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Idaho Dispatch Will Not Endorse Candidates

By • October 3, 2020

Dear readers,

When we started the Idaho Dispatch we promised that we would do everything that we can to not put our personal bias in our articles. Additionally, we want to ensure that Idaho Dispatch remains as neutral as possible during the election season.

Many Idaho media outlets will make political endorsements during the primary and general elections.

We feel this is the wrong approach for a news outlet and that endorsements are not a good idea coming from what should be unbiased sources.

That’s why the board of Idaho Dispatch has chosen not to endorse candidates as a news outlet.

We feel this is the best way for Idahoans to get unbiased news without a news outlet giving you their endorsements which may suggest potential bias in articles.

While members of Idaho Dispatch may give their own endorsements of candidates on their own and using their own resources, we will not have it on our site.

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