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Idaho Freedom Caucus in full support of HB2 – NO FUNDS FOR ABORTION ACT

By • January 18, 2023

The following press release was sent out by the Idaho Freedom Caucus on January 18, 2023. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

If liberal Boise Mayor McLean continues to declare Boise a sanctuary city for abortion violence, Boise is at risk of having sales and use tax revenues withheld. With the passage of HB2 “No Funds for Abortion Act,” any local government entity that defies state law and refuses to investigate or enforce Idaho criminal abortion statutes will face such penalties.

The Freedom Caucus will never sanction lawlessness at any level and expects all state and local government entities to respect and enforce the law. Rogue mayors who choose which laws to prosecute and in-turn favor their preferred constituencies undermine our rule of law. All governmental entities, including Boise’s far-left city council and Mayor, are expected to enforce state laws restricting abortion.

We applaud Rep. Skaug and his efforts to end the killing of children by abortion and to hold rogue city councils, mayors, and other government entities accountable to the law.

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5 thoughts on “Idaho Freedom Caucus in full support of HB2 – NO FUNDS FOR ABORTION ACT

  1. An additional bill , that many would also support, is a bill drafted that simply jettisoned Boise’s mayor and city council into the middle east.

  2. Idaho is a death penalty state. The only legal way to perform abortion ( end of life) would be to convict the unborn of a death penalty crime. That’s about how much sense it makes.

  3. Who are the individuals responsible for thumbing their noses at state law? They can’t hide behind their office or position. Make them personally and criminally liable as accomplices to the next murder of the pre-born. That may help them grow a conscience…but I doubt it.

  4. The problem is who will be responsible for the low IQ women and their who be daddy baby costs through out their life?

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