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Idaho Dispatch Launches New “Introduction” Video!

By • March 29, 2021

As we continue our growth as a news organization, we wanted to come up with some new and exciting ways to gain interest in Idaho Dispatch.

That’s why we recently had a “Whiteboard” or “Doodle” video made to give people a quick glance at what Idaho Dispatch is and why it’s different than the mainstream media. We hope to do more new and exciting videos like this one in the future.

With that, you can watch Idaho Dispatch’s new “Introduction” video below:

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One thought on “Idaho Dispatch Launches New “Introduction” Video!

  1. We wish you success Idaho Dispatch.

    Idaho has been both looking for and needs a fair news organization.
    We also look forward to open comment and suggestions from our state’s individual citizens.
    In order to maintain peace in society we must be able to peaceably communicate our various views and opinions in a productive way.

    Best to you Idaho Dispatch, continue your quest to present actual news the best you can.

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