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Idaho Dispatch Vehicle Goal Met!

By • July 6, 2021

Idaho Dispatch has been established for just over one year now.

One of Idaho Dispatch’s goals has been to save the money from our subscribers and donors to purchase a vehicle for company use. Additionally, Idaho Dispatch wants to put a vehicle wrap on the vehicle we purchase to serve as a moving billboard for our news organization.

Idaho Dispatch is happy to announce that our goal has been met thanks to the generous Idahoans who support our efforts.

That goal was met about a week ago, and Idaho Dispatch has been on the hunt for a vehicle since that time. But, unfortunately, finding a used vehicle in the market today is tough because of the shortage of new vehicles, which has caused a shortage in used vehicles.

As Idaho Dispatch searches for the right vehicle, we are also in contact with several companies to add a wrap/graphics to the vehicle.

This company will continue to grow from the ground up. Idaho Dispatch is borne out of the necessity for something better than what the mainstream media is providing.

While Idaho Dispatch isn’t perfect, we do our best to give you political news that isn’t full of hyperbole, bias, and one-sidedness.

Idaho Dispatch is grateful to all of you that supported our effort to make this goal a reality, and we are excited for the finished product to finally arrive.

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