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Idaho Expands Constitutional Carry to All Americans not Prohibited by Law

By • July 1, 2020

There are a total of 16 states with what is commonly called “Constitutional Carry.”

The term refers to a state that no longer requires a permit to carry a firearm concealed. Idaho originally passed the law in 2016.

While many of the states with Constitutional Carry do not delineate between a resident of their state and out-of-state residents, Idaho did to some degree.

Today, Idaho no longer restricts non-residents from carrying a firearm concealed inside of city limits without a permit.

To help Idahoans understand the new law, we want to clarify what the existing law was and what it has changed to.

First, Idaho’s current law already says that Idahoans who are 18-years-old and older can carry their firearms concealed anywhere in the state without a permit. Idahoans can also carry their firearms openly without a permit anywhere in the state.

For those who are not from Idaho, they could already carry their firearms openly anywhere in the state without a permit.

Additionally, those not from Idaho could carry their firearms concealed outside of city limits, or while in a vehicle anywhere in the state, and a permit was not needed.

The new law (HB 516) passed earlier this year, which goes into effect today, allows those same non-Idahoans to also carry their firearms concealed without a permit while inside of city limits.

Rep. Christy Zito was the primary sponsor of the bill in the House and Sen. Jim Rice was the sponsor in the Senate.

We asked Rep. Zito her thoughts on the new law going into effect and she told Idaho Dispatch,

Exquisite. Idaho should be very proud. It took a lot of work but the citizens mobilized, worked for four years, and made it happen.

Rep. Zito led an effort last year to lower the age limit for Constitutional Carry inside of city limits to 18-years-old for Idaho residents. That age limit matched what was already law outside of city limits.

We asked Sen. Rice if he anticipated any negative impact from the law and his overall feeling about the issue. 

He told Idaho Dispatch,

I don’t expect any negative impact. Now our statute complies with the privileges and immunities clause of the US Constitution. It has never been more important to defend and exercise our right to keep and bear arms. All we have to do is look around at what is happening now to understand how wise our founding fathers were to insist on including the second amendment in the Bill of Rights!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance led the charge to pass Constitutional Carry in 2016 and worked with Rep. Zito and others to expand the law twice in the last two years.

Seth Rosquist, Chairman of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, had this to say about the new law going into effect,

We aren’t concerned that anything is going to change from what it is now. With recent attacks on police and the call to disband and defund them, people should realize how important it is to make sure you have the ability to defend yourself. The government doesn’t have the right to tell you when and how you can carry. This is an awesome day for Idaho and for gun owners everywhere.

However, not everyone is pleased with the passage of full Constitutional Carry in Idaho.

Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety opposed the original passage of Constitutional Carry. Each of them also opposed both expansions of Constitutional Carry in the last two years.

Elana Story, a volunteer with Moms Demand Action, said of the Constitutional Carry expansion last year,

Gov. Little could have protected Idaho cities by exercising his veto authority, but he chose not to. Most Idahoans support firearm safety and training, and it’s truly disappointing the governor decided not to stand up for the common-sense requirements that this dangerous law will eliminate.

Both groups have concerns about non-training requirements and violence increasing as a result of Constitutional Carry.

Moms Demand Action, one of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups, has been more active in Idaho in recent years.

The group has a number of chapters in Idaho and helped defeat SB 1384 earlier this year which would have allowed school teachers to carry their firearm onto school property with an Enhanced Concealed Weapons License.

What do you think of Idaho’s move to full Constitutional Carry?

Let us know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Idaho Expands Constitutional Carry to All Americans not Prohibited by Law

  1. I am a Vietnam veteran. I taught gun safety to 12 years old kids in a 4H class. I think kids do need to go thru a safety and handling class. I grew up around guns in my family. It was just another tool my dad taught me how to safely handle. So many young people now days need that training.
    I think its stupid to blame the gun for gun problems in this country. Like blaming groc.stores for selling beer for DUIs.

    1. I totally support an individuals right to defend themselves, especially in these violent and turbulent times. This makes Idaho a safer place!

      1. I’m n full support and also in support of teachers being able to carry with the enhanced carry we need to protect are kids from bet a soft target at the school’s example sandyhook n cokeville God bless you all n thank God we live i. Idaho

  2. Another win for us Idahoans and visitors! Our second amendment should be upheld to the fullest of our constitutional rights! Anyone against this doesn’t have to carry to protect themselves, family or fellow Americans! I for one will!

  3. The indoctrination of weak minded people is evident by the existance of these gun grabber groups! They think they can pick and choose which parts of the constitution they have to support. These restrictions only restrict law abiding citizens because criminals don’t obey the law. Why are these people too stupid to understand that? Exactly who are they targeting with gun grabber laws? I believe their long term plan is being played out with prosecutions like that being considered against the mccloskys in St. Louis. They want to scare you into refusing to protect yourself! Then you are a target for criminals!

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