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Idaho Dispatch Tries to Interview Homeless Camp Demonstrators

By • January 19, 2022

Yesterday, Idaho Dispatch went down to the corner of 6th Street and Jefferson St. across from the Idaho Capitol Building to try and interview individuals who had set up a homeless camp to demonstrate.

The goal for Idaho Dispatch was the same as it always is, cover events as much as we can, from people in all walks of life, and give Idahoans a chance to have their voices heard. However, when Idaho Dispatch tried to interview the individuals at the camp, an individual who had been at political demonstrations covered by Idaho Dispatch told the other people at the camp not to interview with Idaho Dispatch.

Idaho Dispatch is not sure if anyone at the camp would have interviewed with us or not, but the individual who discouraged them from speaking to us lied and said we were “media for the cops.” Our goal is not to be the media for anyone other than the citizens of Idaho who want the news done the right way.

Just before Idaho Dispatch live-streamed near the camp, some individuals told us they did not consent to be filmed. However, the camp was in a public space, and the filming of the camp was legal.

Idaho Dispatch went across the street and filmed briefly near the camp. Below is a video of our live stream that was done on Facebook.

22 thoughts on “Idaho Dispatch Tries to Interview Homeless Camp Demonstrators

  1. I call BS (Barbra Streisand) on these folks: those with a cause they truly believe in would welcome any interview that takes their cause to the public. They just wanted the photo op. They wanted to make those driving by feel guilty for their “privilege” of having homes, cars, etc.

    What a sham(e).

  2. The Rescue Mission is only at 30% full. Move them or jail them. Or ship them back to the blue state they left.

  3. I would really love to know just how many of these “demonstrators” moved to Idaho in the last few years.
    There are many programs for those who cannot afford affordable housing, as well as places such as Robert U suggested, like the Rescue Mission, to get them back on their feet, what this protest tells me is that they are looking for a freebie from the government. They don’t want a “hand up”, they want a “hand out”.
    Prove me wrong, I’m more than willing to apologize for my comment, but I bet not even one of them who were camping out on the lawn has the balls to come here and explain their actions.

  4. Greg, I try to not use YouTube or Facebook. If you could post to some other site, it helps reduce their control.
    With regard to the protesters, their actions belie their interests as pointed out by other commenters to this article.

  5. Filthy pigs I don’t want bums and hobos learching around my city ! Dirty, crime, drugs, and theft! No. Zero heart for someone that doesn’t want to do the right thing by getting a job to live in a house like a human should !!

    Too bad. Take your filth and go to Portland or nasty California !

  6. Boise is under leftist control and if you look at all the cities run by leftists you will have an idea of just what our capital will look like soon.

  7. Check back in another year and you’ll find people defecating in the alleys, gutters, parks and sidewalks. Who wants to pick the city’s new name? Boiseland, Boisattle, Bois-Angeles, San FranBoise. Hmmm.

  8. Thanks Greg for your reporting. Always appreciated. Unbiased. They way we like it! Idaho’s very own “BOP” (Boise Occupied Protest). #WinterOfLove Just wondering, they have a portapotty there, or are they defecating on the lawn? Since it’s State property, why doesn’t Little call out his ISP?

  9. A little background is in order here. Back in 2011, the Occupy Boise movement utilized a legal loophole to occupy the State Courthouse grounds. This was adhered to by local government and they got a pass. I am very familiar with the politics of these Marxist based groups. I was a close observer of the Occupy actions mentioned. These are anarchists. They don’t adhere to common norms. They demand dissolution of all government and economic structures. They use the homeless issue as a cudgel to shame politicians and citizens into accepting their demands. They invite any response that they can exploit for a martyred value….hence the boast that “they were going to stay there until somebody removed them.” I would even bet that half of those camping there actually have a nice warm bed to retreat to whenever they want…anywhere in District 19.

    They treat all media, except DIY Leftist media as the enemy. They possess cognitive dissonance in spades. Their view of the Idaho Dispatch doesn’t surprise me in the least. They follow charismatic leaders. They are Woke to a T. Unfortunately, they exploit the apolitical homeless into their cause. At Occupy Boise, there were young, ideologically driven kids that lived off the street as “homeless.” There were also just hard luck homeless that co-habitated with them. This gave them street cred for their cause. Eventually, the kids left and there were only pure homeless left at Occupy, which was managed by locals that actually tried to find solutions, but were clearly bent on a government funded approach.

    You mentioned that Boise Rescue Mission has 150 available beds….well they will NOT accept any private solution that espouses a Christian theme or promotion. They only want a secular response where nothing is required on their end. This is a political ground war being played out here. This is the Marxist playbook at work. This is their own social movie set being used to illustrate the “failures of capitalism” in order to further the dismantling of society. This is Californication of Boise. Decriminalize EVERYTHING is the goal. That is what I observed at Occupy Boise and that’s what this current stunt is as well.

    This doesn’t excuse the legit homeless issue…..there ARE solutions and it will require facing the bigger hurdles that the mayor, city council, the legislature and others do NOT want to face. Until there is a monetary reformation that eliminates rampant printing and spending of dollars that are FIAT….then runaway inflation and bloating of government and corporate agendas will only add more economic decay. The best solution for the homeless will be a private one. Homes are too expensive because the “easy credit” system prints instant fake money for the market to explode prices. There is no way to justify the current pricing of homes. They are way overpriced, just like most things are. Return to a gold backed or scarcity based dollar and all prices and wages will rebound to realistic relationships. When a real hour of labor represents its true worth, sans the FIAT dollar, a genuine prosperous middle class will spring forth again, and a wages will accommodate a good life and homelessness will be reduced to a small fraction of what it is.

  10. Hmmmm….Gary Seven thank you for the knowledge.
    If they don’t have a pass to protest-arrest them, publish their names n addresses (proof of not being homeless)and have them actually help those who are truly homeless or tell them to leave Idaho. One of many solutions

  11. They need to remove these people. You don’t get to set up a trashy homeless camp n claim your “protesting” we don’t need our city looking like Portland , Seattle n basically all of California. So ridiculous

  12. we’d be able to pay for every homeless person in Idaho if we didnt also have to pay for all the illegals and refugees.

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