be put in jail for wanting to hear what was being said about Idaho!!! There were other articles, but it about our Constitutional rights… thousands of people never voted in the 2020 election because they knew it was rigged… they were right!!! Praying the House of Cards will fall and the real news shows it is FALLING, and great it will FALL

  3. I wonder what Luna would have said about those that were starting a war against England…..

  4. Although I feel Ammon should be registered to vote as a Republican if he should
    want the support of the GOP Party. I like Ammon I have heard his speech’s, I understand his cause. I believe in what he is fighting for. With that said How many wars has the United States lined up with that were our enemies Communist Red countries? How many times has common core Luna sided with the democrats who now are pretty much marxist in everything they do. We the Republican Party must stop putting in those who continue to destroy this Party. The same thing happened with the dictator/governor now. Look at his record. This year if all of you would stop voting for the nice guy who promises the world and wants to wash your tails and vote for the person after checking them out and looking how they voted and who has voted constitutionally both in form of Idaho and the US Constitution and not violated them either one. Then you will have made the right choice. Send the SANDBAGGERS HOME.

  5. I believe in the process the way our for fathers designed it to work. I consider my self a Trump-bublican I WILL NO LONGER vote a straight Republican ticket just because. If you are a Republican incumbent who sat on your hands and let this FRAUDULANT government happen you are the problem ! I’m seeing a RINO blood bath at the polls in 2022 !

  6. OMG! You have Got to be Kidding me.
    Ammon Bundy is a self seeking Glory monger… He stands with Nobody, least of all the Republican party.
    I guarantee you one thing. I will NOT be voting for such a person!!

  7. This chairman reminds me of a Democrat liberal. Ammond Bundy should be allowed in the party and the voters decide who they want.

  8. Tom Luna should shut his yap. Who does he think he is? Why should he decide who is is the party? This is why former lifelong Republicans like me have left the party forever. Ammon Bundy has his faults but is based and and is a patriot to freedom loving Americans. Not saying I plan to vote for him but totally support his right to campaign.
    Luna is a RINO. Ask him if Biden cheated?

  9. Tom Luna is spending so much time looking outside the party, when is he going to start looking inside the party. Ammond Bundy is a problem, but not a major problem for the Idaho Republican Party. The Republican party needs to do some house cleaning it’s self. It’s has a problem with a Herd of RINO’s in the Legislature, and the Governors house. The people of Idaho have been forgotten for the most part. We have allot of Republicans that play Republican, but look at how they act representing the people, you’d think they were Democrats…Wolves in sheep clothing. We need house cleaning before 2022 inside the party, and then worry about those outside the party who want to play Republican.

  10. IF the allegations against Bundy are true (his calling to Define the Police and ties to BLM), then, absolutely . . . he should NOT be “given a seat at the [GOP] table.”

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