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Idaho Dispatch Online Historical Newspaper Museum

By • August 7, 2022

Idaho Dispatch has launched its “Online Historical Newspaper Museum” for Idahoans to view and help grow!

The goal of the museum is to help preserve hard copy papers of major historical events throughout the history of the world. In particular, any newspaper copy that is specific to the United States and especially Idaho is something the Idaho Dispatch is seeking to obtain.

Idaho Dispatch will post a certain number of historical papers at a time and try to refresh the museum with new pieces we obtain.

Some of the pieces Idaho Dispatch currently have were either purchased from online resources or supporters of the Idaho Dispatch. Other pieces were also donated to Idaho Dispatch from supporters.

Thank you to all who have donated pieces to the Idaho Dispatch in the last eight months. We appreciate your effort to support this museum.

If you have a historical newspaper that you would like to sell or donate to the museum, please contact us at!

Idaho Dispatch appreciates the many supporters we have and those who are willing to help grow the museum and take the time to enjoy the rich history these papers provide. You can view the museum using the link here.

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3 thoughts on “Idaho Dispatch Online Historical Newspaper Museum

  1. Is there any chance that, if available, these Newspaper articles could be added to the collection?

    Frank Steunenberg (August 8, 1861 – December 30, 1905) was the fourth governor of the State of Idaho, serving from 1897 until 1901.He was assassinated in 1905 by one-time union member Harry Orchard, who was also a paid informant for the Cripple Creek Mine Owners’ Association. Orchard attempted to implicate leaders of the radical Western Federation of Miners in the assassination.

  2. And this one:

    Idaho history: Lincoln’s death caused mourning in territory | Idaho …
    When news of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination reached Idaho Territory in 1865, the mourning and grief were overwhelming. … 1863, Lincoln had appointed William H. Wallace the governor …

    The Idaho Statesman an article on this?

  3. What a great idea! Sounds like it could become a huge project. I glad to be a subscriber of the Idaho Dispatch

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